The Powerful Man

From the Mouths of Powerful Men

These Men were once where you are; angry, confused, lost and unhappy.

These men knew it was time for action.

These are their stories of where they came from, what they went through, and where they are now.

Chris Andreasen

Chris attended The Alpha Reset and left a different and better person. His wife and his kids now get to experience the best version of himself and a man who is more present and more loving than they’ve ever experienced before.

"Not only is my life forever changed, but my family's life is also forever changed."

Gerod Rush

After going through The Powerful Man’s program, The Activation Method, everything began to change. Gerod went from feeling like he and his wife were years apart, to feeling like she was his soulmate again. This program not only changed his marriage but changed the entirety of his life.

"I didn't know myself before The Powerful Man".

Aaron Gosser

It wasn’t until he joined The Powerful Man, that he understood why things weren’t as amazing as they could be and how to actually tap into that. Aaron was so focused on getting to a time when he had it all figured out, only to truly understand that true joy comes from the connection you experience in the moment.

"The Powerful Man is the only one that truly gives you the nuts and bolts you need to make the actual change you desire."

Stephen Fleming

He has learned to open up and is able to give his wife what she needs, allowing their relationship to be the strongest and most connected it’s ever been. He has been able to make drastic changed within his business, allowing himself to work less while doubling his income.

"See out The Powerful Man as soon as possible".

Ryan Peach

His wife was on the verge of having an affair, he was shouting at his kids, and his business was struggling. The guilt and the shame were becoming too much to bear. Something had to change. After watching one testimonial from The Powerful Man, something finally did…

“I’m living every day with such a sense of peace and pride and confidence that I have never had before.”

Jordan Macht

Everything changed the day his wife said to him, “There can’t be ‘us’ without you.” Watch Jordan as he opens up about the dark times before, the turning point, and all that has come after.

“I always tried to fix things. I was trying to fix her...and I came to the realization that it was me, and I needed a change.”

Arthur Magoulianiti

Our Head Coach talks about his experiences within the brotherhood of The Powerful Man, and the difference between what comes from the head and what comes from the heart.

“You will leave a different, better person.”

Laurence Boakes

>Working in the music industry all his life, Laurence had fallen prey to drink, drugs, and a hard-living lifestyle. He felt lost. Then he met someone who introduced him to The Powerful Man. After one Clarity Call with Tim, a fire was ignited.

“Going through The Alpha Reset is the best thing you’ll ever do in your life. It’s not life-changing, it’s life-making.”

CJ Gross

When it came to business, relationships, really everything, CJ was an idea man. But he always had trouble following through, going only far enough to preserve a facade. Watch as he talks about how The Powerful Man gave him the tools and helped him to peel back the layers, finding the man within.

“I felt like I had to prove who I was in order to get what I deserved.”

Frankie Burrows

When he started, Frankie was full of energy, full of passion, full of ideas. But a pattern of ill health and a trail of unsuccessful programs had him struggling with who he was on a fundamental level. Now, all the pieces fit together for him, and the only way is forward.

“I didn’t really know why I was struggling so much, but now I do. And now I don’t need to struggle anymore.”

Partners, children, and friends...

These are the people most affected by change, or lack therof.

Hear their stories of love, redemption, and moving forward.

Kelly Jennings

Kelly’s husband Matt was at a loss. He had given up and told Kelly he needed to figure out what was going on with him. He tried counseling and many other things. It wasn’t until he joined The Activation Method and went to The Alpha Reset that Kelly saw & experienced a massive change. He came home with a glow in his eyes, more confidence, and became a leader within the household and at work. His transformation has trickled down to his wife and kids – inspiring them to be more confident and authentic people as well.

"He came home with a glow in his eyes, more confidence, and became a leader within the household and at work."

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