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Two Ways To Increase Your Sexual Market Value

Episode #337

What is your market sexual value? How can you calculate your SMV…and what can you do to get that number up?

Are you finding yourself in the nice guy trap?

Are you in a deactivated state?

Let’s say you’re a stock in an open market. Let’s also say that you are fully owned by your wife. If your stock price has been going down since you got married, wouldn’t it make sense to trade some of it on the market for a stock that’s rising in value?

Your wife made an investment, and she’s looking for you to go up in value. 

Your external attitude (physical appearance, etc.) and your internal attitude (character – who you are as a man) is very important. Your energetic presence precedes you.

If somebody is investing in bettering themselves, their market value is going to go up. If you apply an external look with an internal game, it’s game over. Your sexual market value will never go down.

In this episode, we are going to talk about how discipline and honesty affect your sexual market value, how to know what things to change to better yourself, and the two main ways to increase your sexual market value.

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