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Yes – the men we work with represent various races, ethnicities, religions, and geographic areas. Yet it’s what they share in common as business owners, community leaders, devoted fathers, and committed husbands that brings them together to The Powerful Man. These men are looking to make a difference not only in their own lives, but also in the lives of others.

We are constantly refining and improving our content. While the core functions remain consistent, everything in life has room for improvement. We get feedback from the men who have been through the program and use that to increase the value that everyone receives from the work.

We often see men make huge transformations in the first week – we set out a program of accountability, learning, and brotherhood that fosters real change. Some men take longer to ‘get in the game’, but there is no hiding – everyone going through our program has implemented real changes that are built to last a lifetime.

The journey continues! We have a very strong Alumni network and many men realize such amazing results that they choose to continue through our advance programs.

What once seemed impossible is now possible.

We don’t believe so – but what are we comparing it to? We work with all kinds of men; some on the brink of divorce or separation, some on the verge of mental exhaustion, some whose business is reliant on them being and giving more than they are right now. These men are barely getting by, showing up as a shadow of the man they were or should be.

The financial implications (not to mention the emotional costs) if they don’t make a change are enormous – divorce, business failure, medical bills.

We also often find that men haven’t made any kind of real investment in themselves. Maybe they’ve read a book or been to a seminar. Maybe they learned some new life strategy, and were inspired and motivated to change…for a time. But quickly that energy faded, and they fell back into their old patterns.

We are proposing a fundamental shift in how they show up in the world. They are held accountable and scored in all areas of their life – in business, in relationships, in health, in self and in wealth.

We have seen men transform in all of these areas – make the biggest business deals of their lives, bring their marriages back from the brink, turn around their physical health. We believe the ROI on this is huge compared to the expense…

And more importantly, so do our alumni.

Our coaches have a wide range of life experiences and are very open to sharing them. Amazing marriages, difficult divorces, businesses collapsing and thriving, physical and mental health issues – they’ve been through a great deal, and have invested tremendous financial resources into their own personal development. They know well the price of doing what it takes to change your life. More importantly, they’ve seen the cost of inaction. In their role as coaches, they have worked with men in overcoming all kinds of challenges, so they are well-versed in how to deal with many of life’s obstacles.

Not at the moment – our focus is on men. However, the changes that we create in men filter into every aspect of their life. We help improve all of his personal relationships, most especially his relationship with his family. So the benefits directly impact the woman in a man’s life. If your partner or husband isn’t showing up in his life and his relationships, that needs to change and that’s our focus. So the question becomes: Could the man in your life benefit from this, and what impact will that have on you?

We get this request a lot and understand that there aren’t a lot of quality men out there. A lot of boys that are in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s…but not a lot of men. We don’t have a matchmaking service…yet.

Our wolf is meant to represent the different aspects of A Powerful Man, archetypes of an Alpha. The Lover and The Leader, The Protector and The Provider. The Companion and The Counselor.

The jaws of the awakened wolf draw blood with the same ferocity and grace with which they hold the rose. The Powerful Man is as gentle as he is fierce.

Also, it just looks cool as hell.

“I was trying to prove myself in every area of my life and it was just so much work.”

Ryan went from shouting at his kids, his wife almost having an affair and his business struggling to wild sex, attracting key investors and have daddy daughter dates.
The Powerful Man

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