Be Pulled By Your Dreams [Revisit]

Episode #61

In this episode Tim & Doug discuss one of the most common questions asked by high achievers;  If I become content in my life will I still be driven?

A lot of people fear what might happen if they achieve the things they really desire, they have a fear that they will no longer have something to aim for and this is a key reason as to why a lot of people, if pushed by fear, hit the self destruct button and damage their lives and business.

Understanding how fear can hold you back is the key to getting past this block. It’s in our nature to think that once we have achieved our goals that we then reach the endpoint, and it’s also natural for us not to want to reach the end of our purpose because what would we do then?

Tim & Doug use first-hand examples to explain how you can 100% still be driven while being content and fulfilled with life. In fact, it can even make you more driven, more productive and things will come to you easily and seamlessly. You will begin to see things differently but it will give you the freedom to enjoy life with flow and ease.

What you will discover in this episode:

    • The main reasons people fear a content life.
    • The difference desire and fear can have on your life.
    • How your fear can push you to self destruct.
    • How to be driven by purpose and not fear.
    • How to live with flow and ease
    • The difference between ‘Get to do’ and ‘Have to do’ mentalities.
    • Understanding ‘hustle mode’ and it’s links to fear.
    • Immediate actionable tasks to lead you on the path to greatness.


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