Money equals Happiness? Maybe not…

If you’ve found yourself chasing money believing that it alone was going to make you happy – you’ll probably want to check this out…

…falling for this mantra is costing hard-working entrepreneurs time, money, energy and often, their relationship.

I’m sure you’ve noticed it for yourself?

You’re not a man unless you’re grinding it out and bringing home the bacon, and if you dare raise your hand, tell people you’re struggling and ask for help them shame on you!

You should be able to do this on your own and if you can’t there’s something wrong with you.

On top of that, everywhere we look we’re bombarded with companies pushing their products onto us and dressing it up so that life simply CANNOT work without having their ‘thing’ in your life.

And when you have their thing, then you’ll be ‘THE MAN’.

It’s the next best, greatest, better than ever product that will fix all of your worldly problems.

The lambo, the suit, the homes, the watches.

So what do we do?

Often, we fall for it and we consume.



Because that’s what we’ve been taught to believe is ‘success’.

It’s the carrot and the stick.

Constantly being dangled in front of us, but the faster we run the further it moves.

We’re forever chasing the destination but never arriving.

Let me be clear, I LOVE the nicer things in life, there are fewer things I enjoy more than eating at the best restaurant in town.

You walk into the place and it oozes with class.

The subtle jazz music playing in the background, the smell of fresh food being cooked and the bright white decor.

The manager shakes your hand and speaks to you like a long lost friend before he takes your jacket and shows you to your table overlooking the bay.

Eventually the waiter comes over to take your order, he recommends the special with a wine pairing.

You feel amazing.

But here’s the thing.

When your happiness becomes dependant on those things then you must ask yourself, ‘WHY?’.

Choice is a beautiful thing, dependance on the other hand, is a destructive force.

Achievement and fulfillment two very different things.

You cannot be fulfilled by achieving the external.

Fulfillment comes from within, from the simple things.

Like going for an evening stroll with your partner whilst taking in the sunset.

You both sit on a bench watching the world go by as the sunsets.

Laughing, joking, playing.

Time passes you by without a care in the world, nothing to do, nowhere to be.

You look into her eyes, she smiles, and you feel a deep sense of appreciation that she’s by your side.

That’s fulfillment.

It’s a state, not a commodity.

The fact that you’re reading this tells me that you’re ahead of the curve.

You realise this for yourself and you know that there’s more to life than money…

…AND, you want to experience it.

The question is…HOW?

Well, have you heard the story the three Greek Gods that got together to hide the key to a man’s happiness?

One God said “I think we should hide the key to man’s happiness on the highest mountain top on earth!”

Another said: “No, because man is adventurous and he will scale the mountain top and find the key”

Another said: “Let’s hide the key in the depths of the ocean” the reply from another was that that was a bad idea because man is an explorer and would one day explore the ocean depths and discover the key.

They thought and thought and finally, the last God said: “I know where we will hide the key to a man’s happiness, we will place the key to man’s happiness inside of a man. Right under his nose – and he will NEVER think to look there.

The reality is, you already have the keys to your happiness.

But first, you must slow down just enough to reconnect with who you are without the baggage of who you think you SHOULD be.

We have a saying in THE POWERFUL MAN – “Peace is Power”, and the first step to happiness is finding peace by knowing who you are.

When you quieten the mind you’ll hear the soul scream, and if you’re unhappy right now my guess is that every day you wrestle to suppress the scream of your soul because it’s calling you to be, do and have something greater than you’ve ever had before.

Five years ago when I reached breaking point I dissected my life looked to figure how I’d arrived at this point…

I almost entered a marriage that I knew would end in divorce. I’d recently almost died from taking too many drugs and I had a history of being a serial cheat.

My life was a pattern of stress, struggle and sacrifice and I didn’t know why because on the surface I was doing all the right things…

…Always learning, always hustling, always showing up.

But no matter what I did I was constantly putting out fires in my business, in my relationship and with my health.

I was hiding from playing BIG in my business, I’d be distant, or short tempered in my relationships, I’d abuse my body with food and alcohol, and I resented my business for the hamster wheel that I felt like it kept me on.

Money wasn’t enough to fill the void that I was feeling.

And what was the common thread I found in my struggle?

Most of my energy was spent fighting against what I really needed to do because it scared the sh*t out of me!

The business wasn’t serving me and I didn’t want it any more.

I had settled in the relationship and I should never have proposed.

The only way I knew how to cope was to avoid the reality that I had to make a change and instead sedate myself with food, drink, alcohol or working harder.

Achieve peace so you can reconnect with who you are and what you want.

When you do this, you’ll unlock a personal power that I imagined you’ve either never experienced, or experienced in flashes, and as you lead your life you’ll come alive – life will flow again!

You’ll be able to enjoy your success with the people you love and finally be fulfilled WITHOUT worrying work or feeling like you don’t deserve it.

Welcome to The Fundamentals of Alpha.

The Fundamentals of Alpha is what the men in THE POWERFUL MAN use to take control of their life, reclaim their power and be a man that their son wants to be, their daughter wants to worry and that their wife can’t keep their hands off.

Brother, here’s the reality…

You are already a POWERFUL MAN.

You’ve just forgotten how to be one in a world where men have been left behind.

It’s time to redefine what success means to you find inner peace, rediscover your purpose and unlock your personal power…

…so you can LEAD your life, enjoy your success with the people you love and FINALLY feel fulfilled…

…WITHOUT worrying about work or feeling like you don’t deserve it.

Because you do!

Tim Matthews

Founder, The Powerful Man

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