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THE GAMEPLAN: Go From Arguing 2-3 Times Per Week To Having Sex 2-3 Times Per Week. Here’s how married businessmen… …are stopping having “the talk.”

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He felt like he was wearing a mask

He felt like he was wearing a mask.

Umar was filled with fear, anxiety, stress and worry.

Feeling like he had no purpose he’d just bury his head in business, he even missed the birth of his 3 children due to work.

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“Some days are more difficult to get out of bed than others”

Relate to any of the following?

“Some days are more difficult to get out of bed than others”

“I feel uninspired and “stuck” inside my business”

“If I’m being honest, I don’t love my business anymore”

“I am “on edge” more than I was when I was broke and I’m starting to feel guilty for snapping at my wife and kids and being so impatient with them”

“I finally “made the money” but I still feel unsatisfied, empty and unsure what to do…”

These are all extremely common thoughts and feelings amongst businessmen with families.

I felt the same way…

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