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How To Run Your Business Remotely and Successfully

Episode #40

Working remotely enables you to have time for yourself, to have your own personal development and let go of control knowing things are going to work out while you are away. Having tools in place will help you track your business outcomes and will give you peace of mind while having that personal time for yourself.  

Technology nowadays enables you to work on your businesses remotely while doing things that you love, doing your hobbies and having quality time with your loved ones.  

There are countless available communication channels in the world that you can use to connect with the people you are working with. Aside from this, it is also important that your company has a structure and KPIs in place to serve as a guide for the staff to perform efficiently. Having these tools allows them to be in the driver’s seat while you are away and let your business serve your life.  

Make sure that your team understands the goal of your company clearly. Assign people who will monitor outputs and performances based on their KPIs. You should hire the right people in order for you to easily find the key people you can delegate responsibilities to and to be able to lead your business remotely while doing the things that you want and will make you happy.

In this episode you will learn :

  1. How you can run your business successfully, working less than 10 hours a week
  2. How to run your business remotely
  3. The tools that can help you run your business remotely
  4. Importance of technology in running a business
  5. Importance of communication and teamwork
  6. Importance of KPIs and organization structure in place
  7. Letting your business serve your life


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