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How To Navigate Relationship Growing Pains [Part 1]

Episode #52 (Part 1 of a 2 Part Series)

In this 2-part episode, Tim shares his recent experience in his relationship with his partner and how this experience helped build up their relationship to be stronger and deeper.

We sometimes have this feeling of not being desired or loved in our relationship and we tend to expect something from our partners in order to reignite the intimacy. We put a number on the love that we are receiving from our partner without even realizing it. 

In this episode, we explore how you may be making her feel frustrated because she doesn’t know anymore what to do for you to feel loved and desired in spite of going all out in the relationship. What we feel is not a reflection of the relationship but it is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

Doug and Tim walked through how he was projecting some of the gaps he felt within himself onto the relationship. Wanting his partner to fix it but in reality, it is only him who can fix it.

Track your effort or performance in the relationship to see if it might actually be you isn’t putting in the effort to keep the relationship on fire.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How relationships should not be numbered
  2. How you feel is not a reflection of the relationship, it is the reflection of yourself in the relationship.
  3. The importance of having a clear communication in fixing or saving a relationship
  4. Know your love language and your partner’s love language and show it the way they want to receive it.
  5. The importance of having the right support group


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