This quote changed me (Maybe it will help you too?)

It felt like a giant “Sack Tap“…

…totally caught me off guard.

About a year ago I was watching a 60-second video clip of Gary V on Facebook; and he said something that slammed the brakes on my day (and my life).

It even sparked a mini panic attack.

But shortly after I shook the panic off – I had a fully stoked fire lit under my ass that continues to burn and fuel my energy, focus, and productivity to this day.


I thought I’d quickly stop by to share the simple concept Gary V penguin slapped me with in hopes it gives you a jolt of energy and inspiration too.

The video starts with Gary V riding in the backseat of car.

His driver was slowly poking forward, trying to maneuver through the crowded streets of NYC.

Gary had just come out of delivering a speech – so the sidewalk was lined with several young entrepreneurs running alongside the car shouting questions and asking for advice.

Eventually, Gary’s car stopped at a red light…

…so he rolled the window down to answer a question while he waited for the light to turn green.

The first question hurled at him went something like this…

“Gary, give 3 words that will motivate me.”

I know we’ve all been taught there’s no such thing as “stupid questions”…

…but this one is definitely tickling the edges of stupid 😉


Here’s what he said.


He quickly elaborated…

…”That’s it, bro. One day you will die. So what the fuck are you afraid of, or waiting for?”

Truer words have NEVER been spoken.

It’s a morbid concept, I know.

But it can breathe so much life into your actions and mindset.

And you can choose to bury your head in the sand to void thinking about it.

(I wouldn’t necessarily blame you)

But it doesn’t make it any less true.

The fact is

You’re not always going to be here.

Neither am I.

And we have no idea when that time is coming.

So why not go all in?

Is “playing it safe” really the way you want to spend your time on this earth?

I don’t know?

Maybe it is?

And that’s perfectly fine.

As long as you’re being REAL and honest with yourself about it.

But my gut (and my experience) tells me that if you’re reading this post – you’re probably wanting MORE out of your life.

Maybe it’s relationships, health, money, time, purpose…or all the above (like it was for me.)

And I’m not saying I have everything locked down and dialed in.

I’m still hunting down my potential while doing my damnedest to create the space to be grateful and appreciative of where I’m at at the moment.

But my focus, productivity, and inspiration are fueled by the FACT that I’m going to die one day…

…so what the hell am I waiting for to take the next step.


If you feel like you’ve been spinning your tires in place…

…doing a lot of work and staying really busy, but going nowhere fast.

It’s probably because your vehicle is stuck in “Park” with the hand brake on.

No matter how hard you press the accelerator pedal – you’re not going to go anywhere until you release the brakes and shift gears.

Which might mean taking the concept of “you will die” to heart and deciding to go all in.

And remember,

Going “all in” doesn’t have to mean “taking a giant leap”.

Most of the time it simply means to Take A Step Forward

Whatever that step is for you.

I encourage you to Take It.

If you have to resist any questions, please contact us!


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