The Powerful Man

The Alpha Reset

Four days.

It may not seem like much,

But the right 4 days can change your life.

If your marriage is on the brink…

If the arguments & conflicts never seem to end…

If years of counseling and therapy haven’t helped…

It’s time for The Alpha Reset

Using proven and tested techniques, you will leave the Alpha Reset knowing the man that you have always been and embodying him in a way that feels unimaginable, yet completely natural. During these 4-days, you will understand at a core level what it means to be activated and be the Powerful Man that you’ve always known yourself deep inside to be.  At this time, you must complete the Activation Method in order to be considered for attending the Alpha Rest – this is unlike any program you’ve been through.

Matt went from feeling like an imposter and waiting for the rug to be pulled beneath him and his multi-million dollar company to reigniting lust in his marriage, passion in his business and purpose in his life
The Powerful Man
Matt Jennings

The Alpha Reset is the flagship retreat for businessmen offered by The Powerful Man.

Named “one of the most transformational experiences in the world”, The Alpha Reset takes place after a man completes The Activation Method – a structured live coaching program taking place online and via video with a Master Coach.

Once a man successfully completes The Activation Method, then he is able to move on to The Alpha Reset.

At this retreat for businessmen, a participant will be accompanied by the men he’s gotten to know of the past several months and together, these men will be lead by several Master Coaches through exercises that will stretch and challenge them beyond their imagination.

Although The Alpha Reset is a transformational experience, there are still lots of laughs and fun to be had along the journey.

Don’t be mistaken though, the business owners, and their coaches, that attend The Alpha Reset come to “do the work” and reap the benefits hundreds of other business leaders who have come before them have benefited from.

Can I just buy a ticket to The Alpha Reset?
No. You can’t buy your way in. Many people try, but this violates the integrity of the brotherhood that is formed by the men that take part in the men’s coaching program known as The Activation Method – a two-month intensive coaching program designed for business leaders. You have to do the work, step up to the line, and show your commitment in order to attend The Alpha Reset. If you want “easy”, or a quick fix that doesn’t last, then this program isn’t for you. Of course, quick fixes don’t work and you know that already or you wouldn’t be here reading this.

Is this a business retreat?
We wouldn’t call this a traditional business retreat. Although every man who attends is a business owner and a leader in their own right, the retreat doesn’t focus on business solely, but rather on the man running the business – You! We have business experts on our Master Coach roster and we can help you get answers to your most pressing questions, however, a business can only grow as far as the man running the ship, so we focus on you. We’ve seen this work time and time again.

Where does The Alpha Reset retreat take place?
The Alpha Resets take place all over the world. We often switch between hosting retreats in Europe and North America, but our participants at each retreat are business leaders from all over the world.

Why is this for men only?
The Powerful Man is a men’s only organization because as men, we recognize that modern-day men face differing and unique challenges to their female counterparts. Men’s coaching done for men by men allows you to get insights from guys that have walked in your shoes and can show you the path that has allowed our Master Coaches and other men just like you to reach their goals.

Are you ready to change your life?

Get clear. Get unstuck.

Develop a passionate marriage.

Be a superhero to your kids.

And be proud of the man you see in the mirror.

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