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The Alpha Reset

Four days.

It may not seem like much,

But the right 4 days can change your life.

If your marriage is on the brink…

If the arguments & conflicts never seem to end…

If years of counseling and therapy haven’t helped…

It’s time for The Alpha Reset

At this retreat for businessmen, you’ll be accompanied by some of the men you’ve gotten to know through The Powerful Man. Together, you’ll be lead by several Master Coaches through exercises that will stretch and challenge you beyond your imagination.

Using simple but powerful tools like the Triad of Connection and the Power Principles, The Alpha Reset will have you and your wife flirting and laughing together again, relieving the stress and anxiety that have been smothering your household. 

Steve knew he was hiding out in many areas of his life. He felt like he had barbed wire wrapped around him as a protection mechanism, blocking any pain from coming in, but also blocking love & joy. During The Alpha Reset, Steve was able to discover his blind spots and uncover the blocks that were stopping him from getting what he truly desired and removing that barbed wire completely.
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Steve Zellers

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