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8 Ways To Regain Your Sex Frame

Episode #367

Would you say that you’re having enough sex with your wife?

Is your wife the one who decides whether or not to have sex?

The key frame of reference in your relationship is summed up best with this question: “Whose reality we are living in?”

It’s rare for two frames to collide and merge successfully. In most cases, one frame takes over the other.

It takes ONE to lead. Most women are going to enjoy the relationship more with a masculine man leading them. It’s not about controlling your woman – it’s about making it more enjoyable for her. Make it exciting, enticing, and a fantasy that she wants to live in.

In this episode, we are going to talk about sexuality, what the “sex frame” is, the eight ways to recover your sex frame, and how to tend the spark in your relationship so that it becomes a burning flame.


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Episode Transcript

Doug Holt 0:00  

What we’re talking about here is sexuality and how to recover the frame. You can be controlled, not in a manipulative way. Guys understand, as I say, control. You’re not doing something against her will. But you’re making something enticing. I can make something as an example for my child. For the kids, you can own the frame, you can make cleaning up fun when the kids are dancing around and their love and having a good time. You’re controlling the frame of reference there. You want to do the same thing within the bedroom. Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of The Powerful Man show. I am your host, Doug Holt, with my co-host, Mr. Franco burrows. Franklin, good to see you, brother. How are you?

Franco Burrows 0:42  

Yes, this depression. Very good. The sun is shining here in Swanzey, and I’ve been having morning dips, blue skies, perfect.

Doug Holt 0:52  

Awesome. Well, perfect’s a good place to be. Well, Franco, I know recently, one of your specialties, you have many of them. And for those that don’t know, they haven’t heard the podcast in a while. Franco is a graduate of The Activation Method, the alpha The Powerful Man. He went into The Brotherhood and now is one of our advisors for The Powerful Man. So if you’re interested in the programs that we offer, and you just want to talk to somebody to get a little more guidance, and you’re a business owner, Franco is one of the guys who initially will talk to you. And he’s been through all of our programs there. But Franco also has been studying for many, many years the art of intimacy and seduction. I’ll just say it that way. You are going through there. And you just recently put together a cheat sheet tutorial coming up and will tell us a little bit about it. What’s it called?

Franco Burrows 1:41  

Yeah, it’s called We Claim the Sex Frame. So it came about, as you said, I went through The Brotherhood. And as I was going through the program, like everybody else, the great thing about The Brotherhood is everybody brings something because there are many high achieving, very talented men on the program. And everyone we guest brings their strengths. So one of the things that I just found myself in conversation with the guys in The Brotherhood and helping them, just get their sex life more on their terms and a little bit juicier. Because they’re playing at a high level, and it’s like, everything’s going great now, I’ve sorted this out, I’ve sorted this out, I’ve taken care of business, I’ve taken care of the marriage is good now. It’s great. Now, it’s just that little bit of extra spice that we’re looking for. So yeah, since then, I have stepped into the advisory role, doing a lot of work with hundreds of men every month. And the same topics are coming up. It’s, I want more sex, I’m not getting sex on my terms. It’s not often enough. It’s when it does happen. There’s not enough enthusiasm, and there’s not enough desire. A lot of guys say that it feels like a little bit of a chore to their wives. So yeah, it’s something that was for me, like a lot of guys. I mean, I’ve had periods where I’ve been on top of my game, and then I’ve had periods where it’s like, What the fuck is going on? What am I missing here? So I’ve had my time. I’ve gone down the rabbit hole and locked myself into seduction, not just reading up on things but looking into my history and what works and what doesn’t work. So yeah, we did a podcast on it a while ago, Tim and I. So here we are now just finished an Ebook, which is ready, hot off the press. So we can break some of it down today.

Doug Holt 3:54  

Excellent. Yeah. And for the guys in The Brotherhood, we’ve done a whole series of mini-courses on sexual mastery and some stuff on seduction. You’re always helping the men out; as you said, one of the great things about The Brotherhood is that guys bring in all areas of expertise, experience, and the things they’re learning, and they just share openly. It’s almost like having your pit crew; if you’re a racecar, you’re having all these guys in there. And it’s been great for me to watch you on your journey. You’re one of those guys that just dive in when you’re interested in a subject. You go all in, and you’re talking to every expert in the world; you’re reading that book, taking every course. And the last couple of years, this has been your journey. Now, what you wrote were eight ways to regain the sex frame. Today, we will have time to talk about five of those that most of you guys stick around at the end of this. I’ll give you the way you can get all eight. Like anything, any recipe we talked about spice, having a plain chicken every night is going to be boring. That’s why you got to spice it up a little bit. So Franco is going to give you his best eight recipes, so to speak, in here, but we’ll have time to go over maybe five tops. Maybe three to five today, and then guys, stick around to the end, and then we’ll give you the way you can get all eight of them. So we’re not going to leave you hanging here. We want to give all of these to you for free. So you have these in your arsenal. So, Franco, what’s not? Well, first of all, what the heck is a sex frame? Why don’t we start there?

Franco Burrows 5:18  

Sex frame? Yeah, well, I talked about this on some of the other podcasts. So the frame is the reference, as in whose reality we live in right now or in a relationship. And the whole idea is, it’s very rare if it’s all possible for two frames to collide. And to have a 5050 split, it tends to be one frame takes over the other. And that’s just the laws of physics, I guess. And what we see, well, certainly what I’ve seen, you tell me if you’ve seen anything different. Still, with all the healthy relationships, we see whether they’ve started healthy or become healthy, that we see. In The Powerful Man, we see that the woman is looking up to her man. And she loves being in his world. So, for example, I always give when the frames are being set at the start of a relationship. You might have a woman, for example, who’s never been into football. But all of a sudden, because she’s totally in her man’s world, she’s in his reality, she starts supporting his football team, and she starts wearing the jerseys and going through the games and whatever. But it’s more because she just loves being in his work. Same with golf, she might take up golf. She might take up something else.

Doug Holt 6:42  

And there are different frames for all the relationship frames that can switch depending on the subject that we’re talking about here is sexuality, right? And how to recover the frame. So you can be controlled, not in a manipulative way, guys. I want to make sure you guys understand this. When I say control, you’re not doing something against her will. You’re making something enticing, right? I can make something as an example. So, guys, I want to make sure that guys understand. We’ve talked about what to make sure they do because not everybody’s listened to every podcast. And if you guys should get back into the search for Franco’s podcasts alone, They’re all gold. When he came and guested here. But for my child, guys have kids, right? You can own a frame and make anything fun for your kids. You can make cleaning up the fun where the kids are dancing around and loving and having a good time. You’re controlling the frame, a frame of reference there. But you want to do the same thing within the bedroom, right pre bedroom afterwards. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Franco Burrows 7:42  

Yeah, because one of the frustrations is with a lot of the men we speak to is that it’s all on her terms. It’s like she says, When I yeah, you might get lucky tonight, and I don’t feel like it now. I’m a bit tired. And so it’s not like, it’s not like it’s when we say all on your terms or in your frame. It’s not like you’re calling the shots on absolutely everything. She wants to come in. She wants to come into that frame.

Doug Holt 8:06  

Yeah, you’re making it, you’re making it exciting, enticing in a fantasy that she wants to live into. 

Franco Burrows 8:12  

Yeah. And it’s also based around masculine-feminine energy. And I always like to say, like, a lot of the guys say, yeah, it takes two to tango, and she’s just not tangoing and, and I always say yeah, but it takes one to leave.

Doug Holt 8:26  

Yep. Any dance. You have somebody who’s leading that day.

Franco Burrows 8:30  

And most women are going to enjoy dancing more with a masculine man leading them. 

Doug Holt 8:35  

Yep. 100%

Franco Burrows 8:36  

That’s the way it is, I used to do a bit of salsa, and the women complained all the time. There weren’t enough men there. And because that experience is not the same if they’re not being led through the dance by a masculine man.

Doug Holt 8:51  

Yep, I’m with you—100%. But just want to make sure we clarify that. Yeah. For all the guys there is nothing you’re controlling about your woman at all. You’re making it more enjoyable for her. Yeah, so Franco, what’s number one?

Franco Burrows 9:04  

So number one is putting her on a pedestal. I think you saw it the other day, and I shared a post in the group with Amy Winehouse lyrics to the name of the song. Remember, you should be stronger than me. I say we should be equals, and we should be equals in a relationship. But the nature of male and female characteristics is that we’ve got complimentary things that we’re bringing through to the relationship. So there are times when she wants you to be; she wants to lock up with you. She doesn’t want you to be on an equal level. It’s like if someone breaks into the house, there’s no equality there. You got to go and sort out. Whoever is trying to break into the house, and so same thing for whatever, spider or whatever dealing with all sorts of things, but putting her on the pedestal is not really what she wants. So, what’s the word I’m looking for-deferring to your wife on everything, calling her the boss, and I know it’s said in ingesting a lot of the time. It just, that’s not what she wants, it kills the attraction a lot of the time,?

Doug Holt 10:23  

Yep. And this is one of the reasons books like 50 Shades of Grey were so popular. The lead character and 50 Shades of Grey was a very assertive, domineering male, and He loved her. But he was also very assertive; he adores her but didn’t put her on a pedestal. And there’s a reason this book sold 10s of millions of copies. It’s not because of the women reading this, and maybe some men didn’t want this type. It’s a fantasy. It’s what they’re desiring. And so we’ve talked about putting your wife on a pedestal; when you put someone on a pedestal, two things happen. One is you’re saying you’re better than me or go, and I’m less than you. And that we can talk about all kinds of hypergamy and all kinds of other things here. 

Franco Burrows 11:11  

Yeah, well, that’s the thing that women are programmed to do, they can’t help it to be attracted to men that they can look up to, so I gave the example of, I forget what it was not what it was that was either a panther or a lion or a tiger. But some guy was climbing up the mountain, and there was a wild animal that attacked him, and he was in the Brazilian Brazilian jiu-jitsu or something. So he wrestled this beast to the ground, and he killed it, or whatever. But I always remember looking at the news conferences all over the internet and news channels. I’m looking at his wife, and I was just thinking, that man is getting laid tonight. So there was no sit down and ask him for more sex or whatever he was just, it was on, And that’s it. Women are just programmed for that man who’s a competent, fearless, courageous leader. Not that, that’s really what they’re looking for. Yeah, they can’t help it. It’s arousal. And this is where many of the men go wrong in a sort of trying to negotiate desire.

Doug Holt 12:28  

Because there are many brands, and we’re not going to go over all this today, Franco. But there’s a lot of brain chemistry that happens here. You say, we’ve been programming this we’re talking about in more anthropological terms like back in the savanna of Africa, or wherever for survival. Men did certain things in brain camp, they got rewarded with dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, brain chemicals to survive, and women did the same thing. And so, many things that we do in life now, even as modern people, are still driven by this same kind of mentality in this brain chemistry. That’s why we socialize in groups. And when you’re alone, you can get depressed because that’s not necessarily good for your survival. Anyway, we won’t go into those details. Let’s go over what’s number two.

Franco Burrows 13:18  

Number two is all about sexual market value. So let yourself go, you put on 30 pounds, you don’t look quite as sharp as he used to. But it’s not just looking at its health, its fitness. Have you let go of your social circle? Because the sexual market values women again. One of the great realizations a lot of men have come into The Powerful Man is that women, for women, social proof is a big factor in their attraction for us. Whereas the other way around, we don’t care if she’s hot. She’s hot. And that’s it. We know if someone else finds her attractive, it does; we don’t think I find them more attractive. But that is the case for women. If she sees you with a hot woman, or if she sees a hot woman or any woman who takes an interest in you definitely attracted to you, then that’s what we call pre-selection—again, going back to the evolutionary psychology aspect of it. So it’s not that we should go out there and start flirting with everyone and reminding her overtly. But a lot of guys, when we move in, when we get into a relationship, her attraction is in danger of plummeting almost immediately. Because she thinks, well, I got him, and she just forgets that she’s with an attractive guy because she does not see evidence of it every day. Because when she’s attracted to her whole brain later. When we’re attracted, only the visual part lights up. So That’s why, we shouldn’t put them on a pedestal because if anything, we’re the prize. After all, we like the whole brainer. And a lot of women won’t like that. I think there’s some truth in that. Certainly, it’s useful to think of it that way for the men, even if it’s not 100% true anyway. So what do you think?

Doug Holt 15:21  

Yeah, so the sexual market value, I think, is huge. And men join The Activation Method. Now we have an eight-week fitness program that they can choose to opt into if they want to that takes them through a series of workouts. And the reason we do that is that we’ve seen and I’ve done this Franco. I’ve done this a couple of times. We just let ourselves go. I use the excuse. I got a new baby, and I’m not. I’m only sleeping like tonight, or I’m working a lot, or who cares? Pizza. Tonight’s not a big deal. The next thing six months later, you’re a little chubbier, right? You’re not looking as good. Or you’re dressing slovenly, and you’re wearing the same t-shirt you had 15 years ago with the stains right from your college days. Anyway, that happens, and you just get comfortable. And you undefined stopped being fun, right? You think of a tropical island, let’s just pick a vacation spot where we’d like to go to hear the Caribbean a lot anywhere in the world. Well, the Caribbean is amazing. And I’ve been there, and when you go to the Caribbean, you’re just said, Ah, wow, the waters are amazing. You’re scuba diving or snorkeling, and you do all these fun things. But if you’re there for five, six months, the beach starts to become less attractive, you stop going, you stop noticing the beautiful sunsets and water, and you start noticing the cracks in the pavement. And these buildings are pretty old here. And there’s quite a bit of crime in this area. And the same thing happens when you’re with your woman over time, and you start dressing slovenly you start just getting into a pattern or ritual of the same. Your market value goes down because the excitement of the new car smell isn’t there anymore. So you do have to keep it fresh. And that’s where having your social circle showcasing your market value, whether it be at the gym or somewhere else, really does keep the spark in your relationship and keep things active.

Franco Burrows 17:20  

Yeah, because again, if you look at that, from evolutionary psychology terms for a woman, she’s not just if she’s getting with a man. It’s not just the man. It’s his whole tribe that can potentially protect and look after her kids and everything else. So it all feeds into that the word I’ve used in the book is resourcefulness. So it’s not just about how much money I make, although a certain amount of income is important to cover the bills and be able to take holidays and everything else. But you can make good stuff happen to have a good life.

Doug Holt 18:00  

Hey, sorry to interrupt the show. But I wanted to ask you a question. Do you ever feel like something’s just missing, like there’s something more out there, and you just can’t put your finger on it. I get it. Go over right now to  ThePowerfulMan.com/freedom to discover the system that other businessmen just like you are using. We’ve included 10 case studies, ten men just like you who have found the solution and found their way on their path. But we want to share that with you; go over to  ThePowerfulMan.com/freedom right away. Now let’s get back to the show. Yeah, and this is why we also see this is a complaint; we see many guys come through guys listening to this. You may have experienced this if things become rudimentary, let yourself go, etc. But you’re crushing it with business. And that’s where the guy on Facebook or Instagram comes into play. He’s new, and he’s fresh. He’s doing all these exciting things, or she thinks, and his sexual market value goes up, and yours is going down. It’s like a stock. You don’t want to invest in a stock that’s going down, right? You don’t want to jump in; you want to jump into one that you think will increase. I think that’s where SMB really comes into play.

Franco Burrows 19:15  

Yeah, absolutely. Especially in today’s world because it’s not like the 1950s anymore as it were. Bring on the big, and you and I’ve spoken about this before. It’s only one piece of the puzzle now. It is.

Doug Holt 19:30  

Yeah, awesome. So what’s number three?

Franco Burrows 19:32  

Now, this is a massive one. I think this is potentially the most important one. So this is why she doesn’t feel safe with you. And I’ve had my ex say this to me. I couldn’t work couldn’t for the life of me to work out what she meant by that. She said I don’t feel safe with you. I thought she was like, someone’s going to break in, and you won’t protect me, and maybe she did think that. I don’t know. But what I’ve learned since is that, yes, the physical aspect of protecting there is important. But that’s just, again, one part of the jigsaw. So it’s, does she feel safe with you emotionally? Can she be herself around you? It’s like, and I know you’ve given this example. And I use it a lot, as well as issues. She’s just like, she needs to be like a little girl. It’s almost like a little girl with her dad. She needs to cry to look stupid to say stupid things, things that don’t make sense. And not be judged. So that’s emotionally accepting her, validating her, giving her the space. So we talked about it a lot in The Powerful Man, about being the pinball machine. We provide the strong, stable boundaries, she’s bouncing around inside, changing direction, not making sense a lot of the time, but we’re okay with that. And the boundaries are very important because she needs to know that we do have boundaries, and she will test them, just like a child will test them to feel safe.

Doug Holt 21:10  

I’ve experienced the same thing. Franco, my wife told me I don’t feel safe. And I was like, What do you mean, of course, you and I know each other, I think of myself as six, eight 280 pounds? I’m not right. But I have that mental image of myself, which is completely distorted. And I’m going. What do you mean, I can’t defend you? Or I’m thinking the same thing you were when she said the same thing. She’s like, I don’t feel emotionally safe with you. Right at the time I would, it was she trying to tell me that when she would say something to me, I might erupt, I might get angry or upset. And what she was saying is, look, feminine energy is free-flowing, it’s dancey, it’s flowy. And moves around with masculine energy tends to be more linear. You can just see this with people not like yourself because you’re a salsa guy. But for the rest of us dancers, it could be seen on the dance floor at any wedding, and women tend to be much more flowy and beautiful. I think it’s gorgeous. In what she’s saying, is when I’m going through my emotional ups and downs or storm, so to speak, and I fall, are you strong enough to catch me? Emotionally? Can I absorb it into you? Or are you going to react? And this is very different when we talk about DEER, right? The R in deer reacts, right? Defend, explain, excuse, react as when guys are in deer mode. When we react or do anything else in deer. That’s what indicates to her it’s not safe. It’s not safe for her to be all the colors of her rainbow and all the energy. And when you miss that, as guys, what I didn’t know at the time, is you also miss out on the freaky sides of things that she can also be all of these things in the bedroom. And when she feels safe, then she’s allowed that she allows that stuff to come out.

Franco Burrows 22:58  

Yeah, and I mean, since then, I’ve had women say, I feel so safe with you, and then you can do whatever you want to me. And it’s like, Why the fuck didn’t I know this before? Yeah, I mean, the world is your oyster, sexually. Once you feel safe, it’s incredible. So it’s not about techniques. So when I’m working with the guys to help them, it takes them a while to realize they keep asking for techniques. And it’s like, well, until we get these foundations in place, the techniques will not work anyway. Or if they do, it’s going to be a mess, But once you have the foundation in place, anything you do will work.

Doug Holt 23:41  

And I mean, I was talking to one of the guys in The Brotherhood yesterday. And I was telling him I said Look, he was asking for like, just give me the tech, what’s the tactic is the word you use for me. I said, Look, the reason we have The Activation Method, the way it is, is it sets the foundation from which you can jump off and do everything. That’s why most guys continue with The Brotherhood. Because now they can start utilizing some tactics or what have you. But it’s the foundation, what you’re taught, what we’re talking about. Here are these eight things that you need to have in place before starting making some of the moves.

Franco Burrows 24:19  

We had one of the guys he was. He’s got a good sex life. What I mean, it’s like not like some of the guys will come in into the program having had sex for months and different things. But he just wanted it to be more an expression of him, and you want to do 

Doug Holt 24:36  

Do you want a great sex life? Who doesn’t?

Franco Burrows 24:40  

Exactly. Good, better, best. So, it’s been great to see him realize that a lot of it is he was trying different things. Even Steven said to him, Look, you’re trying things on here, and but as soon as you stop trying things and focus on the connection, there are three things isn’t that there’s resentment, connection, and polarity. Once you’ve got those in place, you don’t need techniques. You don’t need techniques. So we’re going to squeeze in one more.

Doug Holt 25:14  

Let’s squeeze in one more here, buddy. I appreciate you taking the time. I know you’re very busy, man. Let’s go with number four. And guys, don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to get all eight here in just a little bit. What’s number four? Franco?

Franco Burrows 25:31  

The next one is you let resentment get in the way of, so I’ve mentioned that. That’s a huge one. So, again, going back, and this links into being safe. Because if there’s resentment built up, many women just won’t want to be intimate. So, as men, we’ve got this fantastic ability to put all kinds of toxic shit aside if we’re horny. Now, I mean, she could have been the biggest bitch ever. She could have been, but it’s if we’re horny, then let’s get it on. But for most women, I find a knot like that. Suppose there’s a lot of serious resentments, unresolved things. So you get to fix all of not all of them. But you get the fix, emotionally, what’s going on in a relationship before you can have the sex life you want.

Doug Holt 26:27  

Yep, Give guys a little bit, give me one second, and Franco to give guys a little bit more explanation that I’ve been listening to the podcast over time. This is where we talk about scales. And think of a balanced being scale. They are used in chemistry or the Liberty scale justice. And over time, this resentment builds, and the bad feelings and emotions, and experiences outweigh the good ones on the scale. And that’s why it’s super important to get rid of that resentment, and that’s why we use the Clean Slate Method, right? The Clean Slate Method evens out those scales. So now you can jump off and do a lot more, now you can have a lot more fun. So resentment is a huge issue we see. And where we see it playing out in the bedroom. But it starts way outside the bedroom. Right?

Franco Burrows 27:16  

Yeah, because we get some guys who are alpha, you can tell as soon as you get on the phone with them, and then they come into the program, they’re in good shape, they’re killing it in business, they may come from a sports background, fighting background, whatever. And yet, if the wife doesn’t feel safe, and there’s resentment as well, it doesn’t matter. It happens to the best of them who have a less than fantastic sex life. It’s those three things that sort out the resentments about the connection and sort out the polarity. Some men are coming in from different places, but it does tend to happen actually, with stronger men that the resentment builds up. Sometimes, because we had one guy who was learning all the skills in the city, what’s the wife program that you ran, he was able to connect with her, and she admitted that she was withholding sex. I think you saw this withholding sex because of not resentment necessarily. But just to sort of bring him down a peg or two, he had too much power in the relationship. And that was her way of exerting power, finding empowerment, not necessarily in a healthy way.

Doug Holt 28:42  

There’s a post I was scrolling through the private community to look for it. But there’s one of these guys you’re talking about, a very strong man. And he posted he’s going through The Activation Method right now. I think he’s in week four or five. And he just did his Clean Slate Method; kind of what we’re talking about in his post was, oh my god, this shit works. And that’s the realization a lot of guys have because that resentment builds up so much. And she could use it as you’re saying to me withholding sex or what have you. Because that resentment then forms a power struggle. And because there is no polarity when there’s that resentment, it’s very difficult to have it, and that you have to Clean Slate Method to start back there. Often what happens is guys decide okay, okay, even though I’m a strong alpha guy, so to speak, and I’m using alpha a different way than we use it in TPM, but using it more the typical way that’s used in the vernacular, you what I’ll do is I want to keep the peace. And then they become the beta. They become the beta at home. Yes, dear. Okay, dear. And then what happens Franco after about a couple of weeks of her not being with him, just testing them and testing them, test them, he blows up, yells, he screams, he walks out. He does whatever it is. To get in a big fight, then he feels resentment and regret. And they’re further down the path of him sleeping on the couch and not getting laid and doing that. And so that resentment plays a big role, especially for guys that are just naturally stronger men in general. And because it gets confusing, they’re conquering it with their boys, and they’re out having a good time or whatever. But they go home, and they become submissive because they don’t want to ruffle feathers.

Franco Burrows 30:27  

Yeah, because I’ve noticed that when women are single, they can sometimes put aside the emotional connection for a hookup, but it doesn’t work in a long-term relationship. They need to have an emotional connection. So it depends on the situation. But if you’re a married guy, then yeah, that’s a big one. Definitely.

Doug Holt 30:49  

Is. Well, Franco, I know you’ve got eight of these. I know you well enough to know, and you said you always save the best for last coming in through there. So guys, if you want all eight of these, the best thing to do is go over to the Facebook group. There’s a Facebook group for The Powerful Man, and it’s free for business owners, guys. Just give you a heads up. But go ahead and post in there what you want to call the eight frames. What’s the title again, Franco? Sorry? 

Franco Burrows 30:50  

Reclaim the Sex Flame. I’m just if you go in there, now you’ll see it almost at the top of the group, if not at the top of the group, I’ve just put a post in there about it. So you’ll see it there. If you’re watching this a bit later on, then you can always just search for me in the group. And I’ll make sure you get it.

Doug Holt 31:37  

Yep. And what do you do is just put something in there, just type in sex frame anyway. And Franco will find you and get you guys a copy. For guys that are part of The Brotherhood. Don’t worry, and you guys have a copy coming to you already. So as always, we share those resources. With the rest of you. Again, this is something we’re just giving away, and Franco put it together. Because he’s very passionate about helping men, regardless of whether in our program and in others, whatever you guys are doing out there. The Powerful Man is more of a movement to help men. Of course, we think our programs are the best. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing it. But, we want you guys just to get the help you need. And so you guys keep moving forward. 

Franco Burrows 32:16  

The thing is, for a lot of the guys, me included, it’s not really about sex. One thing that many people understand, including a lot of men, is that we want emotional connection as well. But we get it through the physical. So it’s the touch, the physical admiration, and that’s where we get it. But we need to meet women halfway. Give them the emotional connection to open them up to that.

Doug Holt 32:48  

There’s no doubt about it. I mean, we hear this from all the guys coming in. Yes, I want more sex. But I also want more intimate, passionate sex and more connection with my partner. And we get that through sex. And I know from my wife and me when we feel disconnected. That’s our go-to. Alright. The fastest way for us to reconnect is to have sex, and then maybe we can have a conversation or something. But it’s just really getting through the physical first time, right?

Franco Burrows 33:15  

Looks healthy to me.

Doug Holt 33:16  

Yeah, It does. I’m feeling a little disconnected right now, so I might have to reconnect. Franco, as always, man, I know you’re busy. Man. I appreciate all you do for the men out there all over the world. I give your energy to all these guys. Guys, if you’re listening, and you’ve had a conversation with Franco already, go ahead and just show him some love in the Facebook group and let them know I’m sure you guys have already. But this man deserves some publicity. Some public accolades. 

Franco Burrows 33:42  

I get a lot of love. In fairness, it’s great.

Doug Holt 33:45  

Yeah, it is great what you do a lot. So gentlemen, if you want all eight, go over to the Facebook group. It’s really easy to find, just go ahead and search, and Facebook dot powerful man, you’ll find the group. Go ahead, and there is a little clip quick application process to go through. But you’ll get admitted and find Franco’s post in there and just go ahead and tag yourself, and he’ll get you a copy. And these are things that you want to start right away. So you can build a solid foundation. And this foundation can be applied to a lot of areas in life. But, with the intimacy in your relationship, you’ll see that bleed over as all the guys do into their business, into their health, into their spirituality itself, as well as into their wealth. So Franco, thank you again for being here with us.

Franco Burrows 34:25  

Thank you, Doug. Speak to you soon. 

Doug Holt 34:27  

Yep, cheers. All right, guys. Have an amazing week. And as always, take action. Did you get any insights here? We want you to take action right away. And again, go over to that Facebook group. It’s a private community board and almost 3000 business owners in their very business owners. The conversations are amazing. Guys like Franco are in there as well. So guys, take care. We’ll see you next time on The Powerful Man show.