Book Resources

Mentioned in the book “How To Save Your Marriage Without Talking About It”

Chapter 1 - Resources

Free Community

Join this group to be connected with like-minded men.

Chapter 8 - Resources

Wolf Image

Print out this image, set it as your phone background, or turn it into a canvas. Do whatever you need to remind yourself to be the WOLF with your family.

Wolf Statue

Get this statue to put in your office and remind you of the WOLF you are.

Chapter 12 - Resources

The Clean Slate Method

Learn the power of wiping the slate clean with your wife and getting back to neutral.

Clean Slate Method Example

See an example of a Clean Slate letter written by a client with the guidance and help from our coaches.

Chapter 13 - Resources

Hidden Motives Training

Learn how to make her feel more seen, heard, and desired with this technique.

Chapter 15 - Resources

Below are our most popular free trainings designed to help you get unstuck and take action towards being the man you know you are.

What It Means For The Man To Lead - A Woman's Take

Learn what she's looking for from you.

Time To Take Action And Be A WOLF

How to go from being a DEER to a WOLF and what that really means

One Of The Fastest Ways To Win Her Respect

The easiest way to win the respect of your wife is having respect for yourself and honoring your own word. If you say you are going to do something, just do it, no excuses.

When Therapy Doesn't Work

Tired of going to therapy only to feel like it's making things worse? You're not alone.

What To Do When You Catch Her Cheating

Are you dealing with an infidelity in the marriage? Learn how to best approach it.

How To Meet Her Needs Without Her Telling You What They Are

Learn how to give her what she's looking for without her having to tell you. Trust us, it will do wonders...

Chapter 18 - Resources

Becoming the CFO

Learn how you can be the Chief FUN Officer in your family's life.

Other Resources Meniotned

Get access to the other links and trainings mentioned in the book. 

One Destination

Doug explains further what mean in the section around "One Destination, Two Paths".

Setup A Vision Statement

Here Doug walks you through how to properly setup a vision statemet.

Alpha Breath For Peace

Get the Alpha Breath meditation here.

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