You don't need a system


Bold statement I know, but hear me out…

For a long time I told myself…

“When I have effective lead generation systems in my business I’ll work less”

“When the right systems are in place to deliver the programme effectively I’ll work less”

“When I have the right people in the right positions to win then I’ll work less”


I didn’t work less.

In fact, often, I worked MORE.


Because I wasn’t aware of what was driving my behaviour.

Ultimately, I was being driven by fear.

Constantly running a ‘fight or flight’ protocol in mind and body.

Even though I’d created systems in my business, I’d find things ‘TO DO’ just to be busy.

I took pride in being busy.

I felt needed and significant.

And I’ve found this to be true for at least 80% of the 264+ men we’ve worked with so far.

Every day they go into their business and leave it ALL on the field.

By the end of the day they return home unable to hold a conversation let alone have sex!

For some of them, they’ve been running this pattern for years!

It’s got to the point where their sex drive is almost non-existent (except for porn).

And the sex that they do have is ‘run of the mill’, mundane, BORING sex that’s over in a few minutes.

It’s become something “to do”.

If you struggle to resist the urge to do more.

If you leave it all on the field every day and return home unable to hold a conversation let alone have sex then maybe it’s for you to ask yourself…


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