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Life and Business

Men's Coaching in UK

Do you live in the UK?

Although our men’s coaching programs welcome in men from all over the world, we have many men who reside in the UK as well as our founder, Tim Matthews. Because our men’s coaching sessions take place virtually online, we have added in-person retreats as an option for every man who graduates from The Activation Method, and any of our other men’s coaching programs. These retreats take place all over the world, but we always make a point to host at least one in the UK every year (previous locations have included Morroco, Mexico, and New Hampshire to name a few).

Our founder, Tim Matthews had a hard time finding a group of men that he felt were consciously creating life on their own terms and designing a life that works for them. Instead, he felt surrounded by the messaging that men need to hustle, grind, and sacrifice in order to experience success. Although Tim went down that path for a while, he quickly discovered that it wasn’t working for him, and wasn’t working for many men he came across. So, he decided to create this group of men himself, but he didn’t want to limit it to men in the UK. He wanted to open it up to all men who were interested in living a more powerful life.

Life and Business Coaching for Men in USA

Do you live in the U.S.?

If so, you have probably been surrounded by messages of business coaching for men and life coaching for men. However, rarely do these coaching programs encompass both business coaching for men AND life coaching for men. The reality is, all compartments of our lives are interconnected. You may be able to grow your business and have more success than ever, but then what about your relationships and your health? On the other hand, you may be coached to prioritize your family and your spiritual life, but what about your business?

After working with hundreds of businessmen, we are clear that one of the biggest struggles with businessmen is not just growing their business, but having a happy and successful life in ALL areas of their life. When their business does better than ever, it seems like their relationships seem to be on the brink of breaking. When they put everything into their relationships, it seems like their business starts to falter. At The Powerful Man, we combine everything that goes into business coaching for men as well as life coaching for men to create the perfect system that has already helped hundreds of men create more joy, more clarity, and more success in ALL areas of their life. It’s time to stop compartmentalizing your life and start the journey of TRULY transforming your relationships, family life, health, wealth, business, spirituality, self-relationship, and MORE. You deserve it. You’re already a powerful man, he just needs to be ignited.

Life and Business

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