Making Sure Your Business Serves Your Life Instead of Your Life Serving Your Business

Episode 29

In this episode, Doug and Tim discuss some ways on how to make sure your business serves your life instead of your life serving your business.  

First, we need to know the main WHY for the business and if it still serves its purpose. As leaders and business owners, we sometimes lose ourselves in the hustle and forget why we do it in the first place.  

Second, we need to pay attention to our own stress levels. We should not be sacrificing our own happiness, hobbies or personal relationships just to build or run an organization. Our energy should be managed in a way that allows us to still enjoy our lives while doing our jobs at the same time.  

By doing something meaningful in our business we also gain fulfillment and sense of purpose in life.  

If some things are not working, take a pause, take ownership and make a change. Figure out what you really want and make a plan on how to make it happen. Take drastic actions, be bold to do things on your way because it is ultimately YOU who must decide how you will live your life, not your work or business.  

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In this episode you will learn:

1. Balancing work and personal life
2. Finding the purpose of your business
3. Importance of managing energy

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