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What A Sex Worker Can Teach Us About Connection

Episode #41

In this episode, Tim and Doug discuss how a man gets a connection with a sex worker and how to not rely on this.

Men who are disconnected tend to search for something to fill them and sometimes they end up being involved with a sex worker. This situation enables him to be connected in a way because it is the opportunity for him to open up emotionally, take off his mask and just be himself.

Having sex with a sex worker gives him a sense of connectional significance which he lacks in life. Sex is not the main reason why he does this but rather to get time and space to be loved, to be seen and most importantly to feel companionship.

Instead of doing this, you should act like a real man who doesn’t run away or escape situations. Be that man who knows how to deal with problems and knows how to find a connection with himself first.

Find men who you can open up to without judgment, someone you can get support from and you can connect with.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Why men seek connection from a sex worker
  2. How a man finds a connection during sex
  3. Importance of having real conversations with other men who play at the same level as you.
  4. How to be really connected without involving yourself with a sex worker


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