I can remember when my badge of honor was how many hours I could work in a day… 15, 16, 17 hours easy

…put any man up against me and I was confident I would ‘out-hustle’ him.

[What absolute bullshit and bravado I was masked in]

I remember getting into bed one night after putting in 22 hours.

I felt so proud, so content, laying there with a huge smile on my face.

Years later this caught up with me in a big way.

I was at war in my relationship.

I constantly felt torn and misunderstood.

I felt my hustle was NEVER valued.

“You just don’t understand how important this is to me!”

“You don’t get that I’m doing this for us!”


“It wasn’t supposed to feel this way.”

“If this isn’t ‘IT’ then what is?”

I woke up one day and felt trapped, stuck on the hamster wheel of hustle.

Have you felt the same?

Have you wondered if it’s possible to make the shift?

It is possible.

I went from unhealthy to entering a triathlon!

From exhausted to energetic.

And disconnected in life and relationships to connected and respected.

So what to do instead?




All the hustling I was doing came from FEAR – a desire to prove my worth…

….a YEARNING to feel good enough and prove my manliness.

Hoping that the next obstacle I smashed through would give me the significance I craved.

My body was in a constant state of ‘FIGHT OR FLIGHT’.

And I LITERALLY became reliant on adrenaline and cortisol for fuel, it was its ‘go-to’ state.

My mind associated “PROGRESS WITH HUSTLE”

ESSENTIAL to making the shift, is understanding what’s driving your behaviour, where it comes from, your dominant state and WHY.




Take the reliance away from adrenaline and cortisol, and towards feel good hormones.

A really simple practice to increase emotions of joy, happiness and excitement is visualisation.

Feels like a lot of science talk, right?

I get it.

I’m no scientist but this works, it’s well researched and not complicated to implement.

Are you still with me?

Ok great, here are the key steps of getting started with visualization:

1. GAIN CLARITY – what is your desired life and can you visualize it?

2. FOCUS ON FEELING – put yourself in the state of it happening now, focus on the tiny details and how you feel as you’re living your desired outcome.

3. PROGRESS THIS – practice this somewhere that you won’t be disturbed so you can relax, focus and be present.

Try it with your eyes closed, and your eyes open, and also try it whilst being still and moving. You may also want to talk to yourself as if it’s happening now.

Find what works for you.

Your brain and body cannot distinguish between simulation and the ‘real’ thing so your body experiences a very similar response to what would occur if you were actually living it out.

The key here is feeling, the more you feel, the more you shift your biochemistry.

And the more effective you are at replacing your body’s ADDICTION to the cortisol and adrenaline with feel good hormones.

What’s even MORE POWERFUL is when you combine this with KEYSTONE HABITS.




Keystone Habits are the one, or two, behaviours that when you commit to have a domino like effect on ALL other behaviours.

Meaning that OVERCOMING THE HUSTLE happens by default.


Part of your desired life is that you are below 10% bodyfat.

What are your current obstacles?

You skip meals 

You drely on caffiene 

You don’t sleep well 

So you lack energy to workout


#1: Prep your meals every Sunday and Wednesday (or have someone cook them for you)

#2: You turn ALL electronics off by 8PM, and you’re in bed by 10:30PM.

This means you are rested AND have the energy to workout.

Identify the Keystone Habits in all areas of your life…







#4: LASTLY, (and really importantly), HAVE FUN



I never used to have enough fun.

My fun used to revolve around alcohol, drugs or food.

It was sedation, not fun.

Figure out what you love to do and get lost in it.

What do you think happens when you give yourself permission to have fun TODAY?

You tell youself that you’re WORTHY of having what you want.

The more you do this, the more abundant you feel and the more you shift your biochemical state.

This becomes EVEN MORE POWERFUL when you choose to LOOK FOR EVIDENCE for how this makes you MORE productive.

You start to create new associatons in your mind and body.

Watch as your creativity, productivity and happiness take on new levels.

You’ll be able to make more money easier, whilst having more freedom and fulfilment.

For me, it was scary to think about giving the ‘hustle’ up … it had been my whole identity for so many years.

I feared that if I gave up the hustle my progress and productivity would take a hit, but it was quite the opposite…

…by dropping what didn’t serve me my results increased tenfold.

Recovering from the ‘hustle’ means that you get to let go of a lot of habits and form new ones.

At first it’ll require your conscious effort, but over time it’ll become almost automatic.

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