The festive period can be fun, but it can also be stressful

The festive period can be fun, but it can also be stressful

especially when you run a business…

with team members taking time off, clients setting unrealistic deadlines before they clock off…

.. it’s no wonder married businessmen find themselves glued to their email inbox and in a mental battle between work and spending time with their family.

Not to mention the stress levels at home from dealing with a wife who just doesn’t seem to “get it”

It’s your business after all and how you provide for your family,

you’re working for them…


I was recently reading an article that opened my eyes to some pretty shocking statistics

It said, and I quote

“Statistics on divorce regularly reveal a spike in the number of people separating in the month of January”

In fact, did you know the first working day after new years has been branded by lawyers as “divorce day”

So what is it about the festive period that pushes couples to divorce?

As with divorces during the rest of the year,

consider that there is rarely one single isolated event that causes a spouse to leave divorce papers on the kitchen table.

The difference with the holidays compared to the rest of the year is that there is an intense period of approximately two to three weeks which will test any couple…

…and often break couples who were already going through difficulties.

You see,

When it comes to the festive period…

There’s more time spent at home…

…which means more time spent with partners

…traveling to family events

…more time is spent with in-laws (which for many couples can be a stressful experience on its own)

…higher consumption of alcohol which can result in things that were held back being vocalized

In addition,

If one of the spouses has been considering divorce for some time…

…they will often wait until January to communicate that they want to divorce to avoid awkwardness at family gatherings, or in particular if children are involved.

In fact, the number of men we’ve had apply for help AFTER they’ve had the divorce papers handed to them…

…still shocks me…

Like ignoring the signs would make it go away…

But consider that if the metaphorical bomb has already gone off…

No bomb disposal team can diffuse it…

In my experience, the same is true in most marriages, sure there’s a few that can be saved – in fact, we’ve helped a number of men do just that.

But it’s so much easier to just “cut the wires” before the explosion happens…

Instead, of trying to piece back the debris after.

So, with that said…

…and with the core mission at The Powerful Man being to help married businessmen save their marriage…

I’m thinking about doing something a ‘lil special this month…

Something that improves marriages without talking about problems.

Now, I don’t know if this would interest you or not

But if I was to put on a special Activation Method – HAPPY HOLIDAYS edition.

So you can avoid conflict, arguments and ensure the holiday are filled with fun flirting and laughter with your wife

Would you be interested?

Just let me know by messaging me directly with “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” and I’ll shoot you over the deets. 

*This is a promotion for 2019-2020

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