What is Knowledge For Men?

Knowledge For Men is both a blog and a podcast targeted towards personal development for men. Knowledge For Men was founded in 2011 by Andrew Ferebee who had less than $15 to his name.

According to Andrew, he hit rock bottom and needed to find a way out. As he climbed out of his rock bottom, he documented his journey in the form of blog post articles and podcast episodes to share with the public.


What do they offer?

In addition to the blog posts and podcast episodes, Knowledge For Men has a group coaching program. This Group Coaching costs $35/month and is recurring until canceled. 

According to the Knowledge For Men Website, the Group Coaching Program goes through 6 modules:

  1. Becoming the Hero Of Your Life
  2. The Art Of Success
  3. 10X Your Productivity
  4. Master Your Relationships
  5. The Income and Wealth Accelerator
  6. Unleash Your Peak Performance 


Andrew has also written 3 books: The Dating Playbook for Men, The Break Up Manual for Men, and The Porn Pandemic. All 3 of these can be found on The Knowledge For Men Website.


Who is Andrew Ferebee?

Andrew Ferebee is the Founder and CEO of Knowledge For Men and the host of the podcast Knowledge For Men. According to the Knowledge For Men website, he went from having $15 to his name to putting everything he had into his own personal growth journey and began creating content along the way.

Over the course of 8 years, Andrew has turned his $15 into 6 figures, has interviewed countless influencers in the personal growth space on his podcast, and runs an online men’s coaching group as well as a few in-person seminars.



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