‘Money might improve your standard of living, but it doesn’t help you live’

‘Money might improve your standard of living, but it doesn’t help you live’

Most evenings during the week, I take a walk up to my local Starbucks and order my usual.

A decaf almond latte.

Tonight, I walked in wearing my POWERFUL MAN hoody, it always arouses curious looks.

What do you do?’

‘I run a company that trains businessmen how to live a life of passion, purpose and power’.

What does that mean?

[I love that response]

‘We work with businessmen that have sacrificed their health, happiness and relationships in the pursuit of success.

They thought money was going to be answer, and then they get it, they realise it isn’t.

They become lost, lonely and empty’

‘There’s more to life than making money for me’.

At first I thought, hang on, you’re working in Starbucks.

Not to judge, but in my experience, sometimes people say that to make themselves feel better.

Then he followed up with something that hit me…

‘I mean, ‘Money might improve your standard of living, but it doesn’t help you live’.

WOW – he was so right!

Money can give you access to cars, homes, holidays, people, experiences BUT if they don’t LAND with you then you can go your entire life never having LIVED.

How quickly does time pass by?

FAST – when you’re not present with what you’re experiencing.

Years ago I remember coming back from living in Italy, we’d only been gone for several months, it felt like YEARS!

Everyone in my home town couldn’t believe how quickly the time had passed, but Amelia and I felt like we’d been away WAY longer than we had.


Because we did so much.

We experienced so much.


It’s a time in my life that I look back on with fond memories, I don’t always saviour life in the way I did then.

Without savouring life and letting it LAND with you, your life remains surface level.

Relationships – surface level.

Business – playing small

Health – hiding

Your cup doesn’t get filled.

LIVING means taking a risk in being seen.

Letting people in.

Being vulnerable.

In those moments of vulnerability that you let yourself be touched by life.

A mantra that I try my best to live by is:

Work less, play more, love faster and laugh harder.

In the past I was guilty of working too much, playing too little, loving too slowly and laughing too softly.

Just imagine how colourful your life might become if every day you tried to live up to:

Work less, play more, love faster and laugh harder.

There’s more to life than money, cliche, AND true.

Money can help but if you’re not present with the experiences you create for yourself then what’s the point in having them?

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