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What is The Powerful Man Show?

The Powerful Man Show is hosted by Tim Matthews and Doug Holt who dive deep into conversations, each week, about the topics men need to hear. Tim and Doug are known for helping men step into their power, live up to their potential, and live a life they love, and this podcast is no exception. If you are a man, or have men in your life, this is a podcast you will want to listen to.

How to Navigate Unmet Expectations

To navigate unmet expectations, it should be communicated clearly and calmly. Navigating unmet expectations also means being able to think outside the box for possibilities or alternatives instead of expecting an exact black or white outcome.

Don’t Go to War

In this episode, Tim & Doug present another deep discussion about what it truly means to become a powerful man and they put the case forward for ditching the idea of a physical, tough, warlike alpha male in favor of a calm, quietly confident, self-assured man as being the one we should aspire to.

Why Success is Not Always Sexy

“The most powerful force in the entire universe is compounded interest”In this weeks episode, Tim & Doug share another invaluable conversation that will empower your mindset and improve your business and personal when put to action.

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