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What is The Powerful Man Show?

The Powerful Man Show is hosted by Tim Matthews and Doug Holt who dive deep into conversations, each week, about the topics men need to hear. Tim and Doug are known for helping men step into their power, live up to their potential, and live a life they love, and this podcast is no exception. If you are a man, or have men in your life, this is a podcast you will want to listen to.

His Wife Was About To Cheat On Him

Oftentimes, we forget to detach and shut off from work.

All of our energy and the best of us go to our work during the day….and our family only gets the leftovers when we get home. 

Pay attention to the warning signs.

Because we get complacent, we often don’t notice that we are not being the man that our wives married.

You Will Die

We will all die. The harsh truth is that we don’t have all the time in the world. So instead of waiting and delaying the things we say we want and delaying our own happiness why not have it right now? 

How to Navigate Relationship Problems

Relationships are one of the most important areas in our lives. If you have unresolved arguments in the relationship it causes a disadvantage for you. It will affect all areas of your life, how you operate, you cannot be at peace and you’re going to take that everywhere.

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