Relationship Coaching For Men

Relationship Coaching for Men Online

After working with and coaching hundreds of men, it is fair to say that one of the biggest areas of struggle for these men has been within their relationships. You see, as men, we have been sold a particular paradigm that tells us in order to be successful and worthy we need to hustle, we need to grind, we need to bring in the money, and that we need to do this at any cost…including the cost of our relationships. This is why, at The Powerful Man, we spend a lot of time focusing on relationship coaching for men online. 

Many men have fallen into the trap of making their business their #1 priority, telling themselves that they’re doing it all for their family. They’re slaving away at work so they can provide for their wife, for their kids, for the lifestyle they are accustomed to. And yet, in this process…they are completely missing out on connecting with and spending time with those they say they are doing it all for….their wife, their kids, their parents, etc. 

We get it. We’ve been there. And we can help. Through our Activation Method, Online Program we spend a lot of time focusing on relationship coaching for men by breaking down the beliefs you’ve been sold that are no longer serving you and tools you can start to implement immediately that will help mend your relationships…..even if you’re on the brink of divorce!

Relationship Advice for Married Businessmen

So let’s start off with something we often get asked for….relationship advice for married businessmen. 

  1. Clean up YOUR side of the street. Take a moment to look at yourself and how YOU are showing up.
  2. Do the work ON YOURSELF. One of the best pieces of relationship advice we can give for married businessmen is to do the WORK. Whether it’s joining something like The Activation Method, going on a men’s retreat, or hiring a mentor/coach, make sure you are doing the work on yourself to heal any past wounds and stories that may be showing up in your current relationship.
  3. Take some time to remember what attracted you to each other in the first place. Oftentimes, we stop being the people and doing the things that once attracted us to each other in the first place. Did you use to leave her little notes on her car? Maybe you both used to live for spontaneous weekend trips that haven’t happened in years. Or maybe something she loved about you was how you had your own hobbies.
  4. Date her. This is pretty common relationship advice for businessmen, but it’s important so we’ll repeat it here. Make date night a priority! Schedule it. Put it in your calendar. Follow through. And show up (not just physically…but emotionally too). 
  5. Understand that marriage isn’t about winning. This is such a profound piece of relationship advice for businessmen that we did a whole podcast episode on it here. You see, women argue to connect and men argue to win. Yet, if you “win” then chances are you’re both feeling a bit more disconnected…which in the end isn’t really winning at all. Learning how to communicate and argue with your partner is pretty complex, which is why it gets brought up so often in our free Facebook Group of men here

How to Save my Relationship?

We can’t tell you how many men have come to us asking us “How do I save my marriage?”. Most of these men feel like they are at the end of their rope. Typically one or both of the parties have cheated, or they feel like they’ve become glorified roommates. 

Although we have helped many men reignite their marriages, creating more joy, more sex, more passion, more connection, more intimacy, and more fun, it always starts with you. When you’re asking the question “How do I save my marriage”, it’s important you get clear that this is actually what you want to do. You see, many men say they want to save their marriage because they feel like they’re supposed to and what ends up happening is that they half-ass the entire process, leaving things worse than when they started. So get really clear….are you willing to do the hard work that it takes to save your marriage? Are you willing to do the work it takes to reignite the powerful man within you? Are you willing to do what it takes to re-connect with your wife? 

Save my Marriage: for my family

One of the main reasons men come to us asking if we have a “save my marriage training” (which no…that’s not what we call our coaching program, although it has definitely done the trick countless times), is because of their families. Oftentimes, these men are concerned about the relationships they have created with their children and the type of marriage they have allowed their children to witness. 

A motto we like to use here at The Powerful Man is that your family doesn’t want your presents, they want your presence. Most businessmen we talk to say that they are hustling hard at work NOW in order to provide for their families and once they hit a certain point THEN they will be able to spend more time with them, take more vacations, show up for their kids’ functions, etc. 

Yet there never seems to be a point that becomes “enough” for them to actually do this. As men, we’re trained to want more and provide more. So once we hit that point we once said was “enough”, we feel like we actually need to push just a little harder to get just a little more…for the family. All the while, your kids and your wife are at home craving YOU and your presence. 

So if you’re here looking for the “save my marriage training” or wondering how you can “save my marriage for my family”, then head over to and see if this is for you.