Meet The Coaches

Tim Matthews

Owner, Founder, & Master Coach

A POWERFUL Man knows himself, he lives a whole, purposeful life and realises that it all starts with him. Money doesn’t define him, money isn’t his legacy, HE is his legacy.I can barely believe it’s been over 5 years since we started, here’s to the next 50 and the millions of men we’re destined to support.

Doug Holt

Owner & Master Coach

I’m not going to tell you it was easy, because it wasn’t. There wasn’t a Powerful Man movement back then. But there is now. This is your time. So, who am I? I’m whoever I want to be. I’ve done the work and my legacy is to share the path with others like you.

Arthur Magoulianti Coach

Arthur Magoulianiti

Master Coach

It all came about by taking 100% responsibility for my life and progress and it took discovering and immersing myself into personal development and as they say, the rest is history!

Stu Gordon

Head of Client Experience

My passion and aim at TPM is to help as many men as possible deal with what they are going through to become better husbands, fathers, and comfortable in their own skin. I struggled for a very long time, often without realising what was happening, and nobody should suffer in silence.

Lee Jack - The Powerful Man team member


Accountability Coach/Client Success

Tim gave me the opportunity to be part of the powerful man, in which I completed the Activation Method, where I met Doug Holt and Arthur Magoulianiti and between all three of them, they pushed me to my limit and further. I tested my own boundaries, looked deeper within myself, and came out on top! I knew I wanted to be a part of this journey and enjoy helping men throughout. 

Mark Smith

Mark Smith


Having worked with men for 10 years on their shadow aspects, assisting them through bio-energetic processes to move beyond pain, trauma, and self-limiting behaviors, Arthur realized The Powerful Man might be a good fit.

Aaron Gosser


I have coached in various capacities, and I am excited to be delivering on a mission to help men be great husbands, and amazing fathers. There are many out there who are desperate to be better. Like the role models who saw a young Aaron struggling, I see an opportunity to show these men a better way. 

Brad Holt


My life’s purpose is to help men and families design their lives, goals, and potentials that align with their values and purpose. I want them to maximize their performance and well-being (physically, mentally, and spiritually ).

Andy Torr


I’ve been self-employed as a business coach, life coach, and online course creator since 2017. I specialize in helping men foster healthier relationships with themselves and their loved ones through mindfulness, communication skills, and emotional intelligence. 

Franco Burrows - Coach

Franco Burrows


The Powerful man changed my belief system around relationships. I made so many mistakes in the past of trying to mend relationships in the wrong way without the correct tools to do so. The coaching personally enabled me to become a better version of myself… One I never thought was possible!
Lino Plescia

Lino Plescia


I am a Performance Coach who helps business leaders unleash their true potential. I provide personal and professional coaching to help executives step up their game to become more effective leaders in their organizations and communities.

Mark Hainsworth


Here I found my “home” and I have spent the past 12 years facilitating groups of men as they work through their own growth challenges.  I have also applied the same principles to working with young men boys. There is a piece of me that lights up inside when I am sitting in groups of men, where there is work to do and where I get a solid feeling of masculine connection.