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The Powerful Man

The Brotherhood

The brotherhood is

An Elite Mastermind Group

A small pack of rare men who’ve taken their own deeply personal and challenging journeys to get here.

This is what you’ve been working towards, and more. 

Not everyone can muster the integrity, the commitment, and the openness to be in the brotherhood.

For those who have risen to the challenge,

Welcome To The Brotherhood.

While You're Here, You'll Have Access To:


Membership in our Community, where much of your interaction with the Master Coaches and other members of The Brotherhood will occur. You’ll receive support, encouragement, advice, and guidance from all our brothers and coaches in a completely confidential and open forum.


Access to elite-level trainings and courses offered exclusively to The Brotherhood members.


One-on-one video coaching sessions with a Master Coach, where you’ll dive deep into any issues you’re encountering. Techniques & exercises will be suggested, focused guidance will be provided, and strategies will be developed. Where needed, a respectful push will be given.


Invitations to special events, which will be held in varying locations throughout the world. These will be world-class personal development activities and dynamic group coaching sessions.
Wolf Powerful Man

The Brotherhood beckons.

We’ve got work to do. 

Let’s get started.

Everything changed the day his wife said to him, “There can’t be ‘us’ without you.” Watch Jordan as he opens up about the dark times before, the turning point, and all that has come after.
The Powerful Man
Jordan Macht

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