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The Alpha Recap #2

Episode #82

Holding back from the things you wanted to say and do will HINDER you from being free from all the stress and anxiety.

You end up feeling trapped within yourself from keeping all the emotions and energy inside because you are afraid that people might judge and see your weakness.

We oftentimes feel frustrated and anxious because we are FIGHTING our emotions.

To gain that peace we seek and break free from the frustration and anxiety, we need to learn to take the first step –  which is to surrender.

We work hard, we hustle thinking that if we do this we can make more money, we will become successful and then we can be happy but in reality, we can NEVER BE FULFILLED if we carry loads within us.

The anxiety and frustrations eventually consume us if we do not let it go. Some men do less but get a lot more done because they are free emotionally. They liberate themselves from this anxiety and depression. It is not how hard you work but taking a look at what is happening inside you that is most important.

Invest in personal development or business coaching such as the Alpha Reset. It is not required that you be in a specific position or know anything specific to be involved. What you just need to do is SURRENDER, let go of all the anger and frustrations that you have inside and allow yourself to be coached. Alpha reset is a space where you can express, open up, share your emotions and be seen for the man that you are without judgment.

It is not a surrender of giving up but a surrender of letting go and no longer fighting the pressure, guilt, and shame. It’s time to liberate yourself and enjoy your life without the need to hustle.

What you will discover in this episode:

  • The difference between being productive and busy.
  • How your business can be suffering by lies you tell yourself.
  • Actionable steps to becoming more productive in business and life.
  • How to set yourself free of old phrases that are no longer relevant.
  • How to shift your belief systems.
  • How to get closer to your goals by being productive.
  • Operating out of faith and flow not fear and force.


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