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Do you ever feel stuck trying to figure out your “next move” in business?

Have you ever experienced that feeling of…

What am I doing

Where am I taking this

Why am I even doing this

It’s very common…

Here’s why.

Most businessmen simply don’t know what they want.

It might be the most basic question EVER…


…Yet it’s one of the most difficult ones to get clear on and answer honestly.

I use a powerful tool called “The Truth” assessment with my clients…

The answers inside the assessment set the foundation for every decision we make – it’s like a custom guide.


One of the first questions we look at it is- “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

With your business?”

With your wife?”

With your kids?”

With your health and fitness?”

With yourself?”

And without fail…

Every man will begin listing out all the shit they DON’T WANT.

I don’t want to have to work so late”…

I don’t want to argue with my wife”…

I want to get rid of this and stop doing that”…

Here’s the problem…

You Can’t Be Clear On The Direction You’re Going Or Make Quick And Simple Decisions Based On What You Don’t Want.

You can’t build a house based on what you don’t want it to look like.

You can’t bowl a strike by trying to avoid the gutters.

One of the most frustrating things is when you ask someone “what do you want to eat”?

Their response…”Well, I don’t want pizza again”

So, brother, I’ll have you consider that…

Unless you know EXACTLY what you want…

There’s nothing that will get you unstuck from feeling like you’re wandering…or to get you over the hump and to the next level.

And it’s not only for business…

This must be applied across all 5 territories of your life (Health, Business, Relationships, Wealth & Your Internal Health)

This is the foundation for being a POWERFUL MAN.

Do you want to know why my clients are in the best shape of their life?

Why they’re having more sex and reconnecting with their wife (as if it was their honeymoon again)

Why they can randomly take a week or two off without putting their business in jeopardy?

Why they’re finally being adventurous again, travelling and experiencing LIFE?

Why they can unplug and pick their kids up from school on Fridays and be present with them in the evenings?

Why they can make quick decisions and grow so fast?

Why they are earning more money by working less and taking less off of their plate?

Why they are having more fun and feeling more connected to their kids and partners

Selfishly I’d love to tell you that it’s because of some secret hack I discovered….or that it’s because of my ability to lead and inspire blah blah…

(Although I do teach some pretty awesome strategies within The Activation Method & The Alpha Reset)


It’s got very little to do with that.

It’s because my students are FOCUSED because they know WHAT THEY WANT.

We get clear on where they’re at…where they want to go…and what they want.

From there we simply reverse engineer how to get them there and it allows them to stay focused.

They don’t get lost going down rabbit holes of trying to juggle 3-4 big ideas and projects at one time (which normally never get done or produce a fraction of the results you want)

When opportunities come up, ideas arise or decisions need to be made about hiring, firing, systems that need to be implemented and software to use, etc.

All we have to do is review The Truth assessment to see if it fits with what they want and where they want to go.

If it fits with what they want and it doesn’t affect what they want in the other areas of their life, we roll with it and implement.

This eliminates so much of the shit that crowds your mind, holds your energy hostage from your family and keeps you in “grind mode”.

All because they are focused

Because they know what they want


If you know

There Is A Man Inside You Right Now Who Is 10x The Man You Are Being

He’s a better father.

He’s a better husband.

He’s a better businessman.

He has better sex.

He’s a better athlete and in better shape.

That man is already inside of you.

You don’t have to have some awakening to become a “brand-new you”.

He already exists…

…he just needs to be activated.

But you can’t activate him by playing by the same rules and using the same system that has led you to the position you’re in now.

It’s impossible.

If Ferrari wants their assembly machine to crank out Ferraris…

…but they keep getting Toyotas – it’s not the man operating the system who needs to change.


Same is true in your life.

In all of your life.

You live based off of an operating system that was created and shaped by our beliefs and experiences of the past.

No amount of effort and “want to” can override the system – UNLESS, that effort and “want to” is put into creating a new system.

All you have to do is shatter your old system – take it and put it out of its misery…

…Then turn around and create a NEW system that predictably generates the results you want.

But that starts with THE TRUTH and knowing what you do want.