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Is This A Scam?

Episode #309

Is this a SCAM?

Is The Powerful Man movement a scam?

Is The Activation Method a scam?

It’s normal to be hesitant about things that we aren’t fully aware of, especially if it involves monetary value.

It’s normal to be scared of investing in something, especially if your investment could help you change your life.

In this episode, Tim and Doug reaffirm that this program isn’t fake. If your relationship needs help, then take action. You’ll wish you’d have started sooner.


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Episode Transcript

Tim Matthews  0:00  

I can get the caution that they experience, if you will. But I love what the advisors do. Things that they do is to zoom in on them and show the screen and say, “Hey, look, this is the community that you’ve probably not seen.” And give them a quick peek behind the tests and the results the men are getting. And I’ve even gone as far as to say to the guy,” Look, now, don’t pay full, don’t do that. Split it over two payments, and if I have to say there’s a sign of a scam, leave and do a chargeback from your account. 

Doug Holt  0:28  

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of The Powerful Man show. I am your host, Doug Holt, with my co-host Tim “The Powerful Man” Matthews. Tim, how are those nuts?

Tim Matthews  0:43  

It is actually frozen blueberries.

Doug Holt  0:46  

Good for you. Very health-conscious. I always give him a hard time when we’re doing these podcasts. Guys, we do batch them. So we do one time we’re always talking back and forth. And Tim and I are like brothers. So we definitely talk a little trash here and there. So sometimes, I wait for him to put food in his mouth while we’re talking. And then I hit a record, as I did with the blueberries, so I missed him this time.

Tim Matthews  1:14  

As a good friend does.

Doug Holt  1:15  

As a good friend does. Absolutely. So Tim, the topic of this one is, is this a scam?

Tim Matthews  1:24  


Doug Holt  1:27  

We’re terrible, and we’ve decided to spend an inordinate amount of our time recording podcasts and videos. And we got a ton of actors from all over the world, Cyprus, the UK, the United States, Canada; these actors we hired to give testimonial videos about their lives. And we are so good at it. We even planned this 10-12 years ago with Facebook profiles and LinkedIn profiles.

Tim Matthews  1:58  

We forget we will manage the thing, then all the 200-plus men in the community and workplace effect profiles. So you come up with all of those? 

Doug Holt  2:09  

Well, they can’t see those. They can’t see those. Yeah.

Tim Matthews  2:12  

No, one of the ways but and I get it, I get the concern. Some guys see a random Facebook ad pop up on the screen, and some things are a scam. And some guys go from not knowing at all to then having a couple of calls with those and joining the program within a few days. And I can get the caution that they experience if you will. But I love what the advisors do because one of the things that they do is jump on zoom with them and share the screen and say, “Hey, look, this is the community that you’ve probably not seen.” And give them a quick peek behind the curtain. The results the men are getting, and I’ve even gone as far as to say to the guy, “Look, now, don’t pay full, don’t do that. Split it over two payments, and if I have to say there’s a sign of a scam, leave and do a chargeback from your account. I don’t think you’re going to do that. And then ever do, in fact, the one guy actually did it. I gave him that peace of mind, let’s call it. He actually messaged him. Today, it wasn’t. In fact, it’s one of the channels, and he said, “Hey Mark, I stopped counseling with my wife too. Don’t be afraid. Our relationship has actually improved after we stopped a month ago. So far made more progress in a couple of weeks in the program two years in counseling. I wish you all the best, brother”. And that was the guy that understandably said, “Hey, Tim, I’m going through counseling. It’s not worked for me. I just found you guys. I’m worried about some scam. Going to give my credit card to some random UK guy.” But look at the results he’s getting just from that little peace of mind we’ve been given. Yeah.

Doug Holt  4:00  

Oh, it’s funny. And I get it. Right. I really get it. I saw that test come through from him. That was awesome. I mean, better results in two weeks. And over two years of marriage counseling. We should post it so other guys can see that because it’s just real, right? Nothing is worse than real guys. That’s why I might love to be more articulate, maybe not talk as much trash. But that’s just who I am. the household guys and playing sports. I talk a lot of trash, but I only talk trash to the people I like. So if you guys ever meet me and I don’t talk trash, then it sums up. But the point is, is I was even thinking about this. If I ran across a Facebook ad or maybe came across this podcast as I was listening, trying to figure out this is legit? And what happens when I conclude? I’m going to share a story about this and how I came to this conclusion as well, Tim, in a second. But the conclusion I came to is it’s our ego, right? So an egoic space, not ego like I’m amazing, but egoic of protection. So what happens is a trapdoor the mind is going to set for you. Because you’re in a crappy place, not crappy, but you’re not in the place you want to be, which I call a crappy place. Right? Maybe it’s in your relationship, and it’s where a lot of guys find us if they want to save their marriage. And it isn’t good. And they look at the alternative, right, an amazing marriage, amazing relationship. And that gap is scary. And we did a gap podcast before. But it’s scary. Because you have a story around what that is, you’re going to find out what it is if I invest in this program, and my marriage still doesn’t work, am I the problem? Is she the problem? All kinds of sub-stories go on in the head that you don’t even pick up on as men. You don’t until you really analyze them. And so a funny example of this, and I’ll reveal who this is because I think it’s also funny after it, but we had a guy go through the program, he signed up, went through The Activation Method, reclaimed his marriage, right. It is an amazing way to go to an event and meet the coaches in person and the participants in person. And it wasn’t till the last day of the event that he realized it wasn’t a scam. It’s Ryan Peach.

Tim Matthews  6:27  

Yeah. I know

Doug Holt  6:29  

And Ryan, so you guys know, Ryan’s life changed so radically that he left his businesses, two businesses, very successful, moved his family, and now works with us to help other men. He’s like, “You know what? This changed my whole life. This happens a lot with us, which is amazing. This changed my whole life. And now I want to help other men change theirs because it doesn’t only help me help my family or my daughters”, change his legacy. But until that last day, even he was kind of in the back of his mind, like, Is this real? Is this real? And again, that’s your ego playing with you because it’s scary. Change is scary, man. Otherwise, we’d all do it all the time. But what happens, your brain says, this sucks, but I’m alive, and I’m safe. And so I’d rather stay here than commit to doing something else, like a financial investment. It’s a financial investment, nothing to shake a stick at, so to speak. But that’s not the stressor for most of the guys once the finance is paid. It’s not like all of a sudden, everything’s great. No, it’s the time, and it’s really the change that happens. I mean, look at this guy who commented, I’ve had more success in two weeks of the program than over two years of marriage counseling. That’s huge. So it’s not about the money. Because you spent a lot more, I can guarantee you someone myself who’s been through marriage counseling, and it’s expensive. It’s more expensive and time and pain than the actual dollars when you hand that credit card over to your therapist because, trusting me, your therapist takes that credit card every time without a problem. To me, it’s hard for the therapist to solve your marital problems, but they always have a solution to solve any bank charges that you need to take care of; they are experts at that. 

Tim Matthews  8:25  

I love it, and when we do jump on zoom with them and shout out the screen or whatever we do, it just blows the concern out of the water. Which then they’re left with this realization of “Okay, this isn’t a scam. Hmm, am I gonna do this, then…” and at that point, there are two obvious choices. Either continue doing what they’ve been doing. And most guys and the likelihood is evolving, quite honestly, which is going to cost them ranges from 10s of thousands to hundreds of thousands nevermind the other costs that can be counted the effect on the family, the effects on the kids about previous podcasts, we’ll dive into that with Chris. So a huge cost to it. So either continue doing what they’re doing and go down that path, or the scary thing is to do the work. The scary thing is to invest in yourself because when you really take responsibility like that is no longer a case of, you know, whose responsibility is it you’re taking ownership you’re taking responsibility. And now there’s how you can feel it you realize something as you go through the program. That’s actually not the case. But again, I really do, for some guys have been scammed, right? Some guys have clicked on Facebook ads. And some guys have had their bank accounts wiped out and no racism, yeah, but some emails, Nigerian princes, and things like that. Some people act on those things. Do you get scammed? A lot of people do. I’ve heard stories of that from guys who have come into the programs that I’ve actually been a thing. I also get outside if I agree with you. Yeah. When she pulled the veil back. What’s actually there is wanting to keep you safe and protect you from the change. But it’s got to be done. A change has to occur.

Doug Holt  10:28  

Yeah, and I agree with you. And we look at this. I think one of the guys in The Brotherhood said it made me laugh. He said, “I thought this was a scam that I saw that these guys did over 300 podcasts. if they’re willing to go that far, just to scam me, they deserve my money”. And I thought, That’s hilarious. I thought it was hilarious. I just invested in a coaching program just yesterday. It’s one Arthur’s talked about as well; I was just like, I needed change. I want to get some optics. You and I both know, Tim, that a coach is the fastest path to success is going through a coaching program or getting a coach. Because you see optics, you can’t. The first thing I looked at when I went to this program is the testimonials. Do they have a couple of testimonials? This program has been around for a long time, and they only have six testimonials. But that’s enough for me, and they have social proof of six people that are willing to get on camera, right? Because be on camera, let’s be real. For most people, that’s the scary thing, right to sit there and raise your hand and say yes, I took this, and I liked it. This program has nothing to do with the depth of complexity that we go through in the right relationships. I mean, that’s taboo. You don’t want anybody to know your relationships are not working. Right? Nobody. Come on Facebook, Instagram; everything’s perfect. Show you a picture, a special shout-out to someone, a picture of my wife and me at an Eric Church concert, right? That guy is amazing. So, it’s a little inside comment for one of our guys in the inner circle. That that picture gets shown on Instagram On Facebook, everybody looks happy. So you don’t want anybody to know that. And one thing I think it’s interesting about our program is that we have, I don’t know, 50 plus video testimonials from business leaders, men who don’t go on camera, who don’t want to be in the public eye, but because the program changed our life so much. They’ve demanded almost to get in front of the camera and say, “Hey, look, here’s where I was. And here’s where I am, and you need to get involved”. It’s because it’s that impactful to people. Right? It’s that impactful that they’ve said, hey, look, put me on camera, right? I run a business I don’t want people to know yet. I need people to know. 

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We need people to have this change because I wish where we hear from every guy that goes through the program.

Tim Matthews  13:41  

I should have done it sooner!

Doug Holt  13:42  

I would have done this sooner. It’s a joke because as coaches, right, because we hear this 20 times a month, I wish I would have done it sooner. There’s not one guy that says, oh, this was a perfect time. Or I could have waited a day or a week, not one, not one man, every 100% of men say, “I wish I would have the sooner. So we look at this as being a scam. Right? And it’s a joke. I just threw this on the table, and we hit record. But I understand how it would go through people’s minds probably would go through mine. And the first thing I would look at is what the social proof is? Who’s involved? Right? Is this just after the finances? Are they just after these things? Or are they genuinely interested in helping me and serving? Right and looking at those options. And then what’s the depth of the coaching bench, so to speak? And is there social proof, like other people, that I can relate to being through this? And what are the results that they’ve gotten? Those are the kinds of things that I would look for, right?

And look into a program…like the first thing I did when Arthur…I mentioned this to Arthur; I mentioned this to him because I asked him about it…and I looked at it to see the social proof. I didn’t look at the curriculum, and I didn’t look at the promise that you get from the program. I look to see, cool, are people willing, because I know how hard it is for people to get in front of the camera, guys, you listening to this? I put a camera in front of your face and say, “Hey, I want you to say, Tell me your, about your marriage.” Are you going to be super stoked on that? And then I’m going to say, Look, I’m going to put it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, a website, email, right? Thirty thousand men are going to get this in an email. Are you going to be stoked to talk about these things? No, probably not. You’re no different from the guys who have gone through the program. The difference is, it changed their life so much that they’ve decided to get in front of the camera because they go, “Man, I wish somebody else would have shaken me, that same thing I look for. So social proof is significant to me. As well as the person’s background, the person or people’s backgrounds. And how long have they been doing it? Who are they? Were they going to be teaching? Can I relate to them? Etc?

Tim Matthews  16:11  

Um, yeah, it’s interesting, because one of the things that we often get sometimes asked what qualifications for guys now, if you’re interested, obviously explained the fact that between us, you, Arthur, Mark, myself, excluding you, the guys who will support them, Lee, Ryan. I mean, there are decades of experience. Not just theory. It’s a life experience. And millions, literally millions of dollars invested into our own growth and development. Oh, yeah. And then waste has been tried and tested in the field, with men across all sorts of different industries across all sorts of different nationalities. It’s been tried and tested and proven. Oh, we use it and live by and say, well, we’re constantly in the conversation, refining it. No, we don’t have any qualifications. But in my opinion, what was most important for me, isn’t the qualification. It’s a life experience. Now, how much do these who I’m about to work with? How much do they get me? How much they get my problem? Are they going through it themselves? For example, often, the guys remember a joke, The Alpha Reset in Virginia Beach, about a year ago. And all the guys were that they’re sharing their experiences of marriage counseling. I was it was so funny. And the bottom line of it was all these guys were saying, Look, they just don’t get it. I see that a woman I’m not sexist here. But see, they’re a woman; they don’t get what it’s like for me to be a guy or is a guy that doesn’t want a business. He’s expecting me to do these things. And it’s I want to be you don’t get it that I’ve got, I’m pulling all these different directions. So I know a little bit off-topic, a bit of a scrambler in terms of what we look for when we’re going to work with somebody unless somebody like you said it’s not the money or the time is a time that you never can get back when you choose to work with somebody. So I think a significant factor here as they walked the path I’m about to walk not theoretically in a classroom and in and pass the test because they’ve been able to remember their material well but actually in life experience in me still walking in the right it’s when you work when you find people like that it’s just time just kind of folds in on itself. You pierce through it and probably the side much faster than you usually would do.

Doug Holt  19:01  

Oh yeah, I mean night and day, which is really interesting. And bring this back full circle to Is it a scam? I thought it was a funny topic, but it was kind of a joke that we joked around with The Brotherhood guys about it when it can’t believe it when it popped up? Like how did you find The Powerful Man? The guys are all joking and laughing with each other, which truly shows The Brotherhood component of the alumni and the guys that have been through the program, right? We’re talking about guys from all over the world, different companies, different backs, walks of life, different financial, you know, take home and financial situations, divorced, separated, widowed, married, first marriage, second marriage, etc. Kids, no kids all over the gamut. Just laughing and having a good time, joking about their experience and you know where they were and where they’ve come from. I would do if I were listening to this, and I will say my excuse. Something I was concerned about. One is I would look for social proof. Right. And I, the thing that’s cool about is all of these guys, I believe, are on LinkedIn. So you can go check them out and see, they have a real job. They’re real guys, too. They’re all on Providence social media of some sort. But three is maybe asked to get on a call with one of the guys at something that our alumni are always offering to do. Like, “yeah, if you, I’m happy to jump on a phone call with another guy and just talk to him.” Right? These are real dudes. Their real guys are real men. The same guy you might run into at the gym, or the pub, or a barbecue with your family. Right? These are real guys that have real-life situations that have happened to them. And they’ve figured out a way out going through the program. Right? And so that’s where you get the legitimacy from it. I love to say, guys, trust me from an egoic standpoint; I love to say, Ah, it’s the coaches, right? It’s the coaches, but it’s not just the coaches; it’s a formula. It’s like, you know, we always use the bake a cake analogy, it’s like saying, Ah, it’s the butter in the cake. Right, that butter. That’s what made the cake amazing. Now, it’s the butter, the sugar, every aspect of that cake, how it works together, the ingredients and temperature, the oven, and how the oven was constructed? How does that heat form? And when you pull it out? And how do you cool it down? All of these things come in to make an amazing cake? As coaches, I love to think that we’re the best butter in the world because I’m one of them. But we’re one component, right. And it’s just, and it’s been put together in such a manner that allows for the growth and transformation we’re seeing from the guys. And that’s why these guys get on camera and give testimonials.

Tim Matthews  21:53  

Yeah, the Facebook group, if you remember jumping, I go to the unit section, scroll down to the case studies, case studies from some of the wives, a couple of the wives just volunteered a video. I think they’re in there. If you’re not in the Facebook group, head over today, you can check those out. And maybe even search for that member’s name in the Facebook group, right? And, again, there’s anyone you can connect to if you want really that bothered. Is there, you’ve got the options available.

Doug Holt  22:26  

Yeah, you posted a bit of a message two days ago, or maybe three in the Facebook group like, Hey, guys, the guys that have been through the program, was it worth it? Or something like

Tim Matthews  22:36  

that? Yeah, it was the investment worth it, was it the investment worth it?

Doug Holt  22:41  

I thought you would get one or two guys to respond. But you’ve got a load of guys in there that jumped up and raised their hand, right? Obviously, the guys don’t have to; they don’t get anything, they’ll get a cookie or anything for raising their hand or showing up, and there you didn’t call and ask any of them to do so. They happen to see me on Facebook happen to see it in their feed. These are business owners. So it’s not like they’re on and all the time. And then they want willingly responded. Like Yeah, yeah, this was an investment. And you can see The Brotherhood go back and forth in there with a couple of the guys joking with each other back and forth. Again, the guys coming together make the cake. Right, so to speak.

Tim Matthews  23:28  

Sure, sure.

Doug Holt  23:29  

So gentlemen, you know, it’s up to you, you got to make the decision yourself. I thought it’d be a fun topic to bring to the table. There are a lot of scams out there with COVID and everything else going through there. And you got to choose where to invest your time, and your money and your resources, period and a story. But I’ll throw it out there. If your marriage or one of the other five territories isn’t working out for you, as well jump on a call with one of the advisors, you’ll be happy to know that the advisors, right the people you get on a first phone call with have all gone through the program, every single one of them so they can answer your questions. They also, as Tim alluded to, are mentioned previously, don’t push everybody through. Right? It’s got to be a good fit. Because, you know, we can’t be baking a cake, so to speak, and have a crappy ingredient in there because that’s going to affect the whole cake. And not that the people you know, some of you guys have been pushed off that are listening to this, I’m sure. And it’s not that it just wasn’t the right time for you guys. The advisors know if this is the right time for you. They know if this is the right thing for you. They do this all the time. They have chosen to do this. All of our advisors made more money working elsewhere and doing other things. They’re doing this because they love to help the guys is a choice. Right? Very, very much a choice for them. So please get on there and take some action.

Tim Matthews  24:54  

We get paid well as well. Do it and live a great life, love the message, and yeah, it’s a win-win all around, right we get to give back, and you know.

Doug Holt  25:07  

What I’m going to invite you guys to do here is take some action right decide what you want to do if your first time with us, go over to ThePowerfulMan.com/Bonus, and pick up the Reignite Cheat Sheet. If you’ve been with us before, you know I’m not going to ask you to leave a review; I’m going to ask you to take some action jump on a call with one of the advisors if you’re feeling called to if you’re not any big deal, right, we back next time for another episode, The Powerful Man show and hopefully we’ll give you some insights and wisdom that you can apply to your life. So, guys, that’s it for us. It’s a wrap on The Powerful Man show.