This year I’ve hired more mentors than I ever have and we’re only in May!

I wanted to learn the guitar so I hired a teacher who I meet weekly, gives me homework and is on hand to support me

I want to complete the triathlon in under 3 hours so I hired a coach to write me a training plan and handle my nutrition

I want to grow The Powerful Man into a household name and create financial freedom for Amelia and I.

So I hired a mentor AND I brought on board a business partner who is 10 years older than I, has a ton of experience and lives the lifestyle

I’ve always wanted to surf so I hired a surf coach for a lesson in San Diego with Cliff & Marta.

When I hire these people I’m paying for one thing…


The reality is I’ll achieve the result no matter what because I don’t give in.


I choose to pay for SPEED and CONVENIENCE because my time and energy is worth more to me than saving money.

More to the point…

Experiencing my life is worth more to me than ANYTHING!

To me, being a powerful man means going all in to create what you want.

Burning the boats.

This year I’ve done that more than ever before and I’m reaping the rewards, so is Amelia and everyone involved with The Powerful Man from our clients to our team.


You deserve to live a life you love RIGHT NOW.

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