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The Gap

Episode #308

Be honest with yourself. Where are you today?

Where do you want to be?

The distance or space between where you are now and where you want to be is called “The Gap.”

How are the Five Territories of your life? What’s the state of your Self, your Health, your Wealth, your Relationships, and Your Business?

Get real with yourself. Identifying where you really are today and where you want to be is important, but what you need to focus on is bridging The Gap.

Take action. Take massive action.

In this episode, Tim and Doug will share some tips on how we can bridge The Gap that separates where we are now and where we want to be.


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Episode Transcript

Doug Holt  0:00  

Maybe your relationship right now your marriage isn’t working out very well. And perhaps you’re in a sexless marriage. It’s dead. You visualize you see this marriage, this relationship that you desire, and the man comes home from work from an adventure, and the wife is so excited to see him can’t wait to get pants. That’s what you want. Where you are, today is in a sexless marriage that’s dead, dying faster inside, or it’s gone. There’s a gap between where you are today where you want to go. 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to another episode of The Powerful Man show. I’m your host, Doug Holt, with my co-host, Tim, “The Powerful Man” Matthews. How are you, brother?

Tim Matthews  0:44  

Well, I’m doing well, a little frustrated, but I am doing well, nevertheless,

Doug Holt  0:51  

What are you frustrated about?

Tim Matthews  0:59  

Well, you opt for this podcast title. Do you recognize the gap? Do you want to? For me, my tendency seems is when I realize is a gap, and I recognize what is what I get to step into an elegant to operate initially creates frustration, or whether it comes from internal resistance, or then start to beat yourself up a little bit, because hindsight is a wonderful thing when you’re in that point, right. But yeah, it’s a stage or journey right now of realizing, okay. Paradigm has been shifted the new summit, and then it’s fears of Okay, I’m coming down off the summit with the best the next one, on the way up, look for the one who just climbed, and I’m like, “Oh, God, I know, I can get on this one. I just want to bring it up a bit”. I don’t, and I can’t sprint with it. Right, we’ve got to be patient.  I’m sure you’ve heard it. When I was in the Himalayas, the Sherpas, they said the starry they mean slowly, slowly, go to your phase where you can be a chewed, and it was a great kind of symbology of life it’d be guys on the mountain that wouldn’t listen. And they’re even in our group, and they power through them away ahead of me, then that night, I was looking at altitude sickness, and then couldn’t keep up the pace of following deadly because they do. And that’s how long the life that rushes into things and slashing down but then inevitably crashes. And so it was a great metaphor for life and the journey. And so again, yeah, frustrations, but I also have a little bit of perspective with it. 

Doug Holt  2:59  

Yeah, I think that’s perfect for this conversation. The conversation today is about the gap. Right? And we’re talking about, so you lean right into, which is beautiful. And so let’s talk about what the gap is. And we can come back, and we can use this as an example. Because I think it’s a perfect example. The gap we’re talking about here, guys, is the difference between where you are today, right where you are in this present moment. So let’s assume that you’re going to be very honest with yourself, which is difficult to do to him, right? It isn’t easy, to be honest with yourself. Where are you today? Not where you want to be? Not what your ego wants you to be where you hope people think you are. But where are you today at this moment? We have that right where we are today when we have that vision, and then it’s where we want to be? Right? So Tim made this idea like you climb the mountain top. So some of you guys are in valleys. You guys are in deep, deep dark valleys right now, some of you guys are on the way up the mountain, and some of you guys are at the top of the mountain. But when you’re in the valley, right, all you see is this huge, overwhelming mountain in front of you. And you can visualize yourself ascending that mountain, and maybe you can visualize yourself standing at the peak. But there’s a difference. There’s a difference between the guy who walks in the valley is too scared to climb versus the guy who’s already submitted and standing at the top. Right? There’s a difference there. And that difference is the gap. And that gap can be in any area of the five territories. Maybe it’s all of them. Right? So again, guys, if you’re new, the five territories that we’ve discovered for a powerful man are Self, Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Business five dimensions here, right? And which brings about consciousness. And with that idea, you want to look at where you are in what area, so maybe it’s business. I’ll use that first and foremost as an example. Maybe your business right now is turning; let’s say it’s turning 2 million, right? And it would help if you had it or want it and desire and hunger for it to be a 5 million business. I’m going to use dollars because I’m an American, $5 million business. There’s a gap in your leadership and also your business, your operations, your sales, your marketing, maybe it’s legal, maybe it’s financial analysis, whatever it is, there’s a gap between what you’re doing now today and where you’d be at 5 million. Otherwise, you’d be doing it right. You’d be there; maybe it’s just sales. I don’t know if it leads to you. But there is a gap, and that gap is like a chasm. Right? So it’s almost like the Grand Canyon. For most of us. We’re standing on one side of the Grand Canyon, and we’re looking way off in the distance to the other side, like crap; how do we get there? Maybe it’s in your relationship, right. So maybe your relationship right now, your marriage isn’t working out very well. And maybe you’re in a sexless marriage, and it’s dead, you and your wife, or maybe like roommates where, you fight over the dishes, and the little things bother you. Still, you’re not having sex and intimacy, at least not good sex. And you visualize. You see this marriage, this relationship that you desire that you want the ones in the movies, right, the one where the man comes home from work or an adventure, and the wife is so excited to see him Can’t wait is longing for him, looks up to him with admiration, respect, and love, and really can’t wait to get in his pants. Right. That’s what you want. But where you are today is in a sexless marriage that’s dead and dying faster inside; maybe it’s, it’s gone. What we see here between those two visions, whether it be business, marriage, or health, or wherever else it is, in the five territories, there’s a gap between where you are today and where you want to go. And that space, we’re going to call the gap for this conversation. And how to identify that gap?

Tim Matthews  7:06  

Yeah, I was on right before, half an hour before we jumped from here. I was doing the daily team meeting with advisors. Some calls with guys yesterday interested in joining the movement, and one of the guys wasn’t a good fit. I was like, Okay, interesting. It’s been progressed from the initial consultation, and we believe that we could help him. He has the relevant panic, irrelevant urgency, and desire to change things in his marriage. But then the advisor, after being on the call with him for quite a lengthy period of time, determined that he wasn’t a good fit, which for me was a red flag on being where I’m going with this, and the frustration that I was getting the call is recognizing the gap. Insane to these saying to the guys, “look, guys, the goals that you have for your life are weird. The lives that you’ve told me committed not wanting you committed to living right now were not there”. And it sucks that we’re not there. And, part of me, I could see the dejection on their faces and partly wanted to alleviate that a little bit. I Spoke to one of the guys who said he wasn’t a good fit with Tell me what the real issue was. It was in his leadership on the call, nothing to do with the man. The man was a good thing. And it’s what you do when you recognize the gap. Right? Some guys don’t want to sit with the pain and disappointment long either. So the small, reduce the gap by even smaller, and always have unfulfilled potential and dreams and hopes. Always sit with disappointment, let it sink in, and use it to work smart and get counsel. We obviously hire sales consultants to help us lead, grow, and manage the sales team, quite frankly, because I’ve never led the managed sales team at the size that we’re building, right? So I don’t know what to do. So we’ve got a gap by doing that gap, don’t just shoot recklessly and aim and go? I couldn’t do that. But I’m going to be stuck there for a long period of time, or we bring somebody in? Same in a relationship, obviously Amelia and I work and intimacy coach, as well. So you get the gist. But the point being is the meeting today. Helping the guy see the gap and the fact that we’re not there. With the trajectory we’re on, we can be that way if we keep going with this level of candor and honesty about our performance and our pain. Lessons we learned, and we’ll be there. For right now, we’re not there. It’s not to fool yourself into thinking we are guys. And honestly, those primarily considered a dejection on the face he wanted me to take them out of that. I didn’t. I said, “Look, it sucks, doesn’t it?” It sucks that we’re not there. It sucks that we’re not performing at the level. But this is what world-class sales teams, enrollment teams, advisors, this is the level they’re performing. And this is how many offers they’re making so many men that speak with just dependent pictures, she can’t handle today’s workload, she can’t handle what you’ve got, how can you expect to have more, it’s not going to happen. So you either change your goal and make it smaller and play small. Or you lean into that and learn to grow your capacity to perform at a higher level. And yeah, we left the conversation very fired up. And we’ll see what today brings. But again, so the conversation is very apt, right. And in the past, for me, it’s been easier to either let my positivity mask my reality or small in the go. Right? Because it doesn’t weigh as heavy in the moments before when you’re trying to bridge that gap. But that way he has gone by, it’s not a recipe for success, as a happy life. But a lot of guys go to stick with it. Right? 

Doug Holt  11:40  

Yeah, what I think is the key here, we’re going to say what you did, Tim; you identify what the real gap is, right? Let’s go back to sales. Right? As an example, you said, well, I’ve never done this before. Right? First, you identified where you are, right with your experience, education, then you identified where Tim Matthews wants to be, and I want the movement to be, etc. Right? And then there’s like, Oh, crap, there’s, there’s a gap here, right? There’s just a gap, whether it be a knowledge gap, experience gap, or an action gap of some sort, right? These are all different kinds of gaps that can be in there. And then you took massive action. The first step here, guys, is identifying where you are now. The second step is where you want to be. Now what’s going to happen for most of you is the need to identify where you want to be first. And that’s okay. I want to be fit, I want to have six-pack abs, I want to lose two stone 20 pounds, whatever it is. Cool. Okay, now you have the future; you can be obvious guys are in different camps here. Now, where are you now? You’re like crap, I’m 20 pounds overweight, 30 pounds overweight, or I want my business to excel to a certain level, and sales are missing or what have you. Now you got to identify what the steps you need to take to get there are? What’s the massive action? Let’s use the 80/20 principles. What is the 20% of actions that will give you 80% results? So, Tim, you do beautifully well, and in my experience, all successful people do is say, “What’s the biggest constraint here? time? Right? How do I shorten that time? And so you went out and found, arguably probably the best sales mentor and coach, and you hired him. And not only did you hire that person once, but you hired that person twice and their team to come in and shorten, and you were able to learn probably more about sales in those six months and running sales teams and sales systems. And I’ve done consulting for decades for a longer time than most anybody that I know. Right? You can go out and teach sales at this point how to run a team. So you go from knowing nothing but not much. Like most people, everybody thinks they know sales, and they read the books, what have you. You’ve learned because you went through the teenage phase. Where you think everything. And then, all of a sudden, what we all know is like we become adults, and we’re like, crap. I know so much that I know. I don’t know that much. Right? That’s the cool enlightened phase, the scary phase, the teenage phase; man, you don’t want teenagers ever to have the keys to your car. Whenever I meet a so-called expert, right? If they’re not humble, and they’re like, I’m an expert blah, blah, blah. You know they’re in the teenage phase. Because they haven’t realized they don’t know what they don’t know. And that’s a scary person to work with. That scares the crap out of me. So you identified the gap. And then you quickly looked at how I can fill this gap as fast as possible. So I’ll argue with you a little bit here on this and mountain analogy that you are steadily going up there. But what you did differently, the most people that are just slogging up the mountain, you stop paused, got a mountain guide who’s climbed that mountain 1000s of times. And they said, “Hey, if you go this route, this backside route, which nobody else goes through, it’s easy.” There’s almost like an elevator taking you to the top, and yet steady, but it’s a lot faster. These other guys are trying to climb this mountain on the most dangerous routes possible. And that’s why they’re all failing. So guys, when you’re listening to this, we’re talking about the concept of the gap when I say these five territories. I’ll repeat them; I want you to think about, hey, if this territory were working at 100%, or working better, it would be the most important to me, the most impactful for me, right share what mine is for you guys. We’ll call it the domino, the catalyst. So I’m going to go back and use another analogy because they’ve done studies on these guys, you’ve seen them before, where they’ll grab these big ass dominoes, like the size of a house, and you can’t push it over, you, you can’t move these dominoes. Maybe you guys have; I think the studies out of Japan, you can YouTube it. And then they get another Domino smaller, but still big, and they put it next to it. And they keep doing that until they have a small little Domino the size of a domino; we just touched that little Domino. It has a chain reaction, a ripple effect; these dominoes cascade down. And this giant Domino that you could not move by yourself topples over. Now we want to figure out what that is for you. So when you visit, you visualize The Powerful Man you are, the future self, which says, the five territories which one of those is your big Domino is itself right? Your ability to be with yourself to spend time with yourself to play? Is it healthy? How is your fitness? When is your health in order? And you’re working out? Do you dominate all the other areas? Right? Is it your area of wealth, right your spiritual wealth, your investment to your financial wealth, but where you are with your spirit? Is it in your business? in businesses flying and money’s coming in, everything works, relationships, work, health works, everything works? Or isn’t your relationship? When my marriage works, I want to work out more so my health works in my business goes in, etc., etc., which of those five territories is your Domino? Now once you’ve identified for me, it’s fitness, Tim. If I’m working out, Am I getting my fitness dialed in? My relationship soars through the roof. Right? My business is Excel. My ability to take care of myself and spend quality time with me. It’s just natural. I have fun more often. My spiritual wealth is just easier, right? It’s my outlet going through there. Everything comes for me when I take care of the big dominant, which is fitness. Right? So, where is it for you guys? What area because of self-health, wealth, relationships, and business? Where is it for you to identify that? And where do you want to be? 

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So for me, I’ll use myself as an example. Right? I want to do it. So when we work out where I go, especially, there’s a leaderboard. And they have different categories going through there. And I’ve broken the advanced category a couple of times. I’m mostly in the intermediate, though, and that pisses me off. I hate being in the intermediate category like no other. I have to be in the advanced, and there’s an elite category, and it pisses me off. I’m not there. Right? So there’s a gap to where I need to go. So, okay, there, here’s where I am today and know where I am. Right? Get on my scale. I have a scale over here. I do embody the body fat analysis, muscle mass, all of those things. I’m looking at my nutrition, my supplements, all of these things that I know how to do. I’m looking for that at 20. Like right there’s a gap between where I am today, where Doug Holt is, and where Doug Holt wants to be. Desires need to be pulled to be. Unlike what Time was talking about, guys, is the a big gap here? What’s the 80-20 for here? Right? What are the things that get you? Where are those couple of things? Let’s limit it to four things here. Four things that if you take immediate action and consistent action will help you bridge that gap. In the intermediate category of my fitness based on these tests, getting to the elite is like a Grand Canyon size gap. Just it is. I’ll be 44 here in a little bit; let myself get out of shape, getting back into it. And I’m stoked to be on an intermediate. I’m going quickly into the advanced, but I need to be at the elite. I need to be just who I am. So there’s a gap. It’s Grand Canyon size. How do I get there? How do I build a bridge? To get there yet? How do I get a helicopter to get me there fast? And what are those things? So I know for myself, Tim, the number one thing that surprised you were to help me bridge that gap. Do you know what that is for me? It’s not what you think, and I guarantee that.

Tim Matthews  21:14  

It’s making me want to think outside the box, and I’ve been thinking, I was going to say sleep, it’s not going to be sleep.

Doug Holt  21:25  

Sleep is one of my top four.

Tim Matthews  21:29  


Doug Holt  21:31  

Sex is always one of my top ones. Range of motion exercises flexibility.

Tim Matthews  21:37  

Okay? So what people like you can do more of it, you mean…

Doug Holt  21:43  

I can move my body more freely. And when I can move my body more freely, I want to move my body more freely. Just before we got on to you and I connected here to do this podcast, I was upstairs with my son doing basically what we call, almost like a duck walk, we call it, and basically. I couldn’t do that two months ago, and my knees would hurt my hips hurt. So just sitting down is working, grinding all of those things. But I’m doing it, and I’m excited. So I’m moving more. Right, I’m doing other movements, I’m rolling on the ground, I’m doing other range of motion exercises as I’m playing. And that’s the key right now. I’m playing where it was almost. I was too stiff to play. And then when I’m a loser, and by the way, I mean, I’m not touching my toes or not doing yoga bends or any of that shit. I’m still not that flexible, and even when I played soccer in college, I wasn’t that flexible. But anyway. So point being is that’s a catalyst. That’s a domino for me that the other things start to fall in place when that gets knocked out. I want to work out more. And when I work out more, guess what I want to eat better. And when I’m working out, eating better, and doing my range of motion, I go to bed earlier because sleep is important. So what I’m doing is I’m stuck. I’ve looked at this and all areas, and it’s not supplements. It’s not how much pre-teen I getting or anything like that? Those details supplement is a supplement to a healthy diet. Right? But what is that domino when I get my range of motion? Right? So I do my stretches, everything else starts to fall into place. Right? Get a coach, right to make sure I do it. I asked my coach, my fitness coach, all the time. What can I do better? Right? He’s like, really, honestly, man, you’re progressing so fast, I would say mobility for you. So you don’t get injured perfectly. That’s exactly what I thought to that I’m working on. Right, I’m getting feedback. I’m going to get my body fat analyzed, right? To see how my diet and nutrition are. I’m 43; I’m not 23 anymore, right? I can’t go out and get three burritos, two-three times. I grew up in Santa Barbara and Orange…Southern California. Mexican food’s everywhere. I can’t do that as much as I’d like to because I used to anyway. To identify the gaps of where they are. And without identifying that gap. Tim range of motion exercises and examples probably wouldn’t come on the radar. Right? Do you think I need to go to the gym more often? I need to work out and eat ketogenic. Now, if I do my range of motion exercises, the other ones fall into place.

Tim Matthews  24:19  

Mm-hmm. Now, I mean, you’re describing this as the first step the guys go through The Brotherhood, right? They come in after The Activation Method. And it’s all about identifying where they want to be, but then we dial it back to what’s the Keystone habit, right? What’s that one dominant, effectively with it that tiny hinge that will swing the large door. It just makes it so much easier when you’re able to identify what it is because if you guys kind of a bit confused right now, they’ve been thinking about what may be, you’re not alone. The good news is the guys that go through usually take about three or four revisions to land on exactly what it is for the men, Right. Often let’s say it’s fitness when the guys right out they sell on the Keystone habit are working out three or four times a week that well no, it’s not what you get to do that makes working out three or four times a week? Inevitable. That makes it easier. Maybe it’s getting to bed by a certain time. Maybe it’s putting your running shoes in the bags when you wake up? I don’t know what it is. But you get the gist. I didn’t find that tiny little hinge. And what advice would you give the guys? What steps can they go through to identify? Well, that is so good listening to this. They’re going to do this on their own. The guys in the room benefit from getting feedback from the coach, right, like your fitness coach. But assuming that they can listen to this podcast, and maybe going to replay when they’ve got a notepad in front of them all the journal or if they’re in The Powerful Man, that CoIL? And what they can go through to identify what it is.

Doug Holt  26:03  

So a couple of things here. There’s been a request to do a training on this, and I’ll do training in our Facebook group; it’s free to give it back to the guy. So go over there if you want more detail. Because in my experience, doing this hundreds of times with men, it’s tough for people to identify that right, it sounds like I’ll work out three to four times a week. Yeah, that’ll get me that’ll solve it. Now, as Tim said, that’s not what it is. It’s an action. And if you guys are doing it, it’s a critical driver to your KPI or whatever you guys want to say. Or if you’re doing OKRs, whatever, you get the idea. It’s something that produces you up there, right that you can look at. So the first thing to do more than anything is identified where you want to be. And all five territories. And do so with the idea, dream. This is where I want to be in my body. I want to have a six-pack, maybe you do, maybe you don’t, maybe it’s I want to be able to run again or what’s possible. And what I would recommend, guys, is to look around and see if it’s possible for another man. It’s possible for you. It may seem far like a far-fetched thing, especially if your relationships are in the tank. And you want a good marriage. Right? Just write down what you want. And then the second step, Tim, is to get friggin real with where you are. No blame, no judgment. Right? I get on the scale. My numbers aren’t lying to me. Right, especially when I get my body fat done. I’m not what I want to see. I’m looking good in the mirror. When I have my shirt on, Tim, my chest is popping, arms look great. Take that shirt off. It’s like, oh, what happened there? Right? Get real with yourself. Not from a place of judgment, right? But a place from like, okay, that’s where I’m at. Got it. Now that I know where I’m at and where I want to go, I can build a roadmap, then the only thing stopping me is the gap. And me. So once you’ve done those two things you’ve gotten, you figured out where you want to go all five territories, you realize where you are, pick one of those at least, right? My experience picking all fives too hard, pick one of those the big Domino for you. then identify that Keystone action. And then do attempt to take massive action, not just to take massive action immediately. In his example, Tim identified a gap from where he is to where he wants to be. Right. And for you, it was in the business category. Right? You identify what the gap was in the business. And you identified where you were and where you want to be. And then you went out and sought out one of the best trainers and coaches in the world. It wasn’t cheap and expensive. Not only that, the price point was one thing, but it is the investment in your time, Tim, and you roll the dice that I’m doing it, you double down on it. And that’s what separates you, Tim, from the average guy. The average man. A lot of men say they want this. I want a better marriage. I want a better body. I want a better business. But they don’t do shit. Pure and simple. They pretend they use excuses and everything else to get in their way. I’ve done it. I know you have to; we all have done it. I think what separates you in this example, Tim is if you’re taking massive action, you took massive action, so guys, I would recommend you do it. So if it’s your fitness, what’s a massive action you can do? Put ten grand on the line with your best friend. I didn’t hit my goal by this time. That ten grand yours or any charity is a great way of doing it right; write a check to a charity you hate or a political party you hate. Right and give it to a buddy and say if I don’t hit my fitness goal by this date. You give it more than that money. hire a coach. Right? in the relationship, go to The Activation Method. If you haven’t been through The Activation Method, you’re crazy. My opinion. It’s amazing. Do that allow yourself to take massive action. If it’s in your business, get a business consultant, a business coach; what gap Do you have? Maybe you want someone to come in and audit your business. Right? You don’t, and I don’t even know where my gap is. Cool. Get someone to come in and do a business audit for you. Let them tear it apart and show you the holes in your business before your competition does. So that’s step three. Tim is figuring out where that is. And going through there. And guys, announce it, declare it, go to the Facebook group, write it down and be like, Yo, this is my problem. Just like I just told you guys, for me, it’s fitness. I know fitness is my Domino that when I’m working out and doing things, everything falls back into place. I know it. I had sex with my wife before getting this podcast. It just falls back into place, and everything becomes easy. Just becomes easy for me. , It might be relationships for you might be business for you might be well for you might be self all of us are different. For most of us, it’s going to start in the area of relationships. Right? I fixed that, Domino because it was mine a long time ago. And I got that one moving. Now I’m going back and reclaiming my fitness. And you get to do these again, guys. To be honest with yourselves. There’s again, and there’s no judgment.

Tim Matthews  31:35  

Yeah, it is a critical point. Don’t delude yourself with this. Rob yourself of the real opportunity here. I take it personally. It’s just where you are. Just where you live. So their reflection of where you are, and you might not like where you are, but you have a choice. You either make peace with the fact that it’s where you are and change it. Or you try and resist it and wrestle with it. And you’ll still be here, and he is the choice is yours. It just depends on what kind of life you want to live and what standard you want to play. What do you want to be remembered for? Because your kids, if you’ve got kids, obviously, now I don’t right now. But they do what you do? Not what you say, right? A lot of guys talk about being role models for kids yet. Now they’re out of shape, drinking alcohol, coming home early, I do with the wife. But it’s not having any effect on the kids, and it seems that they’re happy. Yeah, but when they’re 20 years old, 21 years old, and they’re getting into a relationship similar to you and repeating the pattern, then that’s when you see it, you don’t see it when 95 or 96, but the point is the choice, right? That’s the beauty of free will. That’s the beauty of this world. You have a choice if you choose to settle, and you also get to choose to pay the price.

Doug Holt  33:03  

Yeah, it’s true. And then guys over leave you with a thought here. It’s not your fault where you are today. It’s based on circumstances and things like that and choices. But it is your fault if you don’t take action once you realize it. Right? That is just real, like me being out of shape. When it seemed to creep up on me, man. I like, oh, wow, that happened too fast. What? It’s like women, and I’m in shape. The next minute, I got two kids, and I’m out of shape. Again, my version is out of shape, not my standard. That dude happened like that. I know everybody else around me was like, No, it didn’t, but it felt like it did. And it’s my fault. If I recognize it, and then don’t do anything about it. This is my fault. Pure and simple. So, guys, you get to take massive action on it as well. Guys, as always, if this is your first time with us, over here at The Powerful Man show, go over to ThePowerfulMan.com/Bonus and get free training. We still have the Reignite Cheatsheet up there. Take action, try it, make sure it works for yourself. It’s around the area of relationships. You haven’t done it; you’re missing out, guys, especially during COVID times. Come on, reignite that relationship. And if you have been for us for a while listening to us, go over and leave us a review and authentic review, please. Such other men like you can find the show right there anonymous reviews do it on YouTube. If you’re watching this on YouTube, shout out to those guys over there. Leaving comments is always great to see. And then also, iTunes, Stitcher, wherever you’re finding this or on Facebook. And we’ll give you all of you guys. One thing is to get into that Facebook group and share. Step up the guys that are sharing in that group are getting massive results. They’re getting massive results. I’m in there, Tim’s in there, the other coaches are in there, just helping for a grand prince of nothing. Right? So get in there, right, even the guys in The Brotherhood and the guy’s accelerator, other courses the inner circle. Those guys pop in there from time to time. Those guys are amazing. So gentlemen, as always, it’s up to you to take action here, right? Do the work. Don’t just listen to one of these so that you can hear Tim’s soothing voice didn’t work and take massive action. Guys, until next time, we’ll see you The Powerful Man show.