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Is Your Wife Using Sex As A Weapon?

Episode #353

Is your wife using sex as a weapon?

Sex is easily one of the most important and powerful aspects of a marriage. But when women start using sex as a weapon, usually through denial, there might be something deeply wrong in the relationship.

If this is happening, you’ll quickly find yourself in a beta or deactivated state.

As a man, you need to sit down and call it out. Have a conversation with your wife about it. Find a way to transform from a deactivated state to activated.

Start building your courage and confidence – this will be the foundation of who you become. It will naturally spill over into your relationship.

Your wife will start to see you differently. She’ll start to see certainty and stability in you, and she’ll start to trust you again.

Everyone deserves the best – the respect, the admiration, the intimacy. You can have them back by doing the work on yourself. Stand your ground, draw the line, and become activated.

In this episode, you will learn the importance of becoming activated – being an alpha – and how that leads directly to the kind of sex life you want from your wife. Free yourself from sexual manipulation and regain the respect of your wife.


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