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Why We Fight For Our Excuses & How To Stop It

Episode #54

We are living in a land of comparison. We often compare ourselves to our future selves or we compare ourselves to a greater person than who we are.

When we start to think that we should be farther ahead than who and where we are now, we begin to feel so much pressure and end up beating ourselves up which can lead to depression.

We compare ourselves to other people that surround us and when we feel that we are lesser compared to that other person we start feeling frustrated. We end up escaping from reality through food, addiction, pornography, social media, etc.. Society is giving us this paradigm that if you do this, you will become like that.

It is important to note that it is not our fault for being in this kind of situation but we DO have control over it. We just need to be self-aware.

It becomes your fault when you become aware of it but you still continue to give your power away. If you feel that the rules dictated by society do not fit your desires, you have to start questioning in order to make a change.

Do not force yourself. Set a goal and enjoy the whole experience starting from the beginning until you reach the endpoint. The whole journey may not be all good but allow the growth to occur and just enjoy each moment.

Do not avoid the energy or emotion that shows up for you. Let these emotions serve as a fuel and learn the lessons that show up. Navigate your way into acceptance and gratitude for what’s coming instead of forcing your way out of it.

Take all the insights and break the cycle.

What you will learn in this episode:

  1. We have power over the rules dictated by society.
  2. How to reach your goals without attacking it forcefully. 
  3. How to allow yourself to grow while reaching your goal.
  4. How to appreciate where you are and what you do right NOW by using all the insights you will learn along your journey for you to succeed in getting to your end goal.


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