Living Up To Your Potential

Did you think you’d be further ahead by now? 

If you answered yes to my initial question then I’m about to share with you a proven method you can use to be a man that your son wants to be, that your daughter wants to marry and that your wife can’t keep her hands off! 

Before I do, I want to tell you about a client of ours called Tom [I’ve held back his real name for privacy reasons]. 

Tom is the kind of guy we all want to be, my bet is that if you met him you’d walk away feeling GREAT about yourself! 

He has that rare ability to make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world when you’re with him…

…his charm, his wit, his humour and his competitive nature make you want to run through fire for him within minutes of meeting him. 

Man, if I could be more like Tom”. 

What most people don’t know is that behind the boardroom bravado Tom secretly feels like a failure. 

Most nights he goes home, drinks whiskey and isolates himself from his wife and kids. 

Is this as good as it gets?” 

By society’s standards he’s successful…

…he has a growing profitable business, a beautiful home, the latest BMW, two beautiful children and a wife who has stood by him through his affairs, getting his business off the ground and his daily emotional rollercoaster. 

He’s used to being in control but right now he feels very out of control. 

No matter where he turns or what he tries he cannot put his finger on why he feels empty, exhausted and alone. 

The only thing he is sure of is that hustling harder and making more money isn’t going to work this time. 

Been there, done that. 

This time something’s gotta shift! 

“If something doesn’t change I’m scared of what I’ll do to myself”. 

What Tom doesn’t know is that he’s trapped in No Man’s Land and systematically moving through The 5 Agonies. 

He’s trapped. 

It’s like being stranded at sea without a rudder, not knowing where you’re going or when help is going to come. All you can do it hold on and see where the tides take you. 

Everyday is a battle to shelter yourself from the sun, storms and salt. 

There isn’t a person, boat or land in sight. 

Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen hundreds of men repeat the same pattern, it’s as predictable as the weather. 

But, if you have an early warning weather system in place, you can see the storm coming and get out of the way. 

What are The 5 Agonies? 

The first agony is greed.

As men, we’ve been lied to! 

We’ve been told that success means means having more, bigger and better than the next guy…

…More money, more sex, more holidays, a bigger house, a better car. 

We end up competing with one another to hustle harder than the next guy and killing ourselves and our relationships to achieve a dream that was never ours in the first place.

Somewhere along the path we realise: 

“Why do I not feel any better?” 

“Why am I not any happier?” 

Brother, it’s because you’ve sacrificed everything that’s important to you to achieve something you’re not sure that you ever wanted so no matter what you have you’re never satisfied. 

What you’re chasing isn’t on the outside. 

Maybe you can relate.

If you can then you’ll know how frustrating this is! 

Constantly hustling, always grinding and forever stuck on the hamster wheel of hustle, making broken promises and letting down the people you love. 

It’s exhausting! 

You end up at boiling point like a volcano ready to erupt – and understandably. You’re a human being not a machine and there’s only so much you can take. 

This leads to the second agony – Anger. 

From Anger you move to shame, then loneliness and finally the fifth agony of uncertainty. 

One guy described this shift as “It’s like someone took the filter off my eyes and all of a sudden the world went from black and white to colour”. 

Granted, there’s some work you’ve gotta do as well if you want to see that kind of shift, but, the good news is that it’s a possibility for you just like it was for him. 

What does life look like in colour? 

He’s rediscovered his passion for his business and has since grown it to becoming the #1 in the UK, his kids want to be around him again and cheer when he walks the door and his wife can’t keep her hands off him! 

Finally, he’s being the father, husband, business owner and man that he knew he was capable of being. 

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