Your Outer World is a Reflection of Your Inner World

Episode #50

As apart of growing up, we have all been exposed to external influences like our society. The norms and standards have been programmed in our minds and being unable to meet them will make us feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

We start to feel that we are not good enough and we get tired trying to constantly fit in and meet the requirements set by society.

Society taught us that money would make us happy and that we should hustle in order to become successful and if we are successful we will get everything we want including love and respect. This idea becomes our marker of being successful and not being able to do this will make us feel not good enough.

What we do next is we grind harder thinking that the answer is to “do better” and as the cycle continues with the result of feeling even more tired and frustrated. Falling into this bait ends up making us feel more empty and alone. While we get busy hustling to make money, we don’t realize that we start losing our relationships, forget our priorities and push aside the things that really matter in our lives.

Break the cycle, reprogram your mindset and priorities and reflect on what is really going on inside you. Acknowledge that there is a problem, take ownership and make a change.

Raise your standards because what happens in the external is a complete reflection of your standards.

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In this episode you will learn:

  1. What triggers the feeling of not being good enough
  2. The influence of external factors on how we live our lives
  3. How our standards reflect what happens around us
  4. The importance of reprogramming our mindset and priorities
  5. The importance of raising our standards

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