The Powerful Man Show

Regrets Of A Father

Episode #32

In this episode, Doug and Tim discuss the regrets of a father and the importance of giving your time and presence to your family.

Fathers are builders because they build something for their family and for their future. They are often away from their family to hustle and make money so that someday they can do all things with their loved ones. But…what happens is they wake up one day realizing how much time has passed.

We talk about the importance of providing emotionally. Giving your partner, your kids, your family & friends your quality time. Being physically and emotionally present for them is beyond any amount of money because it is the memory and the legacy that you leave to them.

This is a wake-up call to start making a change. Recognize your priorities as a father and set your life up in accordance with your priorities.

Spend quality time with your kids, play with them while you still can, appreciate and educate them because these are the values that will be instilled to them as they grow old…not the money as their priority.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. The importance of quality time and presence
  2. Importance of proving emotionally for the family
  3. Knowing your priorities as a father
  4. Matching your calendar with your priorities


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