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Do The 5 Love Languages Actually Work? With Franco Burrows

Episode #340

How do you show love? How do you want to receive love? How do you determine your partner’s love language?

A love language is a tool for enhancing or amplifying your relationship, but you have to build the relationship’s foundation first. Starting with a solid foundation, you’ll be able to understand how best to use this powerful tool.

Once you discover your love language and acknowledge the love language of your partner, you will begin to see the connection and passion between you grow stronger.

In this episode, you will learn the importance of building a solid foundation in your relationship, the importance of determining your partner’s love language, and how to use this tool to grow stronger and closer together.


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Episode Transcript

Franco Burrows  0:00  

The way I see love languages is what we’re talking about, these medium modes of processing our experience of nature. We can process things visually with the balls of sound, feelings, and so on. I see it as more of a way of enhancing relationships. It’s a way of amplifying relationships eventually. But I think what it doesn’t do is give that foundation. How to put the foundation in place for what you need for great relationships.

Doug Holt  0:00

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of The Powerful Man show. I am your host, Doug Holt, with my co-hosts, Franco burrows. Franco, how are you doing, brother?

Franco Burrows  0:09  

Doing great, thanks to Doug, how are you?

Doug Holt  0:12  

I’m doing well, man. I’m excited anytime I get to talk to Swansea’s prodigal son, the man, the myth, the legend. Franco is a graduate of The Activation Method for those guys who do not know, a graduate of The Alpha Reset, a graduate of The Brotherhood, and has become one of our advisors. An advisor is a person that you get on a call with if you’re interested in one of our programs. They’re all alumni like Franco. Franco was a business owner and just a man with so many talents. But I love having you back in here to share your wisdom, sir.

Franco Burrows  0:47  

Great to be here. We’ve got like four seasons of weather today; these have been snow, sun, sleet, rain, right. Throughout the whole lot in swampy terrain.

Doug Holt  0:57  

There you go. There you go. That’s why you always say it’s the center of the world.

Franco Burrows  1:02  

Yeah, the center of the universe.

Doug Holt  1:06  

Love it. Love it. Franco, we’re going to talk about today if you brought something to the table is? Do the Five Love Languages work? And I think that’s an interesting question you brought up; a lot of people talk about the five love languages. But do they work? First? Let’s break them down. Can you break down the five love languages for the guys?

Franco Burrows  1:25  

Oh, you put me on the spot now. It’s so it’s words of affirmation.  I think that it is unique to hear it.

Doug Holt  1:36  


Franco Burrows  1:37  

What are the other ones?

Doug Holt  1:40  

Acts of service?

Franco Burrows  1:41  

Yeah. Acts of service. Touch. There’s got to be one touch. Quality time. Yeah. Quality time and get to that.

Doug Holt  1:54  

Yep. Good job. You got it to the man on the spot, and I knew I could put you on the spot because you’d get it every time. So yeah, the five love languages are in no particular order, quality time acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touching, gifts. The premise behind this just gives guys a little bit of background, and there’s a book called The Five Love Languages. The premise behind this whole book is that each of us has a primary way that we receive love and how we give love. So an example would be my way of giving love is acts of service. My wife’s way of doing it is quality time—the premise behind the book. There are more nuances to this; obviously, there wouldn’t be just a book. But the premise of it is, if I’m trying to do things for my wife like I decide I want to show her how much I love her, I’m going to take out the trash, I’m going to build, which I did, I’m going to build a new deck in the backyard, so she can be out there and hanging out with the family, or I’m going to do something along those lines. That Mrs. It doesn’t trigger her love. However, if I just sit on the couch next to her, she starts to fill up with love and vice versa. If we don’t realize these love languages, the premise, we might miss it, right? So my wife might sit next to me on the couch.  I’m kind of like, well, let’s do something like, what are we doing? just wasting time here. She’s giving me love. It hurts her way of showing me love versus mine. So you can miss each other.

Franco Burrows  3:27  

Yeah, the idea is we could be speaking different languages and missing each other. Yeah, yeah, by playing the game, but nobody is receiving.

Doug Holt  3:36  

So yeah. We’ll dive more into this for the guys. The question on the table is, does this work? What’s your experience with it? Franco?

Franco Burrows  3:44  

Yeah. Well, that’s why I put the question to you. Because, as you just said, I speak to a lot of the men as they come into our programs. Just like most of them have tried counseling, what I would say more than half have tried counseling, couples, counseling, therapy, whatever you want to call it, I would say at least half somewhere around half of trade love languages. A lot of the guys mentioned it when they get on the call because we’ve always asked them. Well, one of the questions is, what have you tried so far to fix your marriage. It always strikes me that while so many of these men have tried it, they’re coming to us because we still haven’t been able to fix their marriage. Does it work? And, of course, a lot of these things, as you say, come down to nuances. We spoke about that on the last podcast. I put it out on the group in our Facebook community. I put out a question a couple of weeks back. We got some interesting responses. There were some men who said, Yes, it’s definitely helped, somehow added some great connections with our wives because of because they discovered their love languages. We had one guy, his wife broke down in tears, she said, I can’t believe you’re thinking this deeply about how I received love,? And she was like, Wow, I can’t believe it. That, but that was, that was just a couple like that. 

Okay, there was interest in me; one of the men just finished The Activation Method. He said he’d applied it with his children. He said that that had a  good effect, bringing them a lot closer to him. Then I would say there were probably more men saying that just over half who say no didn’t have any good effect. So I thought we could look at why those reasons might be I got a few ideas. I think the first thing is that the way I see love languages is, what we’re talking about is medium, or what’s the word modes of processing our experiences, and yet all that’s, we can process things visually, we can process sound feelings, and so on. So So yeah, I, I see it as more of a way of enhancing the relationship., if it’s a way of amplifying the relationship, potentially, but I think what it doesn’t do is give that foundation of how to put the foundations in place for what you need for a great relationship. So when these guys are coming to us and say, Well, I tried, all the love languages didn’t work? Well, as we’ve spoken about in the past, the foundations are respect, connection, admiration, and so on. All of these things, sexual market value, we, you’ve done a great podcast on that. We’ve done a lot of work in the group. We’re on sexual market value. So without, without these, in my opinion, more important things in place. I think it’s more. I think it’s more of an add-on. What do you think?

Doug Holt  7:07  

I think it’s so I think it is a tool. It’s a tool in the toolbox that you have to use. So if you and I were to go out to build a house, and I brought a drill, he’d be like, Great. Okay, it’s a tool, but we need to build the foundation first dug right in the foundation, is, it starts, we talk a lot about the scales, right? When you first start dating, you have scales, which are good on different sides. So on the left side, you can imagine one of those balance scales of justice or what have you. On one side, you have good feelings or good emotions. On the other side, you have negative feelings and emotions, and experiences, right? When we first start dating, right? The good side so far excuses me far outweighs the negative, right? Because it’s all fresh, it’s new, you can fart, and nobody cares, right? And then, over time, these negative feelings, expressions and feelings and disconnects start to happen. Those scales shift in a marriage. For a lot of men, what happens is the negative experience and emotions are outweighing the good ones. So if you just come in with, okay, I’m going to try to get things back because it’s already pretty late. Right? So the emotions of the negative experience that you guys had together outweighed the good ones. This is why therapy doesn’t work for most guys, because they’re focusing on the negative stuff, and you’re just fully entrancing that negative. Well, if you just come in with the love languages, it’s kind of like that guy’s wife said. She didn’t say wow, these love languages are working, or I  feel your love. She said to him. I love that you’re thinking deeply about the way that I love. 

Right? So you’re missing each other in order for the love languages to work. It’s a subtlety. Right? It’s a very, and it’s a subtle thing. So another example would be my wife and me, right? If I just go if we’re, if we’re in, the scales are tipped, and we have too many negative experiences and feelings towards each other like we did early on in our marriage, then if I just sit with her to spend time with her, she’s got no interest in that. That’s not speaking love. That’s annoying her at that point, right. So the love languages are great as a knowledge and as a tool to have just like going to build a house. You want to have a drill, but you have to know when to use it. You gotta have that solid foundation. So what I would recommend you guys do is you start with the triadic connection, right? The triadic connection helps you go, rebalance the scales, right. The Clean Slate Method gets you neutral, right with the scales, gets you out of the negative, and gets you neutral. So you can start adding things on. Then we add on there the triad of connection, which Franco very well starts adding on those good vibes and good experiences, and their Live Like A King system solidifies that. So now that you have to try it in place, that’s when you use love languages, right? Not before, the right would be like trying to take a break, let’s lay some concrete and get your drill just doesn’t make any sense.

Franco Burrows  9:59  

Yeah, it’s interesting. There was another group that came out of that question I did in the group. That was, the men who had noticed that their wives did appreciate them would get into a better connection with their wives when they were trying to work out their love languages. But quite a few of them said, but she’s not invested in working out mine. She’s not connected back with me in the same way. You have not made a map apart.  I just mean that tells me that, as we say, desire is not something that you can have a transaction on. It’s like, I’ll do this for you. You do that for me. You can’t negotiate desire to get Who said it? So yeah. That tells me that it’s not the love languages that will get her the desire to want to connect, and please, she’s going to, she’s going to enjoy, you make an effort to connect with her? Yeah, get the attention on her. We talked about the three levels that we saw. Level one is where you’re both just trying to get what you can from the relationship level to your co. Well, yeah, the difference between one and two is your board, transacting? I’ll do this for you, if you do this, for me. Level One is, I’ll just get wherever they can; you just get whatever you can. Level Three is unconditional. So we’ll just do whatever, we’re both going to do whatever, we can make each other happy? Because that’s what we want. We want each other to be happy. Yep. I think it’s about how you can get up to level three. I think that, in my opinion, the love languages will only enhance a level three relationship. That’s, that’s what I think.

Doug Holt  11:57  

And I agree with you, right? Again, it’s another tool in the tool belt, which I recommend guys have. We’ll talk a little bit about how you can determine what your wife is in a second here. Yours, if you want to know. But I think most guys probably have a good idea. But we’ll go over that in a second. But to your point, your level, most guys find themselves in a level one relationship, which is the lowest level, right? I’m going to get what I can out of this, right? Maybe, if you’re at that level, we have a whole worksheet that we go through with the guys. But if you find yourself in level one you’re in dire straits, right? You’re in bankruptcy, so to speak; in the marriage bank account, you’ve over withdrawn, it is time to take some drastic actions. Get on a call with Franco immediately or get out. Right. If you have a level two, you’re close, right? Level two is an easy, slippery slope to get back down to level one. It’s kind of the idea like, Hey, I’ll take out the trash if you make dinner or look, I’ll do this if you give me a blowjob or whatever else it may be that comes in there. Then when she doesn’t do it, you’re resentful. Right? She didn’t hold up her end of the bargain, even though it probably wasn’t talked about. Then level three is what we all want, right? We all want that connected, passionate woman that Queen, that’s by our side, as we go through and conquer the world, all guys want that. That’s when, as you said, the love languages come in. 

Right? That’s when for me anyway, what I found is that when we’re in a level three relationship, then I want to sit on the couch with my wife and spend time with her, and she wants to, and it fills her up. Just even this morning, Franco, my wife, was making breakfast for the kids; I could just tell something was off.  I walked up to her and said, Do you need a hug? And she just melted into me. She’s like, that’s exactly what I needed., and we went on, right? Because that’s the focus I was, I recognize what was going on, and we’re in a level three marriage.  I know what her love languages are so it’s easy for me to pull it off. Within seconds, I can make that shift. That’s a seduction shift, which we can get into later with a group that we’re working on with those guys. But that’s a huge shift in a relationship that’s going to carry on. My wife’s going to go throughout her day, feeling loved and filled up. All that took me was probably 15-20 seconds.

Franco Burrows  14:13  

I say this a lot to the men I talk to because, at the beginning of a relationship, we are hitting the spot, usually for the other person. That’s why we wouldn’t be going through the honeymoon period and all that. But we’re not consciously thinking about love. Languages were not thinking about what I needed to work out . How she received, or, or vice versa. She’s not thinking about it. But what tends to happen is both the man and the woman are doing, in my opinion doing everything., it’s like they’re not you’re not thinking, shall I say it? Shall I? Shall I show it through touch? Like your words? You’re just showing it in every way. Yep. That’s, that’s what I think when there was a big thing in education, overall, 15 years ago, something like that about kids needs to learn, they’re a visual learner. So you need to present it to them visually and, or the auditory learner, they were doing, and so on. That’s all that’s all good. But what I learned about learning styles is that there’s all overlap so that you can learn in one medium, but that can overlap into another medium if you have a positive experience with it. So, we’re very versatile human beings.

Doug Holt  15:34  

And I agree with you, 100%. I also think love languages can somewhat shift, right? Your primary probably stays your primary, but you have secondary, tertiary love languages., for example, gifts aren’t my primary love language, but gosh, I love it. I love getting a gift, right? Who doesn’t? But where I think many guys mess up here, guys in level two and level one relate to marriages, they find themselves in this situation. They’re moderately or highly successful in business. So they have some, some walking around money in their pockets, they go out, and they buy their wife a gift, right to make things up. Yeah, that’s not her love language. In my experience, it’s very rarely the primary love language of a woman. Hey, sorry to interrupt the show. But I wanted to ask you a question. Do you ever feel like something’s just missing, like there’s something more out there, and you just can’t put your finger on it. I get it. Go over right now to ThePowerfulMan.com/Bonus to discover the system that other businessmen just like you are using. We’ve included 10 case studies, ten men just like you who have found the solution and found their way on their path. But we want to share that with you. Go over to ThePowerfulMan.com/Bonus right away. Now let’s get back to the show.

Franco Burrows  16:20  

The guy who said his wife’s love language is gifts, and it just felt like she was sort of milking it. What was she like? Oh, well, mine is gifts, you need to buy me more gifts.  I was like, when is this ever going to end? And, the interesting thing was going back to the guy whose kids. He said his kids felt a lot more connected to him. Yeah, like, well, that was an indicator, maybe that. They say kids move on quickly, and they forgive quickly. So they take everything at face value. So if you speak through the right medium with a kid, whether it’s in touch, or words or quality time or whatever, then that’s fine, but they’re with you. So I would like to reverse that back a bit. Why wouldn’t an adult do the same thing? Is it because there’s underlying resentment? Is it because there’s a lack of trust? Is it because there’s a lack of respect in the relationship? So it’s kind of like, what, what would be the barrier to that? Because it should? Would I say it should work? If you establish someone’s love language, it should work.

Doug Holt  17:33  

Yeah, I think we go back to those scales analogy, right. What happens in so many relationships over time is that the scales get tipped to the negative scales. Then what do we do? Do we do what society tells us to do? We go to marital counselors, right? I went to two different counselors in my marriage. My wife and I always left feeling worse. Always. Right, I always feel shittier. All we were doing was looking at the negative stuff, right? We’re looking at the negative, and they give us some exercises, which are good. We walk out, and you’re talking about things that happened in the past. Right? And that’s where it and we talked to you, and I talked to hundreds of men, right? Every month. When you talk to him, it’s the same story over and over again. It happens for the women too. By the way, the women don’t necessarily like it; they just don’t have another alternative. 

They’re to go to it, and they don’t know that something else does exist. So as long as you still are looking in the rearview of your mirror as you’re trying to go forward, Love Languages aren’t going to be there. Yeah, the woman’s going to say gifts, right? Because she’s going to milk it and try to get things out, not all women. But if gifts are truly her love language. You could go outside, pick a flower and bring it back to her, and she would melt, right? My guess is, and we both know a couple of these guys have come through the program where their wife just turned them into sugar daddy basically and just tried to milk them for all the money that they possibly could get out of it. Right. So it wasn’t gifts; it’s expensive gifts they claimed were their love languages and trips and spa days and outings with girlfriends, quote-unquote, and things of that nature. So that’s not truly a love language. So the question becomes, then we said we go back to is how do you determine your wife’s love language? Right. There are apps you can do it, but an easy way to do it. As Franco is figuring out, the way your wife receives love is most likely how she gives love. So I’ll say it again: how your wife receives what her love language is also the way she puts it out. So for me as an example, I’ll choose myself, when I naturally want to show somebody that I care about them, I do stuff for them, right I build stuff I help them with their computer, whatever it is, I try to help them fix something because acts of service are mine. When someone does that, for me, I feel great, or this person cares about me. It’s very much the same. It’s rarely something different. So physical touch. Right? It’s another thing most guys naturally think of physical touches mind sex. Let’s just because you’re not getting laid right now. Right? For most guys, it isn’t because you’re not going up. Unless you’re that guy, that’s a hugger. You hug everybody, you see? Maybe but if you’re not that guy, chances are physical touches in your thing, right? It’s not your first one. It might be something different. So you want to look at how you get you. 

How does your wife give love? Does she do things for you around the house? Cooking meals? Or when she’s happy? Right when the good word or does she sit down with you? Or is she walking next to you and grabbing your butt, putting her hand behind the smile on your back, and giving you hugs? These are all signs of physical touch quality, cert, quality time acts of service, or she always giving you gifts. She’s always giving you gifts every time she goes out shopping, and she brings you home something, then gifts are probably her language. If she’s not, chances are it’s not our language, guys. You’re getting fleeced.

Franco Burrows  21:00  

Yeah. Yeah, I would say that a good way is to determine in yourself on the other person what they are? Or what do you feel for yourself is what do you feel is missing for some people? For touch? It’s like, you don’t feel right. If you I know for me touches is my love language or one, words and,

Doug Holt  21:28  

and words of affirmation.

Franco Burrows  21:30  

words of affirmation. Yeah, so, my uncle’s funeral last summer. It was; we were in the COVID era. It was all strange about shaking hands. It was weird for me. Because not to be able to shake hands with people was like, What’s going on here? It just felt so awkward. So strange. Not to be able to do it. So um, yeah, it’s what do you miss out on? What if you couldn’t say it? Or if you couldn’t touch? Or if you couldn’t? If you can’t spend time with someone? Is that a problem? I know, for my brother it is quality time because he wants to go up and do things together., but he’s not one for having big, avid conversations.. We joked about it with one of our friends. He called him up, and he said, my friend likes to talk, and just he’s a bit like a girl., he just talks about anything for hours. Or my brother says, is this conversation going anywhere or what? What’s up? I think if you asked him to go out for a drink or go somewhere, he would be there. So yeah, it’s interesting. Isn’t it? Interesting to work out? Where are people at not just your intimate partners, but friends, family, everyone in your life?

Doug Holt  22:52  

Yeah, I  did a seminar on this for the love languages at work right now. There’s a book on it. But I use it; you can use this guy’s in the workplace, right? So if I know Franco’s love language is words of affirmation or physical touch. I think it’s words of affirmation. But if I know that, then I know I can fill Franco up by telling them to talk to him. Tell him how great he is and how great he is doing. That makes it not manipulative. It’s just giving somebody what they want and what they need. Right? Again, if it’s physical touch, I see frank, I give him a big hug, right? It’s going to be a little while, but maybe here in a month or so at the next The Alpha Reset, we’ll be able to do that. Things open up, but you can use this at work too. Like I said, use it with your kids.  watch and observe. That’s where this comes in, is watching, observing and seeing how people are acting. Again, guys, if you’re, you’ve been on the outs with your wife for a while, and she’s telling you it’s gifts, but she’s not giving you gifts. It’s not a love language, right? It’s very, very rare. Very rare.  I know everybody’s going to think that they’re the exception to the rule. But, rarely, somebody doesn’t give the way they receive. 

Right? Just like if you go to a barbecue, the person who always says, Oh, we got to bring a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer, they’re expecting you to do that when you go to their barbecue. Right? That’s to them. That’s just what you do. It’s the same thing with the love language quality time just what you do., someone you care about; it’s my wife’s thing. Well, if you love me, you’ll just want to spend all your time with me, right? for me, it’s like, well, if you love me, you’ll do things around the house to get them done. Because Can’t you see this list of stuff. So that’s what you want to look at, guys. But the first thing first, the first thing you want to do here, as Franco said a couple of times, starts with a solid foundation. Right? If you just tried to use the five love languages in a relationship without a solid foundation, if the scales are tipped towards the negative experiences and emotions, which most relationships are, quite frankly, it’s not going to work. So the first thing you need to do is Clean Slate Method, get it back to neutral, use the Clean Slate Method, right, get that back to neutral. The second thing is you have to get those scales back to the positive, right, and away from the negative, and you do that by coming in there. Using the Hidden Motives Technique, that’s the best thing I’ve ever seen to do and to go through there. 

Then we solidify it with the five love languages, but also the Live Like A King system. That’s where you start adding things on; just like building a house, you got to build the foundation. First, you don’t start picking out the shutters and the curtains before you’ve broken ground. You just don’t do that. The love language to me, in my experience, using a house analogy, is the chimney or the curtains. It’s an accessory that goes on there. It’s a great one; it’s one you want. But, it’s not something that will give you the stability of home, the warmth of a home there; you have to go with the triadic connection first.

Franco Burrows  25:48  

I love that analogy. I think it’s very relevant because many guys come to us. I think well, what is she going to do here but, she got she going to reciprocate? And what I like about the house analogy is that you think about it, all the things you mentioned there, the foundations are usually the man’s job, all of the things that put the house solidly in place are the man’s.. Some people might get upset with this. Still, I’m going to say it anyway. So whereas the curtains traditionally would be the woman’s job, or certainly that’s when they would get involved and, but they’re not going to get it, they’re not going to be able to get involved and participate unless the house is in place in the first place. So that’s your job as a man to Clean Slate Method if it needs cleaning, to have the foundation of connection. Then and then the leadership and the Live Like A King system.

Doug Holt  26:48

Yeah, and it’s exactly what it is. When you do this I mean you and I’ve been everybody listening to this you’ve dated before guys, is when you better yourself in a relationship when you’re dating didn’t work you become your stock goes up as I always talk about it. I always thought about this in college, and your stock continues to rise; the more you invest in yourself, you become more investable. Not only is your wife going to want to be invested in a stock that goes up as we all do. But so do other women. If it didn’t work out in the worst case, well, what if my wife doesn’t reciprocate? Worst case scenario, you’re a better man. Worst case scenario. That’s not a bad worst-case scenario to go with. It just isn’t.

Franco Burrows  27:28  

Look at the gifts thing., this is what I mean about its only one dimension is what a woman would prefer to have which you prefer to have? One gift, whether it’s a car or? Or I don’t know, flowers or something material? Or would she prefer to have an amazing man? A high-value man stock is on the rise., if you look at hypergamy, that’s what she wants. If you read, I mean, these romance novels, 50 Shades of Grey, whatever these, I mean, like selling hundreds of millions of books every year. So what does she want you for? She wants a man who’s improving. She wants a great man, that’s the best gift she could ever have., and yet, we have guys coming to us, and they say I don’t get it. I take it on holiday. I’ve just bought a brand new car. I bought this. I bought that. Then when it comes to investing in an exam, he’s like, I don’t know about this. I’m not sure what chance to give you the best gift. You could, you becoming the best mind you could be the best gift you’ve ever had.

Doug Holt  28:48  

As I’m the reason, we’re going on a little tangent here, but the reason the guys do that, and guys, I get excited, too, is fear. What happens if I, because it’s not the money, that’s not what it is, you get divorced, you’re going to lose 50% of your net worth plus the time, the heartache, and everything else that goes around with it. So it’s not the money. It’s not the time because you can just prioritize things, right? It’s eight weeks, right for The Activation Method and just talking about that as an example, but do something. It doesn’t have to be The Powerful Man’s The Activation Method, but do something you and I love because we’ve done it. We know it works and works for every guy that goes through the program. Every single man that graduates The Activation Method says when we ask them, what would you say the question we ask these guys is, what would you say to your former self? Every single guy says the same thing. I wish I would have done it sooner. Right? You could go back a year in time and change things. They don’t say I would change how I acted in my marriage, and I would do this differently. They say I would have done The Activation Method or doThe Activation Method earlier, right? 

Because that changes everything. So that’s where it gets interesting. When we look at the five love languages, these are things that we talked to the guys about in-depth when they go on. We have a one-year mastermind group called The Brotherhood, which you’ve graduated from, and also the inner circle, and then we go into different ways you can do this, right? But guys, I’m going to say this one more time. I know I’ve said it three times, at least. But we hear it so much that guys like, Ah, my wife’s his gifts. Right? And we just had a guy we had to pull aside and have a private conversation with because we believe he was getting taken advantage of, and we just wanted to say, Hey, this is what’s going on, this is what we think is happening. It proved out to be true. He was getting fleeced for everything from this woman. It was helpful. If your wife, if it’s a gift, buy her coffee and bring it home. If she gets a static about you bringing her coffee, you can start looking at little things, pick her a flower, and give it to her. She gets a static about that. Okay, great. But if she discounts the small things, the thoughtful little small things that you get for her, and she’s not getting them for you. That’s the key. If she’s not doing it for you, it’s not gifts, guys. You’re getting hosed. Right, she’s just, and who cares, and I don’t blame her at all, by the way.

Franco Burrows  31:11  

You just make it up for lack of connection or whatever is missing in the relationship anyway, so

Doug Holt  31:17  

yeah, it’s her version of sedation, just like guys drink or do drugs or porn. She’s just getting out of it. Anyway, we’re off on a tangent. Franco is always. I love having you on. The question you brought to the table is always a great one, and I appreciate it. I love to have you back here soon with the guys coming back in

Franco Burrows  31:36  

Let’s do it again soon. We will, and we will.

Doug Holt  31:40  

So, gentlemen, that’s a wrap for us here at The Powerful Man show; as always, go over to The Powerful Man comm forward-slash bonus where you can get a new bonus each month. That’s that powerful man comm forward-slash bonus. Until then, we’ll see you next time as always, take action, and have a great week.