My daughters love me, but they don’t know the truth.

I’m a piece of shit! My daughters love me, but they don’t know the truth.

My wife loves me and she doesn’t know the truth either.

For 20 years I walked around with a bag of cocaine tucked into my sock.

I only broke that habit because I was relocated to another city and didn’t take time to build new connections.

To everyone else, I look like I have a perfect life, but underneath all of it, I feel worthless.

I’m over-extended on our family.

I drive a car that I can’t really afford.

My wife stays with me because she sees the potential I have, but every day I expect to fail.

I’ve been on TV.

I’m a top sales trainer.

I’m successful by most people’s standards but I don’t see it.

This was the conversation I had with a man today.

It breaks my heart to hear men talk about themselves with such hatred.

‘You’re not a piece of shit’, I told him.

This man is stuck in what we call ‘THE HOLE’.

A dark, lonely place fueled by a cycle of SHAME-SABOTAGE-SEDATION.

He feels ashamed of the man he’s being, causing him to sabotage his success and unable to deal with the pain he sedates.

Beer. Coke. TV. Social Media.

Then what happens?

He feels more ashamed and the cycle continues.

In ‘THE HOLE’ men try and fill a void within them with something outside and it never works.

Some men live their life in ‘THE HOLE’.

Living a life of solitary confinement.

No matter what they achieve it never lands.

It’s NEVER enough.

AND – it’s not their fault, it’s not his man’s fault.

You heard me right, it’s not HIS fault.

For centuries men were condemned for looking weak if they asked for help.

‘Don’t be a pussy’

‘Man up’

Where did that get us?

Men taking their own lives.

Living with their pain in silence until it gets to the point where the pain is unbearable.

So although it’s not this man’s your fault, he can do something about it.

He can ASK FOR HELP, which he did today.

If you can relate to this, know that you’re not alone.


This man has reached out before it got too late for him, his marriage, his kids and his career.

Taking the first step is always the hardest.

But, burying your head in the sand won’t make it go away.

I bet you’re like me, and ALL of the men that have gone through THE ALPHA RESET and THE ACTIVATION METHOD

You’re an action taking go-getter who know he’s capable of greatness.

Just imagine what life would be like if you could access the POWER that’s laying dormant within you…

How would your marriage change?

How would your business transform?

What would you be like as a father?

Living with passion, purpose and presence.

My bet is that would be worth the risk of reaching out and facing your demons.

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