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Why Are You Sticking Around In A Failed Marriage

Episode #361

Why are you sticking around in a failed marriage?

What is keeping you from getting a divorce?

Many men stick around in a failed relationship because they feel like they’re not good enough on some level.

If you are working on your marriage because you want to, that’s a good thing! But if you’re in a marriage that is failing and you’re not working for it, why are you sticking around and making excuses?

You have to know why you are sticking around. Ask yourself why you’re allowing yourself to be the victim and why you’re putting yourself in that position.

Then begin looking for alternatives.

In this episode, we are going to talk about the idea of not being enough, the reasons why men stick around in a failed marriage, why men make excuses, and how the Triad of Connection can work to save your marriage.



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