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I’m about to share something with you that has the potential to radically transform the results you experience in your business and life.

This simple truth get’s blasted about quite a lot but I wonder how many men out there actually grasp it and OWN it.

What is it?

Quite simply…

…You created every single thing that you are experiencing in your business and life.

…There is no such thing as ‘a lack of money‘, there is more money in print circulating this planet right now than at any other time in history.

…There is no such thing as ‘a lack of love‘, love exists in absolute abundance everywhere we look, it’s whether you see it.

…And there is no such thing as ‘a lack of opportunity‘, it’s never been easier than it is in today’s world.

Of course, I could go on, but in reality if you are experiencing ‘lack’ in any area of your life the ONE simple thing that it boils down to is…

…You are experiencing a lack of connection with yourself.

A powerful man is a man who knows his purpose and his truth and effortlessly lives it in all areas of his life every day.

He accepts that he’s the creator of his experience and owns it.

‘But how can that be when I’m doing the do everyday?’

My response would be simple –

‘What’s the energy behind the do that you’re doing?’

Are you being or doing?

Are you showing up in your business coming from fear?

Are you showing up in your relationship coming from selfishness?

Are you showing up in your body by neglecting it until tomorrow?

There’s ‘showing up’ and there’s ‘showing up’. I’m not saying that you won’t experience some results by pushing and forcing. Sure, you can earn money, but money is never the answer.

Own your judgements.

If you’re reading this right now and immediately thinking about how others are showing up towards you in your life then I ask you…

How are you doing that?

How are you being lazy in bedroom?

How are you being careless in your business?

Own your judgement.

Own your experience.

Owning is the first step to transforming it.

If you have to resist any questions in this area, please contact us!

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