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What is The Powerful Man Show?

The Powerful Man Show is hosted by Tim Matthews and Doug Holt who dive deep into conversations, each week, about the topics men need to hear. Tim and Doug are known for helping men step into their power, live up to their potential, and live a life they love, and this podcast is no exception. If you are a man, or have men in your life, this is a podcast you will want to listen to.

Every Time We Talk, We Argue

Every relationship book, podcast, or video you consume tells you communication is key. 

That to get through your problems with your partner…you have to talk about it.

But every time you try to talk to her, it seems like you end up arguing. 

The good news is….there is another way.

I Don’t Need to Date My Wife, We’re Too Busy

Typically, we become too busy making money to provide all the needs of our family that we often forget to plan a date night with our wife. This will often result in feeling guilty for not being able to give the attention that our partner needs, which is why we resort to an alternative. We buy expensive gifts for her in order to make up for those missed date nights but that’s not a true connection she’s looking for. Because of this, the disconnection becomes bigger and soon you will realize that your relationship is slowing drifting apart.

Rekindle Your Relationship

Do you ever feel like you’ve become roommates with someone who was once the love of your life?
Do you feel like there is something “off” in your relationship but you don’t know what to do?
Are you sick and tired of talking about the problems in your marriage?
If the above resonates with you it may be time to let us help you rekindle your relationship…

How To Save Your Marriage Without Talking About It

Our society teaches us that in order to solve the problems in our marriage we should go through counseling or therapy and talk things out…but some people don’t want to talk about it because it just brings more weight to the problem.

We have good news…there is another way to turn things around.

Revisit: My Business or My Marriage

In another open and honest discussion, Tim & Doug share their thoughts on what they describe as one of the most common issues faced by men across the business world today. However, it’s not something anyone needs to go through, what happens if you replace the word ‘or’ with the word ‘and’ in this scenario, how does that life look to you?

Revisit: Don’t Go To War

In this episode, Tim & Doug present another deep discussion about what it truly means to become a powerful man and they put the case forward for ditching the idea of a physical, tough, war-like alpha male in favor of a calm, quietly confident, self-assured man as being the one we should aspire to.

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