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Episode #46

There is no transformation that goes rapidly. It is a continuous work, commitment, and improvement. The result of the transformation is based on your level of standards.

Some men use time and money as an excuse but it is really their standards that are preventing them to achieve transformation. They feel that they are not worthy of those standards because they think they are too high for them.

Unconscious commitments prevent us from growing and raising our standards. Men always find ways on how to make themselves busy even if it is not working for them because we are taught by the society that when we are busy it means we are successful, in demand and significant. We do not realize that these beliefs or norms will impede our transformation or growth and it will soon ruin our lives.

Men in the brotherhood are also businessmen, they have families and most of them are even leaders of their communities. They have high time demands yet they are able to maintain their standards and are always raising it. As a result, they are also able to lift the standards of the people around them.

Raising the standard doesn’t really require more time and money. It only requires a mindset shift and a commitment to a transformation. Commit to continuously do work and improve. Start with yourself, stay away from the patterns dictated by society and achieve that higher standard of living.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How unconscious commitments ruin our lives
  2. How to achieve transformation and raise our standards
  3. The excuses men usually use that prevents them from achieving transformation
  4. The requirement for you to be able to raise your standards
  5. The results men achieved in the Alpha reset


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