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How to Break FREE From the Hustle

Break free from the hustle so you can work less and have more time, energy, and freedom to enjoy your life with the people you love.

Ever catch yourself being jealous of that one friend who has a cool “JOB” and seems to always be so stress-free?

They get to show up, do their job, get a pay-check, and go home without taking the stress, chaos, and responsibility home with them.

They can unplug and shut it all down to be present with their family.

They don’t have to worry about leads, payroll, sales, marketing, webinars, ads, emails, hiring, firing, etc

Do you know what the biggest difference is between you and him?…(aside from having a boss)

…I put it down to 5 shifts I’m about to share with you (I’ll explain more later)



The jealousy doesn’t last too long.

I think you’d agree that none of us want to lose our freedom and have a boss breathing down the back of our necks.

Plus, as “entrepreneurs” and “selfmade men” we’re never supposed to be envious of employees, right?…

Anyways, It’s not the “job” that seems nice to have.

It’s not the office we want…

It’s not the traffic they get to sit in on their way to work that we want to experience…

It’s not even the titles or paychecks…

It’s the SIMPLICITY of their responsibilities and their ability to “turn it off”.

See, As entrepreneurs we value freedom.

Yes, we want to make money…

But what we’re really in it for is the freedom.

Freedom to workout in the middle of the day if we want (without feeling guilty)

Freedom to wake up when we want (without feeling guilty)

Freedom to take a week or two off whenever we want (without feeling guilty)

Freedom to enjoy our hobbies (without feeling guilty)

Freedom to be an engaged and present family man who picks his kids up from school every day and coaches their sports teams (if he wants).

Yet how many of us actually do any of that stuff?

Even 25% of it?

If you’re anything like I was, it’s more like 0%

Do we really value freedom if we wake up at the crack of dawn and “hustle” late into the night?

Do we really value freedom if we’re NEVER free from thinking about the biz?

After all…

What good is the freedom to have the POTENTIAL to do something you want…if you don’t allow yourself to do it?

Is it still freedom?

I’ll have you consider most entrepreneurs are 10x the slave to their business than their employee friends are to the companies they work for (and get paid a lot less for it per hour)

You may not have a boss or manager following you around telling you what to do, bothering you all day and stressing you out.

But you have leads that do that…(chasing them down trying to close them because you’re entire business hinges on it)

You have clients that do that…(demanding more of your time, asking ridiculous questions..)

You have staff that do that…(dropping the ball of projects, doing shit the wrong way etc)

The list goes on…

You get the picture.

Listen, My goal here is NOT to shame you or make you feel “less”.

I totally get it…I was in the same position.

Stuck in the weeds and buried in the day-to-day busywork, hustling all day long and completely taking my health and my family for granted.

Maybe this isn’t even an issue for you like it was for me and a lot of the men we work with.

If so, That’s awesome.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

But if you can relate to feeling like a servant to your business to the point where everything you love (including yourself) is getting sacrificed for it…

… then I’m about to share with you 5 shifts you can make right now to work less, make more and live a life they love with the people they love…


How many times have you gone after a goal telling yourself that when you achieve it, that’s when you’ll be “THE MAN”. 

Before long you’re stuck on the hamster wheel of hustle constantly going but no matter what you achieve it’s never enough. 

As soon as you reach your goal you’re onto the next thing and the people around you can’t keep up – they’re tired of constantly going (and you are too). 

If you want to break free from the hustle the first thing you must do is understand WHY you’re hustling so hard in the first place.

Get real with yourself because it’s not the story you’ve been telling yourself, there’s something else there. 


There comes a point when money stops being enough to make you happy. 

A good friend of mine used to own a personal training studio in Santa Barbra, California. 

If you don’t know Santa Barbara, it’s one of the wealthiest towns in the world, he’d often train businessmen who would shift hundreds of millions of dollars in one deal during the session. 

Although they had money, there was one thing they didn’t have – happiness. 

They had estranged relationships with their loved ones, failed marriages, unhealthy habits and their life was all about work. 

Money is a magnifying glass, it makes you more of who you are – if you’re insecure, angry, and distrusting then more money is going to make you more of those things and you’ll spend most of your day worrying about people wanting to take from you. 

On the other hand, if you’re a happy, calm, and confident man then money will most likely give you more of those things. 

The trick is to catch yourself if you’re telling yourself that when you make more money (or reach a certain point) then you’ll change because you won’t. 

Change first and release the hold that money has on you. 


As men, we tend to delay our happiness for some time in the future when we think we earned it – what the f*ck! 

You don’t need to earn the right to be happy, nor does your worth as a man come down to how hard you can hustle (more on that later). 

One of the men in The Brotherhood recently celebrated his 50th birthday. 

We were in the pool at the villa in Marrakech, he was sharing all about his birthday celebrations (and he had a lot of them!), and suddenly a look of disbelief came across his face…

“I can’t believe it, yesterday I was 28! It’s gone like THAT!” [He clicks his fingers].

How many times have you heard stories like that and how many times do they wash over your head? 

If you’re anything like I used to be then you’ll brush them off. 

Don’t delay your life. 

Date your wife, go to the park with your kids, learn that language. 

Work less, play more. 

Remember, you have nothing to prove and money does not equal happiness. 


You’ve been lied to…

In the past the measure of a man was made by how hard he could work. 

How much pain he could tolerate…

…how much he could persevere and struggle on in noble silence with a smile on his face. 

Where did this get us? 

We now have an epidemic of men taking their own lives because they don’t know who they are in a world where men have been left behind. 

Redefine what success means to YOU without needing to compete with other men. 

We’re past that. 

Live your own life, on your term and YOU define when enough is enough for you. 

Don’t buy into the lies you’re told that you need to have the latest and greatest watch, car, home, holiday to be “THE MAN”. 


Is that what it means to be “THE MAN”. 

A man suckered into the story of society. 

You’re better than that. 


Here’s the deal – you can have BOTH. 

You don’t need to sell your soul to make money. 

And here’s the kicker…

…breaking free from the hustle doesn’t mean that you’re going to retire to the Himalayas and become a monk never to be seen again in the western world. 

Breaking free from the hustle means that you live on YOUR terms. 

I’m all for building a business (I’m an entrepreneur too), but I believe that you’re going to be happiest (and the world is going to benefit the most) when you build a business that you LOVE. 

And that could be your current business, it doesn’t have to be driven by social change, it could be as simple as how you LEAD your company…

…how you empower and train your team to be the best they can be 

…the values your company operates with 

…the ethics. 

All of this is a reflection of you and your passions. 

Business is about more than making money and when you tap into that the game changes. 

Instead of showing up everyday feeling like you’re trying to squeeze an orange through the eye of a needle, things open up for you. 

You take inspired action that feels easier, exciting, and fun – business takes on a different meaning, and guess what? 

Profits go up, stress goes down and you’re able to live a life you love with the people you love WITHOUT worrying about work. 

If you have to resist any questions in this area, please contact us!