The question most men can’t answer…

What do you want is a simple question.

But it’s a question that a lot of men can’t answer.

Which leaves them…

…spinning their wheels with never-ending to-do lists

…feeling like their playing small and leaving so much potential on the table.

…constantly stressed with work and dealing with a business that produces more chaos than cash.

This weekend I was reading the 7 habits of highly effective people…

In it, Stephen Covey talks about

“Start With The End In Mind”

Starting with the end in mind is more than just setting a goal.

It’s becoming clear about the values and principles you want to live your life by.

Consider that most businessmen never get clear on this…

They just continue to work, hustle and make money – without getting clear on the END RESULT.

Now I don’t know what that is for you…

I don’t know exactly where you’re at…

But in my experience, before I chose to LIVE the principle of starting with the end in mind…

My life didn’t work.

I would constantly be scratching my head thinking

“Why does my life feel like I am on a carousel of chaos, that I can’t get off”


When I read what I am going to share with you next

It changed me from the inside out.

Think about this…

Covey, in his book, 7 habits…

…asks you to imagine yourself at a funeral

you walk into the room…

…meander down the aisle and suddenly see YOURSELF in the coffin…


You realise, your wife, kids, family, associates, are all in attendance mourning you.

As you sit down to watch your own funeral…

One of your children steps up to say a few words about the man you lived your life as.

Now the question Covey asks here is…

What would you want them to say?

Would it be that you had a nice car…

…fancy watches

…worked so hard that you were never around…

…gave more attention to clients than your kids…

or that you snapped at them whenever they asked for help or attention.

Or would you like your legacy to your kids to be something wildly different?

Now, I don’t know about you…

But, for me…

I would want them to comment on my character, who I was a man, a father, a leader in their lives.

A father who supported and cared for them…

…a father who prioritised them over his email account and iPhone.

…a father who was present….

…whilst at the same time being a hard-working provider and producer who lived his life on values and principles.

And that is all within your control


Because you get to choose who you want to be.

You see, what I want you to consider brother is that…

There’s A Disconnect Between The Vision Of The Man You Want To BE – And The Man You’re BEING.

And the only thing holding you back from becoming that man – is the rules, beliefs, system and associations you live by.

That’s it.


There Is A Man Inside You Right Now Who Is 10x The Producer You Are.

He’s a better father.

He’s a better husband.

He’s a better businessman.

He has better sex.

He’s a better athlete and in better shape.

That man is already inside of you.

You don’t have to have some bullshit breakthrough to become a “brand-new you”.

He already exists…

…he just needs to be activated.

But you can’t activate him by playing by the same rules and using the same system that has led you to the position you’re in now.

It’s impossible.

If Ferrari wants their assembly machine to crank out Ferrari…but they keep getting Toyotas – it’s not the man operating the system who needs to change.


Same is true in your life.

In all of your life.

You live based off of an operating system that was created and shaped by our beliefs and experiences of the past.

No amount of effort and “want to” can override the system – UNLESS, that effort and “want to” is put into creating a new system.


You want to make more money and keep more of the money you make?

You want to connect with your wife and have more sex and intimacy in your relationship?

You want to be the exact man you’d want your daughter to marry and son to be one day?

You want a body that gives you strength, energy and confidence – that you’re proud of?

You want a deeper understanding and love for yourself?

All you have to do is shatter your old system – take it behind the shed and put it out of it’s fucking misery…

…Then turn around and create a NEW system that predictably generates the results you want.