Would You Fire Yourself?

Episode #315

Would you fire yourself as the CEO of your life?

You are the CEO of your own life. Decide if you will “promote” or “demote” yourself by evaluating how you perform in the Five Territories of your life: Self, Health, Wealth, Relationship, and Business.

There is a gap between where you are today and where you want to be. Reflect on that and be real with yourself. Write down your plans and the things that you want to do differently.

You deserve to live a good life. If you are struggling, reach out to the community, step up, and get activated. Take action.

In this episode, we will talk about how to evaluate yourself in the Five Territories of your life and how to take action.


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Episode Transcript

Doug Holt  0:00  

If this film crews here, you’re the CEO of your life. The film crew comes in, they show you the footage, and they list the five territories for you: self, health, wealth, relationships, business. Now you’re the CEO. You get to evaluate these five areas, these five territories of your life, on how you’re performing. Are you going to rehire yourself in each of these areas? What did they find with that film crew seeing you doing? What was really happening for you? Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of The Powerful Man show. I have your host Doug Holt with my co-host Tim The Powerful Man Matthews. What’s going on, brother?

Tim Matthews  0:40  

I am curious about this episode. No idea where this is gonna go.

Doug Holt  0:48  

Yeah, you don’t. But hopefully, we can get this knocked out. Because I think it’s an important one, maybe a two-parter. So, Tim, I was out. I’ve heard this before. And I used to have a sign above my desk a decade ago at this point. But I was thinking about it the other day. And as you know, I was laid up at minor surgery. Had a vasectomy. So guys have had one. You guys can sympathize with me, guys who haven’t sympathized with me. So anyway, I was lying on the couch. I was thinking about this. Imagine you’re the CEO, right of your company, right? Get that you understand your roles are to make sure that people produce. Now imagine you’re the CEO of your own life. And a film crew has come in, and they are following you around every day for the next seven days. What are they going to see? In your business? Are you going to get fired? After you watch this footage? Are you changing your actions in your marriage? We talked about marriage a lot here. A lot of guys are struggling in that area. A film crew comes into your house. Oh, here’s a better one for you. You didn’t know it. But a film crew had been in your house for the last seven days. I know it all you’re gonna say. Well, Doug, was last seven days were different. Everybody, I remember when I used to own a gym, a private gym in Santa Barbara, California. I always asked people, and I sat down in front of me and said, What do you eat for the last seven days, or yesterday even? Well, this was an unusual week. 100% of the time, not nine out of 10 100% of the time, I heard the same thing, But imagine guys, for a second, you actually had a film crew follow you around. They saw how you interacted with your wife. They saw how you interacted or avoided your children. They saw the foods you ate. They saw the way you kept your house. The way you don’t flush the toilet when you take a pee. Right? They saw all this stuff, the clothes on the floor, right the way that you’ve maybe walk away. So you don’t have to deal with the kids and the wife and the stress of COVID and all of these things that are happening for a lot of guys. Or they saw the fact that your Instagram and Facebook profile is full of shit. It’s not really the way your life is. It’s not all smiles.

Tim, we talked to one of the guys we know, and he was at a concert front row with his wife and took a picture smiling ear to ear. And he shared with us that you know when that picture was taken. That’s when the affair was happening. And we were pretending to be happy for the rest of the world. But we were miserable. So guys, if this film crews here, you’re the CEO of your life, the film crew comes in, they show you the footage, and they list the five territories for you: self, health, wealth, relationships, business. Now you’re the CEO. You get to evaluate these five areas, these five territories of your life, on how you’re performing. Are you going to rehire yourself? In each of these areas? Are you going to hire it? What would you do last week for yourself? Is that good enough? Your CEO, right? If you’re a good CEO, you’re running your company, which is your life. You’re not gonna let people slide. Maybe once right, give him a warning. But no, you need professionals. You need people stepping up to the plate. What do you do for yourself? What did they find what that film crew sees you doing? So just spending time on Pornhub, what is really happening for you? What about health? Right? What are you eating? How are you eating? We’re eating fast. We’re eating mindfully, reading crap food. Even though you’re eating, you drink a ton of alcohol. We’re exercising. We’re moving your body. We’re just sitting on your butt. What about the area of wealth now? Wealth for a lot of us is spirituality could be actually wealth. We talked about different ways in The Powerful Man in the movement. 

Were you there? How are your finances? How’s your spirituality? Do you have a meditation practice? We read the Quran, the Bible, the Torah, whatever your spiritual devotion may or may not be. About your relationships, would you hire yourself again to perform the way you did the last seven days in your relationships with your wife, with your kids, or your friends, or your best friends? Or 5 of the guys are closest to. Would you reach out to any of them, see if they’re doing okay. What about your wife? If the world saw how you and your wife interacted, and you’re now the CEO of your own life, are you fired? Most of us would be walking that guy out the door pretty quickly, grabbing the boxes. Or maybe you’re giving yourself a promotion. Maybe you’re stepping it up. We’ve got tons of guys in The Brotherhood that are smashing it. Maybe you’re like, I’m the CEO, and I’m giving that guy a raise. What about your business? Not last month, just the last seven days? How are you performing? He’s just making the standard quota? Or he’s smashing out of the park? Are you like, I’m the CEO, that guy is my all-star performer? I’m incentivizing him. I want him in here more often. You’re out. You’re taking them out to lunch? Do you have any friends? Because I want to hire them? Because if you must hang out with some great people? Or are you firing yourself? Guys, this is reflective. It’s not for you to feel bad about yourself at all. It is just to be real. And add on to this. Tim, let’s ask the guys. Now that film crews are coming back. They lost. They lost the tapes. They’re gonna be here today, in 20 minutes. And they’re gonna follow you around for the next seven days? What, If anything, are you going to do something different? What are you going to do differently in the area of yourself? What about your health? Your wealth? Your relationships? Right? That’s the trigger for most of us. And what about your business? Write this down, guys. This is where change gets to occur. 

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We’re doing training on the gap in the Facebook group. It’s free training. We’re doing it to the gap between where you are today and where you want to be. There’s a gap for most of us. I think there’s a gap for all of us. Gaps are different depending on where you are. But now you’re the CEO, and you get to direct these five territories. Yourself and these five territories. You get to have an important person whip, a work in progress meeting. You have a whip meeting with yourself. Work in progress. All right, Doug, very of self, this is what I want you to do for the film crews coming. We’re going to get up early. We’re gonna do our alpha rise and shine. We need to go ahead and make sure you get out walking nature because that’s what you love to do. And I want you to go snowboarding at least once. Okay, next, health. Okay, Doug, this is what we’re gonna do. We’re going to be hitting the gym every day that I did that did our eat like feeding a thoroughbred. Wealth is what I want you to do. Relationships, here’s what we’re gonna be doing. Where’s your plan? If you don’t know what to put in those territories, right down? So I don’t know. That’s okay.

As a CEO, someone who’s been a CEO for a large organization, I can tell you that when there’s a lot of things I didn’t know when I didn’t know, I hired experts. I found the information. The CEO is not expected to know everything. You guys that run your own companies, you know this very well. You can’t know everything. It’s a famous story about when Henry Ford was trying to shut them down. And the story goes, I’m paraphrasing, and they’re trying to shut them down. When a governmental agency came in, and they said, you know, you can’t run this operation. You know you don’t know anything about engineering. You don’t know about this. You don’t know about that. And they’re trying to shut them down. He said You know what? You’re right. I don’t. But I know that if I had pushed this button right here, I would get someone to answer any of these questions. He had a plan. What’s yours? So I’m curious, Tim, for you as you sit here and you’re just listening to me talk about this. The film crews are coming in. Are you excited? Are you worried? What do you think most guys are going through? If this is really happening?

Tim Matthews  9:56  

What do I think most guys are going through? 

Doug Holt  10:00  

Yeah, yep.

Tim Matthews  10:02  

 It turns out real. They’ve been with themselves. Some guys might be excited. Great. If you’re excited, awesome. I’d also invite check-in with the standard as well. You know, do I want that movie to be premiered globally? Is it going to be a blockbuster hit? You know, maybe not.

Doug Holt  10:22  

Great question.

Tim Matthews  10:25  

And if there’s dread there, and you feel in panic and rush, and now a million things are racing through your mind, you better change, do differently, and you got to clear your phone, and your search history and all that kind of stuff. And I’d invite you to continue to act as if this film crew is coming. It sounds to me like you might be burying your head a little bit and thinking it’s okay. And you don’t want to be the kind of guy who reaches out to us when he’s been handed the divorce papers or has just sold his business for eight, nine figures. And feels worse after selling it than it did before. Because I don’t grip positions to be in, they’re typically the symptoms of somebody who’s waiting to live, thinking that they’ve got all the time in the world and that, It won’t happen to me, she won’t leave me she can’t leave me. I’m the main breadwinner. I provide, she can’t leave me. Well, I remember a call with one guy, Tim. I don’t get it. I provided for her. She left me for a guy who has nothing. He is literally disabled on disability allowance, and he can’t provide in any way. But he could give you the one thing that you weren’t: presence, connection. So, wherever you are in response to this reflection, which I think is a great exercise and the game to play. Take heed, follow the game through. And if you’re struggling, reach out in the community and get on that Facebook training if I were you as well. If any of this has resonated, I’d definitely be on that training. And if you want to take anything a step further, feel free to reach out to one of those. We’re advisors himself, I’d love to talk to you, and maybe we can help, maybe we can. I don’t know. But compensation can always help. So anyway, guys, thank you for listening. Again, I think it’s a great exercise I think you took as well.

Doug Holt  12:41  

Absolutely. So guys, I mean, some of you guys are gonna be hanging up. If you’re doing the movie role, it’s gonna be a blockbuster. Some of you guys are putting a swing up in the bedroom. You get soft headboards. I totally get it. You get to live that life, guys. You deserve to live that life. Tim just gave me an invitation to jump on a phone call with him. Right or one of the advisors and see if it’s a good fit to do that. Take action. You know, the movie crew may not be coming in reality. But the reality is, this is your life. If you have hesitancy – more than just a couple plates or glasses lying around your house, so you want to clean up before they get there – then you really don’t want to see how they interact with your wife or how you interact with your kids. It’s time to step up and get activated. It’s no time to be deactivated. I just got no time for that. Anyway, gentlemen, as always, have an amazing, amazing day. If it’s your first time with us, I invite you to go over to ThePowerfulMan.com/Bonus. That’s ThePowerfulMan.com/Bonus. And go to Facebook groups and share. And like Tim said, you want to take that next step, talk to one of the advisors, you’re a married business owner, talk to one of the advisors and see if it’s not the right fit for you to go through The Activation Method. What they’re gonna do is recommend something else. Right? These are guys just like you who have been through the program. They’ve been through the program. A lot of them probably been just where you are and seeing the other side. And they know how to get there, and they’ll let you know as well. Gentlemen have an amazing day, as always. See you next time.


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