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Half of your to-dos don’t get crossed off

Why half of your “to-do’s” don’t get crossed off…

…And why your goals feel more like “wishes” that barely every come true.

Just poppin’ in to see if you can relate to a common mistake most businessmen make that causes overwhelm…

..slows down progress

…and ultimately leads to disconnecting from themselves and their families…

It’s also the source of a lot of arguments between partners/spouses.

If you can relate – you’ll love the concept I’m going to share today.

Consider this,

If only half of your To-do list is getting done…

God forbid, you have things that need to get done that didn’t even make it on the list.

Those tasks barely stand a chance.

I used to wake up every morning with a “plan” to cross everything off by early evening so that I could shut my computer off and hang out with my partner.

I’d be determined to get shit done.

I read all the time management books…

Downloaded the apps…

Had all the right intentions…

And like clockwork…

2 hours into my day I found myself getting thrown off track by responding to emails.

By taking calls that lasted twice as long as I expected.

By “accidentally” looking at our paid advertising stats and going down the rabbit hole of spending hours “tweaking” it.

Once the afternoon crept up, it was evident that all my shit wasn’t going to get done.

So I’d squeeze more time out of the evenings to try to catch up.

That’s about the same time Amelia would come in asking me to spend the evening with her…

Only to have me snap at her to “give me 5 more minutes”…which was really code for “another hour” (sometimes two).

Of course, I’d still not get everything done.

Which meant I’d transfer 3-4 things to the next day’s list…

Which meant I’d be anxious in the evenings because I felt behind.

Which meant I’d start looking at my family as “obstacles” that were standing in the way of my success.

(even though I would never say that out loud)

The next day would hit and BOOM…

The cycle continued.

I constantly felt behind…like I needed to keep “hustling” to make up for lost time.

Can you guess what the result of this cycle was/is?

Where was the time for FUN going to come from (without feeling guilty)?

Where was the capacity to be PRESENT with my family in the evenings going to come from?

Where was my time and energy going to come from to improve my HEALTH and FITNESS?

Where was the time and mental capacity going to come from to truly appreciate my family and find creative ways to show them gratitude?


My business was suffocating all of it and my family suffered for it.

The problem wasn’t that I was lazy.

It wasn’t because I was “self-sabotaging” myself.

It was because I lacked a SYSTEM.

By not having a system…

Most of my day was spent in “reaction” mode which just meant I was always doing a lot of random busywork.

Barely getting around to my “to-do’s”

And because I was bogged down reacting to things that were already part of my world – I didn’t have time to create and expand a new world…

which is why my growth plateaued.


My “system” consisted of a “to-do” list and “will-power”…(not exactly reliable)

Like most entrepreneurs, I had a few systems in place for lead generation, sales and serving my client’s…

But the idea of a system for how I operated throughout the day from the time I woke up till I went to bed never crossed my mind.

A system that was based on everything I wanted for my health…

…for my business

…for my relationships

…and for my mindset.

A system that allowed me to know exactly when and how I was going to get everything done from writing a blog post and holding a team meeting…

To bringing Amelia (my partner in crime) flowers and hitting the gym.

From responding to emails and working with my clients…

To playing my guitar and going on hikes with Amelia and the dogs.

When you have that type of structure and system in place it automatically reduces stress, anxiety and opens up more capacity to BE with your family and have more fun…

It’s like an alarm clock…

If you’ve had problems with your alarm clock and you have a flight leaving early in the morning– you’re going to be tossing and turning all night hoping you don’t miss it.

You’ll have dreams all night about missing it.

You’ll wake up 6 times throughout the night thinking it’s time to wake up but really you still have hours left.

But if you just had a reliable alarm you can sleep peacefully knowing that you’re going to wake up when you need to.

That’s the difference between reliable systems like the “THE ALPHA PROTOCOL” and “THE TRUTH ASSESMENT”

(which are part of The Activation Method & The Alpha Reset Experience)

…and a faulty system like a to-do list or relying on your “will-power”

One gives you the certainty and security knowing expansion and getting desirable results inside your business, relationships, mindset and fitness is almost guaranteed.

The other creates overwhelm, unknown outcomes and adds stress, anxiety and sacrifices time and energy for yourself and your family.

Which system do you want to operate with?

If “To-Do lists” and “willpower” work for you and your family.


No need to stop a good thing.

If it’s NOT serving you and your family and you want to systemize and structure your life in a way that creates certainty, predictability and simplicity so that you put an end to:

Bank accounts that leak money

Stagnant bottom-lines and businesses that produce more chaos than cash

A disconnected marriage with droughts of sex and intimacy

Compulsive procrastination and a severe lack of focus

A body that always feels tired and relies on caffeine to get through the day

Addiction to porn, masturbation, drugs, alcohol, food and social media

Feeling like you’re “playing small” and leaving so much potential on the table

And instead…

You want to connect with your wife and have more sex and intimacy in your relationship

You want to be the exact man you’d want your daughter to marry and son to be one day

You want a body that gives you strength, energy and confidence – that you’re proud of

You want a deeper understanding and love for yourself

All whilst making more money and keeping more of the money you make…

We can discuss all the details on our call.