Episode #35

Do you feel like you’re perpetually tired & losing the passion from your life?

In this episode, Doug and Tim discuss the steps to overcome emptiness in life.  

There are times when we feel empty, we lose passion and no matter how hard we try, somehow the same pattern continues to play out.  

The first step to overcome this is to become aware that you are in a cycle and accept it without judgment. Pause for a second and start considering why the same pattern keeps happening over and over again. Look at what’s going on with your life that’s causing you to feel empty. Write down what’s currently going on with your life and the actions that you are taking. Take a real inventory of your life and accept it.  

The second step is to dive into the root of that emptiness. We should be aware of what has been the driving force & find the truth. Allowing us to be able to change it and rediscover the passion that we lost.  

After finding the root, we should know what we really want our lives to look like. If you are not living the life that you want then take massive action and move forward to the direction you want to go. Do not waste your time living up to other people’s standards and expectations.  

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In this episode you will learn:

  1. The steps in overcoming emptiness
  2. Finding the root in order to make a change and solve the problem
  3. Breaking the pattern
  4. Living the life that you wanted to live
  5. How to rediscover your passion.

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