The Activation Method

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This program is for any man who resonates with any of the following:

    • You know you can impact the world in a bigger way without sacrificing yourself and your relationships
    • You know deep down that you are holding back
    • You have been sacrificing your health
    • You feel that you have reached a plateau in your relationship
    • You have been hustling hard in your business and feel that there is more available
    • You feel stuck
    • You know you need to face your fears in order to heal your deepest wounds

The Activation Method is a very deep process that supports men to impact at their highest level without sacrificing themselves or their relationships. The process is very hands-on and works best for men who are ready and committed to this level of coaching, accountability, and vulnerability.

Through powerful tools and dedicated coaching, The Activation Method will assist you in stepping into your power and creating a life that you LOVE.

What do you get with The Activation Method?


  • 4-6 Weeks of training and accountability
  • Individual on-boarding process
  • Weekly group coaching sessions
  • Daily action step homework
  • Worksheets and tools that are proven to guide you from where you are to where you want to be


If you ever ask yourself “Is this all there is to life?”, I am telling you now the answer is NO.
There is so much more. You are so much more. Choose YOU. Over and over again.


What Men Like You Say About

The Activation Method

The Powerful Man


Gavin was feeling trapped, off purpose and unfulfilled in a business that had been generating £80K per month, he desperately wanted to reclaim his power and let more love into his life so he could follow his passion and improve his relationships

The Powerful Man


Although Liam’s previous business was generating £40K per month it left him feeling confused, lost and unable to be the man he wanted to be for his family, he’s since shifted to feeling peaceful, powerful and on purpose. He’s since started another business and is delivering a powerful impact for his clients.

The Powerful Man


Despite John’s business generating millions he felt lost and out of his power and it was wreaking havoc across his life – he was struggling to show up for his wife and for his family, he ignored his health and he used to self sacrifice a lot. Since then, he’s been able to claim his power and his business, relationship and happiness has transformed.