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Two Ways To Increase Your Sexual Market Value

Episode #337

What is your market sexual value? How can you calculate your SMV…and what can you do to get that number up?

Are you finding yourself in the nice guy trap?

Are you in a deactivated state?

Let’s say you’re a stock in an open market. Let’s also say that you are fully owned by your wife. If your stock price has been going down since you got married, wouldn’t it make sense to trade some of it on the market for a stock that’s rising in value?

Your wife made an investment, and she’s looking for you to go up in value. 

Your external attitude (physical appearance, etc.) and your internal attitude (character – who you are as a man) is very important. Your energetic presence precedes you.

If somebody is investing in bettering themselves, their market value is going to go up. If you apply an external look with an internal game, it’s game over. Your sexual market value will never go down.

In this episode, we are going to talk about how discipline and honesty affect your sexual market value, how to know what things to change to better yourself, and the two main ways to increase your sexual market value.

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Episode Transcript

Tim Matthews 0:00  

There are other benefits to this there’s create mystery in the relationship. You start working out, and you start being around other people. You’re suddenly something that she wants to keep all. There’s that element of scarcity to the grid. You’re not always just there, and you are not always looking loose. It starts to become clear that this guy is a bit of a prized asset, and I want to make sure that I’m doing all I can; some interest is looking over here.

Doug Holt 0:00  

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of The Powerful Man show. I am your host, Doug Holt, with my co-host Tim “The Powerful Man” Matthews. What’s going on, brother?

Tim Matthews 0:11  

Very well. You?

Doug Holt 0:14 

Thanks for asking. I’m doing great, man doing great. Very excited about all the things going on within The Powerful Man movement, the results the men are getting. It’s fantastic. Super excited about it.

Tim Matthews 0:28  

Huh, I did a lot of great things. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the workplace because I’ve just been so, as you guys know, was rather just so busy with everything that’s going on, which has been great. I was in there this morning, looking at all the posts from the guys and the posts from you about, obviously, the nonprofit and the summit that’s coming up and the gratitude challenges going on. The fitness challenges going on the guys in The Activation Method, the guys in the brother, he just took a moment to be like, wow, yeah, I remember when this was just a desire, right? This kind of community of men and, and the podcast is, I mean, we don’t even get to have the pleasure of meeting so many of the listeners. So thank you guys for listening or watching. But the guys that we do speak to reference the podcast. Even that’s helping so many people as well. It’s great. I’m happy with it all. 

Doug Holt 1:37  

Yeah, me too. Me too. Guys who don’t know, we did launch a nonprofit to reach out and help more men and give to the men that have been through the program but looking for a way to give back. So that’s exciting. Stay tuned for more details on that and how you can get involved if you’re interested in giving back. We’re also hosting a men’s summit virtually this year because obviously with the pandemic, but that will be coming up with some phenomenal speakers from across different organizations, industries, but all about issues facing a modern man. So that’ll be coming up in the coming months, well, depending on when you listen to this. So a lot of work is going on behind the scenes. But today, Tim, what I want to talk about are the two main ways men can increase their sexual market value. Up, for that,

Tim Matthews 2:20  

Go, sir.

Doug Holt 2:33  

So yeah, man, I was thinking about this; with an upcoming interview that I have for a YouTube channel, it will be exclusive for that channel. And I’m going to be talking to a woman who specializes in helping marry business people, right. And what she does is she specializes in helping men with their style, right? Determine their style. Now that style isn’t high up on my list per se, I’m just happy if I match, most days coming in through there. But it got me thinking more about the problems that many men face in their marriage, right. And one of the things that come up to detail is sexual market value, right. And what that means is a stock value. So if you’ve been watching the markets at all, lately, there’s been a lot of volatility. But where is a stock that you want to find that you want to invest in, and you want to see that stock goes up while all stocks you want to see go up, you’re invested in? But if you think about it in terms of the stock exchange, right, you’re going in, you’re going to buy into a company, so you’re buying shares, you’re buying ownership of a company, and you’re hoping that his value will go up? Well, the same thing has to do with your relationship or just for you, right? You’re hoping your wife’s value goes up in value to you, that is, and she’s hoping the same with you. Right? And if you’re single and you’re on the market, as some men find themselves, maybe they’ve saved, they’ve waited too long in The Activation Method

They stayed in a deactivated state for too long, and their wife is left, right. So maybe they’re finding themselves on the open market. Right. So what is your sexual market value? It’s the same thing. It’s the amount of value that’s placed upon you by the opposite sex. So that’s what we want to talk about today. And there are two main ways: we’ll go into the details a little bit during this show, but there are two ways to increase your sexual market. You first weigh external, right, your looks, your physical appearance. And this is kind of your first impression, right that people see right away. It doesn’t last as long, though, but it’s still very important. We’ll dive into some of those details. And the second way to do it is your internal game, who you are as a man. Now, most of the men that we talk to our amazing business leaders. But they’ve been deactivated for such a long time we talk about the scales, right? They start dating, and the scales are neutral; you add some positive experiences to it, that scales tip in your balance. But over time, men try to go into the nice guy route, right? their wife is Moody; something’s going on in their relationship. And then the guy’s counter with the nice guy approach. And next thing that causes the scales to tip a different way. And they become deactivated, right? There are too many negative experiences. And, of course, therapy does it. So we got the exterior game and the interior game. So Tim, let’s kick it off back and forth. With a couple of ways guys can step up their exterior game, and then we’ll go into the real deep dive on the interior game.

Tim Matthews 5:41  

Let’s do it.

Doug Holt 5:42  

Awesome. So the first thing, guys, these are going to sound pretty simple, right? And pretty basic, but you’d be surprised at how many men skip these things, right? The first thing is to give yourself a once over right immediately after listening to this. It’s going to be superficial, but we’re humans, right? We’re superficial creatures. Now I want you to look at your nails right on your toes, fingers, or nails cut. Are they clean? Basic, like cuticles sticking out and cleaning up the basics of those high jeans? Also, are you freshly shaven? Right. Are you cleanly shaven? Right. And it’s okay to have a beard and be a little bit scraggly, right? But is it scraggly with intent? As you’re looking through there? If you clean up your eyebrows, right things like that are what I want you to start looking at and seeing are you doing the best you can with what you have, right? The hygiene basics are taking care of your basic hygiene in the brush your teeth category. Now I have a buddy, Tim; you’ve met him and your visits here to the States. And great guy, right? On the alpha side. But he just lets those things go. And when he’s in a relationship over time, his toenails are just nasty your sandals all the time. I mean, it’s borderline disgusting for another guy, let alone a woman, right? He lets all himself go until the relationship ends. Then he starts cleaning up his act. And this cycle repeats. And you kind of wonder you’re using this to attract a woman? What if you kept this going? What if, often, you took care of your external appearance. So that’s one thing you can do, right? Do that first makeover and look at yourself in the mirror and look at your nail cuticles? Are they clean, or your toenails relatively trim? We don’t have to get a pedicure or a manicure. Although some guys do, that’s not my style. Just make sure you have basic hygiene going.

Tim Matthews 7:41  

Yeah, I was trying. Who is that? Guesses? But yeah, I mean, I mean, to be honest, I’ve been guilty of this in the past, I think we all have. And you can be so easy just to neglect some things, right? Especially when you’re in a long-term relationship, or you’re married, and you’re working hard. And all those are the things that go into it. Right. And at the same time, it’s not an excuse; looking back affected my relationship. I feel like I’ve ever let it go. So far, I’ve never just completely let myself go and stop working out and completely not giving a crap. But the question is if I was single, would I be behaving differently? And now, I mean, I’d have a haircut right now; it’d be about it. But the barbers have been shown now they reopen. But apart from that, I’m happy to say today. Yeah, I’m feeling great. But back then. No, I didn’t. And it was real, apparently, last from the evening, you and I were talking about this in bed. And we’re going to the idea of Yeah, but would you be doing things differently if you were single? And that’s the real question.

Doug Holt 9:02  

Well, so you’re skipping ahead, which I love. So that is the answer. That’s a question. I always ask the guys. Right right away. His question is, Doug, well, how do I know? And how do I know if I should be making a change or if I’m doing enough? And the simple question is, look, if your wife left you right now, left you today. You’re taking some time to get over the situation, but what are some of the things you would do to Make your sexual market value right and your SMB go up? What are the immediate things that come to mind? Oh, well, what I would do is I would go down to a store, Nordstroms, whatever we have in the States, and I’ll get some new clothes because the clothes I have are a little ratty, right? Okay, cool. Yeah, what I probably do is get a fresh, clean haircut. Okay, got it. What else? Well, I’ll join the gym, right? Because I want to get back in shape. Because let’s be real if I’m out there, I don’t want to have this belly, etc. So guys listening to this, you get the idea we want to make that list of things that you would do if your wife left and you needed to attract the next wife, the next woman you want to bring her in? This is kind of like a peacock, right? Peacock shows its tail and everything. You’re looking at it in the dating world. They call it peacocking when you dress up, but really, what do you do? Right? What would you change right now? 

And if it was the first few weeks of dating a woman, she was staying at your house for a week or two? Would you wear those crappy sweats you’ve had since college? Right? Or maybe you would, but maybe you wouldn’t, maybe you would go Jeez, I’d rather have a nice robe that I could unroll with so we could have amazing sex. Okay, get that now. Do those things. Now join the gym, get the trainer now, right, while you’re still married so that you can preserve your relationship. Also, guys, we see this all the time talking to hundreds of men every month. And a lot of these guys wait till it’s too late. They don’t want to invest the money in a course or a trainer or something else. And then they end up with more than 50% of their wealth gone. Right. And it’s after lawyers after the settlement after alimony, all of these things they end up losing more money. If you invested in yourself now, that marriage wouldn’t be gone, right? Or you have the choice of leaving if you want to, but your stock, your sexual market value goes up? As a great question, I highly recommend Tim, you jumped ahead, which is perfect. Is sitting down and writing this out thinking about it right? You gotta put yourself in that future state, which can be uncomfortable, but what would you do? Would you upgrade your car? Would you upgrade your wardrobe? Would you like it? Would you get a new style? Right? Maybe you’re stuck in style from 20 years ago? Right? Maybe you’re still dressing like a boy on the weekends rather than a man? What exactly would you do? Write that down?

Tim Matthews 12:08  

It’s interesting, right? Because a lot of guys we speak to? What would it look like? If you had it all your way? What would success look like? Well, I’d walk in, and my wife would be excited to see me, and she’d want to have sex with me; she reminds me she respects me. It’s like, what if you admired yourself? First? What if you started to behave in a way where it showed that you respect yourself rather, right? And let’s go straight to that point. The admiration and respect that guys often seek in a relationship or sometimes they don’t realize are when they first start giving that to themselves; that’s when they’ll usually get it from the people closest to them. And also, again, sexual market value, which was the original thing here, is that as you start to do these things, guys, it also creates other benefits. There’s a mystery in your relationship. Oh, hang on a minute, some things change that you start working out, you start being around other people, you start, suddenly you. You’re something that she wants to keep hold off. There’s that element of kind of scarcity to a degree, right? You’re not always just there, and you’re not always looking all loose. It starts to become clear that this guy is a bit of a prized asset. And I want to make sure that I’m doing all I can to make sure he stays looking over here because he’s prized.

Doug Holt 20:00  

Yeah, well, that’s exactly what it is. Right. And so, we’re talking about that quite a bit. But let’s also talk about the most important aspect, right? So the exteriors are what you see first, but there’s also something with us, man, when you become deactivated over time, right? It’s your energetic presence, your internal game, that has the most long-standing hockey stick-like growth on the sexual marketplace. This is also why men who master their inner game can go into a bar, go into a club or go to a barbecue or even church, and women turn their heads, and they look at them with irresistible looks like something’s different about this guy. That’s all an internal game. And when you can apply the external look as we talked about with the internal game, it’s game over, so to speak, that’s where you’re getting this hockey stick-like growth in your sexual market value that does not go down. Right, there is some limitation to your external looks, right? I’m never going to be tan. So if you’re watching this on YouTube, this is my tape, there are certain things that I grew up with on the beach my whole life. There are certain things I just know, I can’t change, right, I can only get so in shape aesthetically, right into that. But I can always grow. There’s no ceiling on my internal game, on my internal growth, on my energetic internal projections. There’s no limit there. And this is what the guys in The Brotherhood, our one-year mastermind group in the inner circle, right, which is our higher-end group, right? This is what these guys get, and they get it right. 

And that’s why they invest with us for over a year. And most guys renew after that year for a second and third year because there’s value in it. Their sexual market value is going up. But they’re also seeing that their value, in general, is going up because they’ve gone from deactivated to activate it using The Activation Method. And then they’ve continued that growth. So a couple of things you guys can do today. Right now, looking at that is the first answer to the question, right? Am I deactivated? And the way you can answer that question is, are you finding yourself in the nice guy trap? Right? What I mean by that is, are you finding yourself trying to do things around the house, buying flowers for your wife, in the hopes that she’ll be in a better mood, and you’ll get laid? Right? And maybe as I’m getting laid, right? Maybe it’s just you’re doing things around the house? Like, maybe this will make her happier? Maybe this will make her happy? Or you’re finding yourself going? Yeah, fine. I’ll watch the kids while you go hang out with your friends again, right, and you’re putting your needs last very common thing for us, men, to do, especially as providers that are out there. If you’re finding yourself doing these things, and you’re in a deactivated state, that’s exactly why we created The Activation Method, right is to get you out of that state. But first, you want to realize, am I in that state? Yes or no? Right? And just be honest with yourself because when you’re honest with yourself, you can come from that state to change. Right? Go into that state. 

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I remember Tim, gosh, when my wife and I were going through our issues, rights, and problems. And I vividly remember, and I’ve talked about this before, by Remember I’m in the house, she’s out with her girlfriends, so I’m like, Alright I could go out with the guys I could do this. But what? I’m going to work on this marriage. I’m going to make her happy. Right? She’s going to look up to me. And so I put my headphones in the port pot of coffee on, and I just started cleaning the house, putting away her clothes, closing the laundry, just doing it all right, so she would have no stress and worries. And she would look at me. I remember thinking, Man, she’s going to come home, and she’s going just to be so impressed, right? Oh my gosh, this guy did all of these things for me. He did go above and beyond dinner’s ready lunch for tomorrow’s meal prep. He did it all. What an amazing man. And she was going to sing like, literally sing from the rooftops, right to all our girlfriends on how amazing I was. They were going to be amazed, too. By the way, right in my vision that I had. And it didn’t work.

The house got cleaned. All of those things got done. I sacrificed my time with my boys, my friends. She went out, had fun with her girlfriends, came home, and had a chef, a maid. And so I’m prepping all these things for her. And guess what? She liked it but didn’t care. Didn’t change your mood. Didn’t change our relationship. I was stuck in a nice guy trap. And that’s when it hit me. That’s when I was like crap. This isn’t working. This does not work. I was deactivated; I was in a deactivated state. And once I realized it, though, and caught the optics, I was able to take massive action. So this is where your internal game guys come in. But part of that intro game is honest with yourself. I was honest with Myself, not at that moment, but then by the next day, when I woke up, I was honest with myself and what was going on. And through that honesty and that lens of clarity, that we’re able to make a shift, then we’re able to make a change, then we’re able to draw a line in the sand, say no more. I will no longer be that guy. Right? It’s not working for me. It’s not working for my wife; otherwise, she’d be happy. So it’s time to change. And that’s when you take massive action.

Tim Matthews 19:17  

It’s kind of like; obviously, you’ve pawned something tailored before Doug, right? How do you feel when you put on a tail edge? For example? Yeah, go for it. How do you feel?

Doug Holt  19:33

feel amazing when you put on clothes that were made just for you and your body fit? Going through? I mean, I’ve talked about this as it relates to even normal clothes, right? You can get normal t-shirts tailored. And just get some drapes over your body.

Tim Matthews 19:51  

Yeah, and the thing with this in the out again, the so interlinked, 

Doug Holt 19:54

oh, yeah, 

Tim Matthews 19:55  

You know, if you’re out again, long toenails, scraggy hair unshaven, chances are your inner games will also be sloppy. It’s the reality. So the good news about this guy’s a good thing is it’s very easy for you to win at this is very easy for you to create conditions where, hey, if you just start working out, you just don’t buy that new wardrobe, you just get want to start to read a little bit more and get your routines on point, and your confidence is going to grow, you’re going to shift from being deactivated, you’re going to start to feel yourself becoming activated, you’re going to feel it is in this place where it’s easier, or it becomes increasingly easy to then say no to your wife when she’s asking you to do something that you don’t want to do because you start to feel full. Whereas when you empty again, and you’re in a game a week, and you’re just clutching at straws, quite literally, you’re kind of desperately deactivated, and you’re in desperation mode. So you do anything for sex, right? Because it’s going to feel a little bit full. Maybe instead, you kind of turn into porn and whatever else. But the point is trying to feel those feelings of activation by grabbing these things outside of you. So the point I’m making is, it becomes very easy. When you just start to work on these two things together, they just tend to have a habit of just kind of rising into a kind of like a DNA helix, right? It’s so intertwined. So it’s really easy for you to win, really easy for you to win, really easy for you to go from deactivated to activated. And by default, then escape the nice guy trap like Doug was talking about. And honestly, guys, you don’t have an excuse for why you cannot start this today. Honestly, it’s really easy; Doug shared about, Hey, take an assessment, write a list, super easy to do. Also, easy not to do. Which heart are you going to choose the heart of your relationship, not being where you want it to be like Master Doug always says are the perceived heart of making this change. But again, it can be really easy for you to shift this.

Doug Holt 22:25  

Yeah, it all starts with optics. So carrying on, guys, and I’m trying to give you guys as many things as we can in the short time that you can take action on right now to do this. So we’ve talked about your external game and what you’re going to do here, right? You’re going to write it down as a recap; what are those things you would do if all of a sudden you found yourself on the market? Right? You’re going to bars, clubs, church, and wherever it is, you’re going to see beautiful women that are potential candidates for you at the gym? How are you going to dress differently? Right? How are you going to act differently? And go through there? And then the second thing is internally, and you’re going to get clear on where you are deactivated. Are you the nice guy if you’re not having sex as much as you want to? Guarantee that you’re in a deactivated state, okay, period, end of the story. Now, it’s up to you and how you want to get activated. And we’re happy to talk to you about methodologies that we’ve proven to work. Also, for your internal game, right? One thing is discipline. Right now, I have a gigantic teenager in me, which everybody that knows me will say, which is awesome when I play and have fun. But also, it’s a rebellious nature that I have, which is horrible discipline. But I’ll tell you what, guys, discipline gives you freedom. 

And that freedom, right that you’re going to get, is also freedom from critique. By applying discipline, you’re going to show that you’re honoring your work. Your word to yourself first and foremost, then eventually your word to others. And so you want to get disciplined around this. And having just some basic discipline now, we recommend waking up and doing your Alpha Rise & Shine, right getting on to that Alpha Rise & Shine every time. Important, easy to do, that’s going to show your partner, your wife that you’re moving in a good direction, right? You’re improving yourself, you’re reading, right, you’re meditating or spending time in silence, whatever it is for you, you’re exercising your body, right. But the discipline is the internal mental game that she’s going to notice. When she notices this, she knows your market value is going up, right? She does. A moron could figure that out, right? If somebody is investing in bettering themselves, their market value is going to go up. Now, if your market value is going up for you, and she’s noticing, well, guess what she’s also going to realize other people are going to notice. And that means other women. And for women themselves being their biggest critiques, critics, excuse me, that’s going to be a big thing. Right? So you want to integrate some discipline. And what we teach the guys is the Alpha Rise & Shine routine works for it. It’s custom for married business owners. And that’s exactly what it’s designed for. So one of these generals got up at the 5 am Club. There’s nothing wrong with those things. But this one’s specifically designed for married businessmen.

Tim Matthews 25:15  

Yeah, a little bit, it’s so true. As you said, you can download it super easy, and you can even go into the Facebook group, grab it there. And when you start to do this, it’s, I love what you said there about design from our businessmen because I think if I was listening, I might be thinking, I don’t have the time to do this in the morning, My days are so packed this sort of tie, I need to be up at the house. Well, we’ve had guys go to bed a little bit earlier. So they can get up half an hour earlier, which can really slow your day. And again, I’m going to keep on Lincoln as well, the outer game and the inner game here because by default, when you just start to do the dogs, the dogs, the things that Doug mentioned, with the outer game, you’re just going to feel better guys. Think about how it’s felt when you’ve won, put that tailored shirt on the wag of good clothes, and you just feel better. It makes everything else so much easier. So utilize that. But yeah, the authorizing Chinese a great, great tool to use each guy, the beauty of it, each guy makes it their own. And within that, it’s kind of like you said, Doug, work that muscle of discipline. And look, guys, you can get going on the Alpha Rise & Shine 20 minutes a day, 15 minutes a day if need be. There is every reason for you to be able to squeeze this in. And what we often see here, guys that start by saying, hey, you don’t know how busy my day is, my day is different. I just can’t do this. Go from having no time to end up being like, hey, my morning routine is non-negotiable. No overnight. But that’s usually where they end up. That’s where most guys end up. Because it just feels so great. And it becomes a pillar within their day that they know when they get that done. And they start the day off with discipline on the right foot and put on some clothes, they feel good and they look good. And just it’s an energy that just takes off of them usually.

Doug Holt 27:20  

Well, it is. And guys, I mean, this could be super easy. And I have a handout for you guys; we’re going to go over a bunch of these is going to give you a worksheet that you can work on, just go over to ThePowerfulMan.com/SMV, that’s ThePowerfulMan.com/SMV and S Is Sam, M as in Mary, and  V as in Victor. And you’ll be able to download that worksheet, and it’s going to take you through a bunch of things that you can do right away to increase your sex, sexual market value, and it’s Tim saying imagine the stock You are stock on the open market. Now you may be 100% owned, so to speak, by your wife, right. But if your stock has gone down since you’ve been married, and if it has guys, and this actual worksheet I’m going to have is going to help you identify those areas, then your wife’s bought into something that’s sinking, what do you do with a sinking stock? Right over time, you trade it, right? You trade it on the market for something that’s going to go up? Right, your wife is looking for you to go up in value, right just like you are here, but you can’t control her. You can control yourself. So go over and get down that worksheet The Powerful Man com forward slash SMB, and it’s going to break it down. We just don’t have enough time in this show to break down all the elements for you guys. So I put something together exclusively for our listeners to get an opportunity to do that and go through it.

Tim Matthews 28:38  

Yeah, I get access to that.

Doug Holt 28:40  

So Tim, one last thing I want to leave these guys with and just prepare getting the worksheet and things, but due to time is your attitude. Right your internal attitude and your internal game. Your energy enters the room before you do, guys, right. So if you’re constantly stressed, you’re complaining about being tired. We tend to do all of these things as men, especially as alpha business leaders, we are going out, you wake up in the morning, you’re ready to seize the day, I call it 6 am Doug, which I get at four. But that’s a different story. I call them at 6 am Doug. And so at 6 am Doug is ready to conquer the world up, boom, shower morning routine, I’m about ready to take the day. Now. The Doug point 1.0 would come home from work. Battery depleted, right, my battery is fully charged in the morning, couple cups of coffee, kick mass at work, right, conquered, conquered all of those things. And then I come home from the day and my battery. It’s like my iPhone, right? The battery’s almost dead. It’s in yellow when it needs to be charged right away. But I used to do Tim’s. I used to lean on my wife to help me charge my battery, right, have a couple of drinks, lean-to my wife to charge my battery. But that’s not fun to be around. Right, I would charge my batteries to go out with a full battery the next day. And my work, my colleagues, my customers would get my best. My wife, my family, they got the rest. And that’s just not good. So your internal game and your energy come before you. And part of that energy is confidence. 

Part of that energy that’s coming before you as assurance, part of that energy is knowing who you are as a man, the power of the things that you’re capable of, at home, in bed, all kinds of things, right? It’s really about getting activated, right? Going from deactivated, activated, when you’re activated, you still go 6 am, Doug still goes out there and conquers the work. But when he gets home at 6 pm, he has just as much energy, if not more; he’s able to make that shift and come through. It’s not artificial, it comes from your energetic presence, and we’re able to get that energetic presence. That’s when things happen. We’re doing Tim to come up here when this is released. So this will be released the first week of April if you guys listen to this as they’re released. Right now, you have the opportunity, and we’re picking some guys. We’re creating a special private group; we will show men how to seduce their wives in 60 seconds or less. Right? This is part of how you do it, guys. This is one element. If you guys are interested in being in that group, it’s completely free against us. Another way for us to get back is to go over to the Facebook group and go ahead and just type in the word seduce. Right there’ll be, there should be a post by the time this release, and then someone’s going to reach out to you. It’s a private group. Once it’s closed, it’s closed. I’m sorry, I know we’ve done this before. And guys tried to get in. I’m sorry, guys, we had hundreds of men go through the last one; we did amazing results. This one should be just as good at 60 seconds on how to seduce your wife in 60 seconds or less. And we’ve had men with tremendous results on this. But guys, what we’re talking about now and how to raise your sexual market value is just one component of how you can do that in the long run and how you can get that going on over there. So gentlemen wrapping up wrong, and I suggest you do, again, Tim and I come on here. We try to give you the best advice and, and insights that we can in such a short period the programs that we run, are anywhere from eight weeks to a year. Most men keep on, and we’re trying to fit them into 30-minute clips just to give you guys some stuff. 

And so I hope it’s helpful. And that’s why I spent the time creating this little worksheet. If you go over to The Powerful Man dot com forward slash s m v. That’s Sam, marry Victor, I’m going to change the initials every time s m v, you go ahead and download that worksheet and get started on today. Think of it as just an extension of this podcast. So Tim, as always, man, thank you so much for being here. I love that you’re able to free your time and how busy you are. Gentlemen, as we always say, take action. Don’t use these podcasts as educational masturbation, and we got enough of that in this world you don’t need anymore here. I want you guys to get the results. Right. I want you guys to go from where I used to be right in this place to just stuck. Unclear just going. What the heck, I was pulling my hair out, trying to figure out why my marriage wasn’t working when it used to be so amazing. To go back where it is. When my wife’s taking me out on dates. We’re going; we just got done throwing hatchets and axes and having a great day, which I’ll share in another podcast episode. And just amazing sex. I mean, it’s available for you guys. And that’s the reason I dedicate my time to producing these and Tim and want to make sure you guys are getting. So gentlemen, take some action. Have an amazing day. And we’ll see you next time on The Powerful Man show.