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One thing that will save your marriage, business, and life…

Today I want to talk about one thing that will save your marriage, business, and life…

It’s called….the SAS Factor

SAS” represents the 3 elements most of the happiest, healthiest, connected and wealthiest businessmen built their business on.

There’s also a small twist

I’ll explain in just sec


It’s important to understand this…

Nothing robs you of your FREE time and peace-of-mind to be present with your family in the evenings than…


My business used to be one giant mash up of

Never-ending To-Do list’s (that never got done)

Jumping around from shiny object to shiny object (which of course required time and energy to learn and implement)

Constantly calling and texting leads

Checking my marketing stats

Responding to emails

Open-ended projects that would fester in the back of my mind

Managing staff


Client work

Half-assed KPI’s

It was too COMPLEX.

Complexity leads to chaos

Chaos leads to overwhelm

Overwhelm leads to being “on edge”…snapping at my loved ones…constantly having a pre-occupied mind …and struggling to have any fun.

(At least it did for me)

Everything required me to “Grind” and pour all my energy and capacity into the biz…leaving me with barely anything for myself or my family.

It wasn’t until I got lost in what some might say a tornado of anxiety, stress, struggle and sacrifice that I started searching for mentors and people who were living the way I wanted to live.

[KEY DISTINCTION] “living” the way I wanted, NOT just “making as much money as I wanted”

I hired many of them and read the books of the others…

And I noticed something after a few months of analyzing their habits and business models.

Something these guys probably don’t even realize themselves.

Virtually ALL of these guys led lives and businesses that were built on 3 things.

What I call “The SAS Factor”…

SIMPLICTY – They were obsessed with simplifying their systems and cutting out all the fat in the biz

AUTOMATION- Any systems that didn’t need PEOPLE got automated. Lead generation, follow ups, on-boarding new clients, billing, back-end sales etc

STRUCTURE – Everything was structured and clean which provided a certain level of predictability that allowed them to detach from the biz whenever they wanted.

Here’s the twist though…

The vision to create a business built on SAS principles was only made possible once they stopped chasing money.

They stopped looking at their business as “what they do” and started looking at it as something that gave them the freedom to do what they “want to do


When your focus is on freedom




Purpose and fulfillment

And you look at your business as the vehicle that gives you the life you want instead of the business BEING your life…

That’s when you’ll escape the self-imposed prison of complexity, chaos and money-chasing that consumes you.

Interestingly enough, once I shifted my focus from chasing money to chasing the lifestyle that allowed me to be the man I wanted to be

I actually made more money, had more sex and woke up happy

Funny how that happens.


This SAS Factor is a huge inspiration behind how I currently run my business…

In fact,

I created an entire productivity system based on SAS

I call it “The Pillars” of production

It’s part of what we share within The Activation Method…

…It’s a big reason our clients can

Pick their kids up from school every day

Take weeks off at a time and still have a business that grows

Get into the best shape they’ve been in for over a decade

Be present and more patient with their family

Randomly turn their computers off in the middle of the day on a Wednesday and go do something fun (without feeling guilty for it)…my personal favorites are playing guitar and float tanks (I’ll tell you more about that in another blog post)

If they can do it….so can you.

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