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Hinges + Doorstops

The difference is small…but the consequence is enormous

When you look at married businessmen who…

Have a connected relationship with their wife (and a sex life that is on fire)

Are leaders in their families and their kids can’t wait to spend time with them

Have a body that serves them to live life

And have a deep sense of purpose that drives them forward each day

(I’ll refer to these men as “hinges“)

And those who…

Continue to hustle and work long hours

Snap at their kids to give them “5 more minutes”

Secretly watch porn and masturbate instead of gettin’ it on with their wife

Sacrifice their own health and social life for their work.

(I’ll refer to these men and “doorstops“)

The difference between the two is very small.

But like the saying goes…”small hinges swing big doors“.

While it’s also true that doorstops keep big doors closed.


Here’s the difference between the “hinges” and the “doorstops”.

The Hinges Learn As They Go

The Doorstops wait to learn as much as possible

…then they want to learn some more

…then they want to wait for “X thing” to happen before they “go”

…but then there’s another “thing” they need to wait for…

It’s a never-ending saga.

And for those reasons,

Even when the doorstops are smarter, listen to more podcasts, traveled to more events and have more experience…

“The Hinges” ALWAYS win.

Because results come to those who DO…not those who wait and want to learn more.

You can’t learn how to ride a bike from a book right?


I’m not saying to go into things blindly and just hope for the best – I love learning and being prepared as much as the next guy.

But there comes a time when you just gotta put one foot in front of the other and GO!

Think of it like this…

If someone is wanting to get in shape.

The ones who lose the most weight and gain the most strength are NOT the ones who “wait for the holidays to be over before they get started”…

they’re not the ones who “know everything” about paleo, macros and keto

…but still, eat junk food and soda for dinner.

The results go to the clients who DO.

They don’t have to know everything.

They can leverage other people’s expertise.

People who have already spent thousands of hours with their nose buried in training books…

…tested countless methods and dialed in their programs to the point they know the most effective strategy to get their clients the results they want.

They just need to follow their guidance and they’ll lose the weight and build the muscle.

Makes sense, right?


The same is true in The Powerful Man.

You don’t need to know how to connect with your wife and have more sex

I’ve already built out and tested a system in my own life called “The Triad Of Connection“…and I’ll personally help you put it together

You don’t need to know how to be productive instead of being busy

We’ve taught our clients a simple productivity system called “The Pillars

You don’t need to know how to systematically control the chaos, boost your profits, and recharge your marriage and sex life -I explain more in this video HERE!

It simply comes down to this,

All you have to do is be a “hinge” to get the results you want.