The Powerful Man

Ed Mather

Ed was days away from making a poor choice that would ruin his marriage when he made a different choice to join The Powerful Man. He went from experiencing unhappy relationships with his wife + father, relying on porn to keep him satisfied, and being distant with his kids to feeling lighter and happier than he ever has while experiencing more connected and fulfilling relationships.

The Powerful Man

Ryan Peach

Ryan was living a life full of stress and always trying to prove himself. His marriage was struggling, no money was coming in and he often turned to anger around his wife and kids. He went from feeling guilt, shame, and rage to feeling a sense of peace. He now has an incredible relationship with his wife, feel so connected to his kids, and has been closing huge deals effortlessly with confidence.

The Powerful Man

Shane Hamm

After his rough divorce, Shane felt lonely and had no desire to push forward. He felt lost, disconnected from those he loved and had hit his rock bottom. After joining The Powerful Man, Shane was able to turn his life around and experience more loved and happiness than he ever has before.

The Powerful Man

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan is a business owner who went from feeling like he had to choose his marriage or his business, feeling stuck, and feeling unhappy to feeling lighter, more confident, and having a marriage that is 100 times better than it ever has been.

The Powerful Man

Lee Jack

Life for Lee was tough. He went from working 70+ hours per week, struggling with his health, and losing his closest relationships to losing weight, working only 20 hours/week with more holidays than he’s ever taken, and feeling more connected to those around him.

The Powerful Man

Andrew Murphy

“The man that leaves here today is not the man that arrived”.

In the time that Andrew has been a part of The Activation Method he experienced a “rebirth”, removed a massive weight off his shoulders, has been able to connect with his kids on a deeper level, and broke a generation of toxicity within his family.

The Powerful Man

Brice Benefiel

“I didn’t know it was possible to do what I did in such a small period of time.”

Brice came into the group with 45 years worth of pain under his belt. With a rough childhood, recently divorced from his wife of 23 years and 2 kids to take care of, Brice was ready for a new chapter. He went from a place of pain to excitement for the opportunities that lay ahead of him. His experience with the men, the accountability and love he felt and the tools he gained completely changed his life for the better.

The Powerful Man

Chelsea Yates

“My husband going through this program changed our family’s lives”

Chelsea is the wife of one of Rick Yates, who went through The Activation Method + The Alpha Reset. This program changed her family’s life. Before TAM, Rick was closed off, distant, and distracted. She missed their connection. But when Rick came back from TAR, everything changed. He was more loving, gentle, and vulnerable than she has ever seen within him. Chelsea felt more connection and love from Rick than she ever has and is experiencing a relationship and connection she never knew possible.

The Powerful Man

David Wilson

“The last few days have been life-changing.”

David struggled for 10 years. He was in and out of jobs, hadn’t had a true relationship since school, quieted himself, hated himself and many times wanted to give up. He now experiences more peace, love, happiness than he ever had before. He now feels that life is worth living…just watch the tears of joy he can’t hold back!

The Powerful Man

Kelly Jennings

Kelly’s husband Matt was at a loss. He has given up and told Kelly he needed to figure out what was going on with him. He tried counseling and many other things. It wasn’t until he joined The Activation Method and went to The Alpha Reset that Kelly saw & experienced a massive. He came home with a glow in his eyes, more confident, and became a leader within the household and work. His transformation has trickled down to his wife and kids – inspiring them to be more confident and authentic people as well.

The Powerful Man

Matthew Williams

Matthew is married with 4 kids. He was a stressed out and angry man who blamed everyone and everything around him. He went from a negative person who was tough to be around to a positive, loving man who feels more fantastic than he has in years and radiates a lightness that he once lost.

The Powerful Man


Although Bishal was running a very successful company he often felt very lonely, very unhappy and very angry and he’d take it out on those closest to him. He knew that he was capable of being a better man, son, friend, partner and entrepreneur.

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