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Pull Out The Root

Episode #349

When is it time to “pull out the roots” of a problem? And how do you do it?

There are reasons why certain things keep coming up. What do you do when your wife brings up a problem from the past?

It is a common issue when you and your partner have a checkered history. Disagreements, arguments, mistakes. You’ve moved on but she keeps on bringing it up over and over again and you are sick and tired of it.

This happens when you failed to address the actual issue in the beginning. The only way to close the loop is to validate her properly and make her feel completely heard, understood, and seen.

Shine a light on the problem, hunt for a solution, and take massive action.

In this episode, we’re talking about the reasons why women keep on bringing up old problems over and over again, how to resolve the issue by identifying the roots of the problems together, and how to pull out those roots and close this loop.


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